Jul 28, 2011

Where Dem Bloggers At?!

Recently a favorite blog of mine closed down, the author felt that the purpose of his blog was complete. His opinion, but in my opinion his blog could have gone on alot longer and I really liked reading his posts.

Earlier today I was bored and I was Online, so I started browsing through my blog roll when I came upon a blog which had not been updated since quite sometime. I decided to drop a word to the owner to start blogging again, but was surprised to discover that his blog had been deleted. After abit of searching I got to know that while his blog had been indeed deleted, the author felt that his blog had filled it's purpose as well.

This all got me to thinking that is there a purpose to my blogging?!

Personally I came up with a negative answer. But after putting so much time, energy and effort into it, I would like to believe otherwise.

My stint of creative writing on web started with a few stories that I posted in Orkut forums. Initially these were pretty sex charged but then I moved on to something more heart tugging. I completed one entire story, it was called 'A Whole Lotta Love'. It was pretty well received, I believe.

A few months later I started part two of the saga 'Whatever It Takes'. I even published a few chapters but then I ditched it completely. At first I was genuinely busy with exams and college, but then later on I lost interest in it. It still lies uncompleted. I do have the entire story line planned in my head but I don't see myself penning it down anytime soon. Even if I want to I believe that I can't. I am not interested in it!

I briefly; twice to be exact, wrote for the very awesome and my personal blog Idol Crazy Sam's blog - Crazy Sam's Bloginess. However soon I branched out to my own and here I am running three blogs somewhat in the middle of success and failure. After writing fiction for so long, it feels nice to write something that's more real. Something that I pull from the inside of my heart and not from my brain.

However the question about the purpose still exists like a big bad wolf in my mind.

I like sharing details about my life here. It gives me a space to breath and be myself. Besides that, I occasionally "lecture" on various issues like relationship and dating - but that's rare. Sometimes I go on a rant, and then there are those patriotic moments. But there isn't any consistency, and that worries me in a weird sort of way.

At some point regardless of whether I find a guy for myself or not, I will stop posting about guys. I will stop posting about relationships. I will stop posting about dating. I have never really posted about sex, but even those would become a rarity. Maybe this may mean that I will stop posting altogether.

I don't know about all that right now. I don't even know if this blog will last that long. Google tends to delete blogs with explicit content. While I keep my blog porn free, I occasionally do put up some really steamy images. No point denying it. We all have salivated over those images!

But hot pics and funny tales of stupid guys can not go on forever. I certainly do not want to be posting about dating when I'm fifty something. Certain things are better left for the wild young hearts.

At fifty I either expect to be settled with a partner and have already spent at least fifteen years together or be a single dad of two awesome children. But those all are dreams, and before I could blog about them they need to happen. For real!

Right now blogging seems to be going in no direction. I feel it's time to pull out the big guns and get down to some serious soul searching writing. Looking at my published posts there are so many things that I need to tell you guys. I think I'll start with my coming out to Amanda, with posts of Josh and some random rants in the middle. What do you say?

Also if you remember I posted about writing fan fictions of my favorite programs. I can't believe I'll be posting links for these on my blog. I'm so going to be loosing whatever credibility I have built but since it's all about exposing the soul here, I also have to put up the things I am ashamed about - even the dirty laundry needs to be hung out so that it dries. LOL!

Okay so here's the link for my work on Vampire Diaries and here is the link for my work on True Blood. As I have mentioned in the disclaimer - This is a story about characters from the television show. It is a work of fiction (My Dirty Dirty Dirty imagination and lots of free time), and I do not claim any knowledge about the private lives of actors appearing in the show. This story implies nothing about their sexuality. I do not own these characters. The only person who has ever known about this link before today is Nathan.

Oh, and in case anybody is wondering - I do not have any plans on posting any further installments on them either. Sorry to disappoint if you happened to like it. With my studies, I can only do one thing and I believe blogging is a much better outlet for my creativity.

Now tell me honestly, do you still think I'm all that nicety nice?


Andrea Almanza said...

Loved the True Blood one :D Maybe ur blogs in all the craziness and multi subjects does have a point. You are yourself, you lay it out, and recieve feedback so its like therapy minus the pricetag :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

So ur saying that I'm crazy and unfocused?! :p


Hahahaha...you know i'm kidd'in!

Thanks fr the response!

thegayte-keeper said...

I have a feeling that you will be around for a while... right?

simple girl..... said...

hey like your writing.. so may be if you want to you can go ahead and continue writing ... and for doing somethings you do not need to have concrete reasons.. just if you happen to like it and enjoy it .. then continue doing it..

M@rvin said...

OMG, you have to write that sorta erotic fiction here too!

Blogging is a good outlet. Some things simply cannot be posted on Facebook and are best reserved for an anonymous blog.

Phunk Factor said...

@ thegayte-keeper

I do think so too - hehehe!

@ simplegirl....

"Just if you happen to like it and enjoy it .. then continue doing it.."


@ M@rvin


Did that excite u this much?! :p

I guess u are right on ur last statement!

Dean Grey said...

Phunk Factor!

Blogging should be organic and evolve as its writer evolves.

So try not to think about it too much and just keep writing!


Whimsical Hatter said...

Love the 'Dem' in the title. Actually, I love the sound of that word. So.Anyways, now..now... you ain't blogging for your needs. Sorry to burst your pink bubble. You blog for 'us'.;-p.
Keep up the good work. Like, Seriously.
I miss Crazy Sam. I had a huge crush on him and still do. Oh,sigh. Sadly, I would never get to see him, know him or even say 'hi'.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

Yeah, I have noticed that in certain blogs who have been up since quite some time!

@ Whimsical Hatter

Hahaha...thank you.

It's a line from 'Hard' by Rihanna! ;)

N yes yes..i keep blogging fr u. Anything else u lil heart desires?

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