Jul 1, 2011

Formspring - June 2011

As scheduled, here's the post answering your questions for June. There's going to a long silence here onward, except for at PFL as I have decided to publish some of the scheduled posts there that I have previously published here.

Q. Who's your favorite novelist/author?
A. To be really honest, there isn't like just one. I have favorites, but there like ten or something. No particular exists, and they keep changing time to time. Nowadays it's Alex Sanchez!

Q. Who has been your favorite American Idol winner so far?
A. I'm torn between Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, but judging from my current play list I'd have to say Carrie Underwood.

Q. Earliest gay memory?
A. Crushing on a boy named Andrew in 4th Grade. I didn't know about homosexuality or even what a crush is, but I do remember being intensely fond of him and wanting to be with him.

Q. Will you stop blogging if your boyfriend asks you not to, stating issues being uncomfortable of you sharing details which he considers special?
A. I'd agree to not publish details regarding the happenings between us, but blogging about things that involve strictly me or other people in my life will not come to a halt. If there is something that I think may make him feel uncomfortable, I'd have him read it before I publish it so that I can have his opinion on it.

Q. Have you ever considered being single by choice?
A. I have. At the beginning on the year, I did. But then I met Josh and things seemed to click. But while things are going good with Josh, I'm not entirely feeling the need to get committed to him. It's not that I want to date other guys. I feel a relationship would take time away from more crucial areas of my life that needs my attention, like my studies.

Q. I read in some post that the guy you would date should have same faith, does this mean he needs to be of the same religion?
A. Yes. I would prefer him to be of the same religion, as later on when kids come into the picture there aren't any clashes about the beliefs.

Q. At what age did you first masturbate? And at what age did you bed with a guy?
A. Sixteen and nineteen!

Q. What is your Zodiac Sign and Blood Group?
A. I will not be disclosing my Zodiac because I do not want to. But my blood group is B+!

Q. Can you put on your pants both legs at the same time?
A. Being a person with normal human flexibility and reflexes, I can't. Sorry to dissappoint you!

Q. How active is your sex life? Ever had sex at all?
A. My last moment involving intimacy happened on 12th July 2010 which I mentioned in my post here, and if you are talking about full on sex then that has never happened.

Q. Why do you not write posts on Gracie? Same goes for Amanda. I want to know about the girls in your life.
A. I'm extremely sorry for not having posted any on these beauties since quite a time. I know I have left you hanging on about my coming out to Amanda, and several interesting conversations with her. Gracie and I have made a million memories with all the drama that we have been put through. I have to tell you guys all that. I can't blog any much more than I already do. But I promise if this blog is ever going to shut down, it's not going to happen till atleast I have been over these two lovely ladies.

Q. Did you ever face any problem with a girl pressing themselves for you?
A. Once, and it didn't go well at all. She stopped talking to me when I told her that I am not interested in having any form of romance. I was kind of rude to her, but we made up much later.

Q. Will you date a guy who smokes?
A. Nopes. Never! If he has quit and has shaken off the addiction for good, I'll be fine with that. But somebody who currently indulges in the habit won't get very far with me.

Q. Now that you are putting the 'hunk back in Phunk', has your preference level or criteria for men to be your potential boyfriend elevated?
A. No. I'm guessing you meant physically speaking, and no - it hasn't changed the least. He needs to be good looking enough to turn me on, and my good looks criteria hasn't changed at all. I'm still crushing on the same regular guys I did before I started going to the gym.

Q. I don't know whether you believe in fairy tales or not, but I want to ask you whether if a fairy grants you a wish where in you could become straight from gay, would you ask for a changeover? Do provide us a reason for your choice!
A. Yes, I would. The reason would be alot of things that my family would have to face would automatically be solved. Otherwise I'm very much cool with being gay.

