Apr 22, 2015

Dawn Of A New Era

Hello everyone. Long time no see. Hope you all are doing fantastic.

Now let's get down to business with a potentially short and hopeful post. I will not be going in to much detail of things past, too much has happened and much has changed. But there is some good news.

I shall be returning to regular posting, or I will at least try to post as regularly as possible given my current busy schedule.

Just a few things I would like to detail out, which I may explain in a later post but don't be too optimistic about it.

  • Go Phunk Yourself!!!, Coffee & Boys and Phunked For Life are officially SHUTTING DOWN. I will be making just ONE MORE NEW post on them announcing something important.
  • I shall be making ONE NEW SINGLE BLOG where I will post everything.
  • No more images, or atleast no more images of beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, mouth-watering men.
  • There is still a little bit of Phunk left but you may not like what you see. 
Hope to see you all following me once again and extremely sorry for the extremely long MIA.

Hopefully still yours truly,
Phunk Factor

1 comment:

Desi.Underground.Gay said...

YOU ARE BACK! You better make up for it with a very very very long post on your new blog

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