Aug 31, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all my fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters!
After the blessed month of Ramadan, I hope that Allah has accepted all our fasting, prayers and charities. I wish you all a very happy Eid!

Celebrate heartily with your friends and family, but don't forget the less fortunate who are missing out on this glorious day and be sure to include them in your celebration in whatever way possible. Let the spirit of Ramadan remain awake in us through out the entire year.

Once again; Eid Mubarak!!!

Aug 30, 2011

I Should Have Kissed You

It was 1st of August. Ramadan would be starting the very next day. Josh's exams would be starting in two weeks. We will not be able to meet for at least a month, so we had decided to meet one last time to hold us off and get us through. This meeting was not planned ahead. It happened very spontaneously. Josh asked me out in response to my 'Good Morning' text. "I'd love to but can you make time?", I asked him.

"We won't go far." he replied so I agreed.

"Oh and I'll be picking you up. Cool?", he asked.

"Super cool!", I replied. Normally I would have been hesitant but with us living very close together, I knew he would not be going out of his way to pick me up. I wasn't a fan of the fact that he didn't trust my skills behind the wheel but in such cases, it's best not to make such people feel that they are being neurotic.

Aug 27, 2011

Smack That

"Really? Your here to loose weight? Why? Your cute, man. You can bag chicks easily!", was the first compliment that I got from him. Him is a guy who goes to my gym, in fact he's one of the trainer. The guy who I refer to for everything is the owner of the gym. He has three people under his rule - two guys and a girl. Him happens to be one of those two guys.

Aug 24, 2011

Issues; Confused in Love

I am very good friends with a guy and I like him. I am not sure if he likes me the same way as I do. I do know that he's gay/bi, have not really discussed but he has slept around with some guys. I feel at times he isn't someone who would desire to be in a relationship. He even makes fun of them sometimes in front of me and our friends. But then he generally makes fun of the whole idea of being in love and being in a relationship. I have tried forgetting him but that has not worked well at all. I found myself thinking about him even more. I have never suggested or discussed the possibility of a relationship either in fear of loosing him. What should I do?

Aug 18, 2011

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

Well not really!

But I did do the most unimaginable and unthinkable thing one might do while considering someone for a relation. I met my ex - Nathan, and actually had fun. Also I told Josh before the meet up about it since I didn't want it to mistakenly slip later in some conversation and then be hanged by the thumbs.

Aug 17, 2011


It's over between Josh and me. I am not exactly sure how it happened, why it happened or even if it has actually happened. It is like I have a hangover from a party that I didn't even go to. It is also so frigg'in confusing and mixed up. Also the fact that I have just one side of the story - my side, so I can't put the entire puzzle together. I'll try to the best of my abilities to channel it here in the next few posts. It's all too big to put down in one post.

Aug 13, 2011

Coming Out To Amanda - Pt. 2

I had big ass butterflies in my stomach that entire day. The previous night when I was lying on the bed, I promised myself that I would tell Amanda about myself the coming morning. However every time I would run into Amanda or was about to run into Amanda, my feet would do a double take and I would duck in to some corridor, lecture hall or ward. I knew if I didn't tell Amanda before the day got over, I'm going to be sick from self-disgust the same night.

Aug 11, 2011

Dating Do's And Dont's

Dating by no means is easy. It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s risky. However it’s necessary, whether one would like to admit it or not. Finding the one is no piece of cake, that person won’t magically drop in our laps. The search can be a long and tiring process; however that is no excuse for us to forget simple social etiquette of meeting other people.

Having been on a few dates myself, I’ve seen a couple of things that have irked me now and then. Fortunately it’s not just me who has these complains. Guys and girls both have been on the receiving end of this somewhat cruel treatment. I’ve divided the list into pre-date, on-date and post-date. Which of the following have you been considerate enough to follow? Or worse, which one of the following are you guilty of?

Aug 2, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak & Formspring - July 2011

I'm so sorry for being late. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, however I was busy the entire day in Ramadan preparation. I didn't have a single moment to myself the entire day, and at night when I got some time to myself I was so tired that I slept it off.

Speaking of Ramadan - I'm wishing each and every one of you a very happy Ramadan. May Allah bless you and your loved ones with all the wonderful things in the world, and may we all be successful in reaping the benefits of this Holy month to the maximum.
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