Q. You once mentioned that there was a cat who used to lie outside your room all the time. Isn't it around anymore? And in case I've got this wrong,  then let's flip the question a bit; what's your take on the line that gay guys and cats get along well?
A. It wasn't my room, but the room I was living in when I was visiting my uncle. It was my cousin's cat, and judging from the recent pictures I got of a part at their place she's still around. As far as cats and gay guys go, I don't think you can tame a cat. As much as I love cats, I think they're extremely mean creatures.

Q. Do you think there is any man hotter than Phil Fusco?
A. Yes, Paul Walker and Jensen Ackles. Also there is Andy Samberg.

Q. In one of your posts I got an impression that you are out to your mom about being gay?
A. Yup, I am! I think you are talking about this post. Right?

Q. What is your favorite album from 2010?
A. Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream'. I'm still in love with all the tracks that I liked back when it came out, and I really don't think she would be able to top her 2nd record.

Q. What's is the cutest thing about Josh?
A. His dimpled smile for sure.

Questions that I could answer are listed below because either they were too personal, possibly directly linked to my identity or I could not understand what was being asked.

1. Are you on the Edge of Glory?
2. What is your Zodiac Sign?
3. When will you be graduating?

Before I end, another thing I would like to discuss is the remark left on my Formspring;

Maintaining blogs up to date is sometimes such a pain. For you apparently it's thrice. I've been reading many blogs and get attached to a few of them. A few bloggers out of them have ditched me ( They have stopped blogging) I understand their limitation.

To the gentleman/lady who left this remark I'd like to say that I do not plan to stop blogging right now at least. I have got quite a lot of things to tell the world, the speed may decline as my life progresses because of job and perhaps a family. But if I ever plan to stop blogging for good, I'd leave a post saying so. I would never leave you guys hanging in the lurch. If that ever happens, there is only one possible explanation and that is the Phunk ran out of funk if you know what I mean. Don't worry. I'm around for a very long time!


Whimsical Hatter said...

a big woot to Phil and Andy! One is buff and hard meat, and the other with smoldering blue eyes to turn me into a big bucket of goo :-)
and the blondie featured is HAWT!

oops. I forgot to say something nice abt other stuff, you had discussed abt. But hey! I get to be slutty once a while! and you YOU better not ditch me. I heart the same feelings as the person, who you mentioned in the last part abt ppl ditching their blogs! I quite attached and rather clingy to your's and a few other blogs! so Beware, you better not stop even when the 'funk' has dropped dead.... create someone to continue with GPY!fine?!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

Hahaha...thank you for leaving some comment on my writing as well! :p

No no..not ditching ya! Don't worry...at least not fr the next 20 years perhaps *fingers crossed* ;)

Create?! I lack 50% of the parts required, remember? :p

And also there is no telling if what will come out will be a flame like me! :p

M@rvin said...

I too am interested in this coming out story.

And why are some people so obsessed with Zodiac signs LOL?

The undie guy looks delicious.

Whimsical Hatter said...

being nice, never pays!
next 20 yrs, 'perhaps'! nope... till both of us are alive and kicking!
yes, conjure up a charm! sigh, if only I had the other 50% of the parts... I would so let you have me.Seriously!

it will, and if it is you and me, imagine... the 'fireworks'.. a dynamite is what would came out !

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

I'll have it up as soon as I can...and even I don't get the Zodiac sign obsession!

But I liked the question no doubt! :p

@ Whimsical Hatter

Still someone's gotta be nice, na? ;)

Hahahaha...ur last remark was completely adorable! :D

Daniel Jason Binks said...

I lost motivation to write my Blog, until my email was hacked and I thought I lost it for good. I realised how precious it was. Now I'm trying to update it as often as I can! I fell in love with Blogging all over again! :-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Daniel Jason Binks

Good that u got ur blog back...even i would not be able to imagine how awful to feel loosing so much precious work!

Indie-underground-Gay said...

You are a Saggi, I guess....

Phunk Factor said...

@ Indie-Undergroud-Gay

I could be. I could be not. Why do u think I'm Sagi? ;)

Anonymous said...

All I wanna say is "meoooowww!"

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

That was quite entertaining!

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