Mar 21, 2012

Here I Come America!

I find it so hilarious that I keep apologizing for disappearing and then disappearing once again. It must have started to seem like a bad habit that just can't be broken. I do want to post and for once I actually do have stuff to post, however I have been busy.

I am flying to the US of A tonight. The past few days have been busy in prepping for this trip, which mind you has no intentional recreational purposes what so ever. It's purely business. I shall be relatively free however to get back to blogging and interacting with you all. 

I'll be signing out right now for I still have some minor last minute things to do. Wish me luck.

Mar 7, 2012

Phunk It

There are really no words in my vocabulary to explain my absence or give any excuses for that matter. I can't even ask for any forgiveness from all of you who have been following me and reading my writings. I really am sorry for keeping you waiting for months and months, even when making an appearance promising to restart posting but not living up to the promise. I really can't put it to words for anything, and I do mean just about anything I say will be absolutely hollow in comparison to what I want to convey.

I do feel that an apology is due but I can't quite make up my mind as to how should I go about with it. I do hope that this post manages to accomplish it to some degree and then hopefully I'd be back to my solid running speed with a few posts very soon.
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