Jul 15, 2011

English Please

As I browse through various profiles on the social networking site, I can't believe on the number of spelling mistakes that are commonly seen on profiles, and let me not even start on the grammatical mistakes. I don't know what is it with me but nothing - and absolutely nothing; turns me off more than a spelling or grammatical mistake except for maybe smoking and drinking. The guy could be sporting a six-pack that you would only see on Men's Health cover models. But if I see something like spelled wrong and written incorrectly I immediately click on 'Next Profile'.

I think I maybe somewhat of a pretentious stuck up brat in this sense, but I really can't help it. I really can't! If you have a solution, please hit me with it in a comment. Please don't tell me to 'explain' it to them. I have tried giving English lessons Online, but my 'students' tend to show me the middle finger and disappear. People even do not want to learn!

I think that's why I have gotten to actually like Josh. I've been on his profile back and forth, more times than I could count. I even know parts of it by heart. LOL!

But yes, from what I have read on his profile and from his message the dude is flawless. I could not pick any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. I think that's why I hyperventilate everytime I read his messages. I discussed this with Ryan, and he told me that he knows this gay language teacher who's single and very much looking.

"Since when are you into fixing me up?", I asked Ryan sarcastically.

Below are a few words that are often grossly disfigured. If these words had a voice, their screams would be heard the moment you log onto a social networking site.

Honest ( Correct Spelling) - Hanest, Honost, Henest, Onest ( Wrong Spelling)

Sexy ( Correct Spelling) - Saxy ( Wrong Spelling and such an incredible turn off. Self praise is a bummer but improperly spelled self praise is a nausea inducer)

Teenager ( Correct Spelling) - Teenagar ( Wrong Spelling - What is this?! Some jelly version of a teenager)

Discreet ( Correct Spelling) - Discreat, Deescreet, Deascreat ( Wrong Spelling) and Discrete is a completely different word which means Separate.

Loyal ( Correct Spelling) - Loyol (Wrong Spelling - makes me think of Olive Oyl from Popeye)

Special ( Correct Spelling) - Speciale, Spacial (Wrong Spelling)

Horny ( Correct Spelling) - Horney, Harney, Harny ( Wrong Spelling - this one makes me want to throw my computer out of the window)

There are several more but I really could not bare to go through more profiles to make the list. I really couldn't!

I know many of you would think I'm so Boarding School brat after reading this post, however let me tell you that I'm not. My parents aren't filthy rich but we aren't financially struggling either by the His grace. I went to a Convent all the while before my medical school started, and any improvements that have developed in my ability with English are due to my own personal effort. It really isn't a hard language to learn so making an effort to learn it won't kill you.

There's another misconception about guys who post that only those fluent in English may contact. I do see some sense in this matter, however being educated and being literate are two completely different things. A guy I went out with a few weeks ago while isn't really all that great when it comes to English is a real gem of a person.

I have another incident to narrate which completely breaks me up into a hysterical fit everytime I think about it which I will post in a few weeks after exams. I was completely bored so decided to put up a quick post. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


M@rvin said...

I hereby declare war on 'discrete'. I did electrical engineering in my undergrad - that's only used for discrete vs. continuous signals LOL!

"Could of" for "Could have" is also annoying.

lilmonstah said...

Eeeep! I wish I cud Like this post again and again and again!!
This is sch a HUGE turn-off for me, too, and you know that! :P
I don't know why they try to butcher the English lang, and if they don't know proper English, why can't they just write in Urdu? Urdu isn't somethin' to be ashamed about, it's a rich language and quite frankly beautiful! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

U've done electrical engineering in ur undergrad?! :o


Is there anything u haven't done?!


The second statement could be taken in a completely different sense and it would still fit you! :p

@ lilmonstah

The best thing i absolutely love about Urdu is how they have words to designate respect to elders. I absolutely adore that! :)

the island guy said...

Now I want to reread my posts and make sure they are free from grammatical errors :)

Rakesh said...

One of my big pet peeves is people shortening spellings, like de or da for the, dis for this, b4 for before, and so on .. in emails. It's not like there's a shortage of space or time or a limitation of characters. It's a total turn off. I can still understand abbreviating phrases like LOL, OMG, but entire emails written in short spellings is annoying!

And yes, I've seen SVPs in the US make spelling and grammar mistakes and use words interchangeably - like there, their and they're.

Andrea Almanza said...

I make spelling mistakes all the time, because I grew up with spell check, plus the keyboad on my phone is tiny. But everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes, thank goodness im not a boy ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ the island guy

Hahaha...no need to do that, bro! Ur English is just fine!

@ Rakesh

I just re-read all my mails to you to make sure if i committed any blunders.

I sorta read it all in a hurry so couldn't pick anything up...i hope there were really no mistakes! :p

And fr SVPs there is just no excuse at all!!

@ Andrea Almanza

Hahaha...is this criteria too much fr u, sister dear? ;)

thegayte-keeper said...

Now I feel a need to make sure all of my entries are grammatically correct!

Rakesh said...

LOL. We all make blunders all the time, specially when writing emails to a friend informally. I tend to write like I speak which may at times be grammatically incorrect. But, to repeatedly do that and with spelling mistakes is a no-no.
And you have nothing to worry. You write really well. :)

Andrea Almanza said...

Lol yes it is as far as spelling goes. English is my first language, however im far supierior at speaking it as opposed to writting it. :P I'm just lucky because I am not trying to date you :D

Haider Ali said...

i HATE making spelling mistakes

Phunk Factor said...

@ thegayte-keeper

Hahaha...do that! ;)

Kidd'in. U write really well!

@ Rakesh

Even I type like that however I do have a habit of shortening words...bt i think that's just fr text messaging probably!

@ Andrea Almanza

I think it's the same with most people...so u don't need to fret! :)

@ Haider Ali

Who doesn't?! ;)

Life's Disciple said...

Spelling errors used to be a turn-off for me but then I realized that most individuals communicated in this manner and I shouldn't be stuck-up like this.These people don't know any better.So spelling errors I don't mind.However,I would like the person to be fluent in the English language so as to prevent any language barriers.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Life's Disciple

No language barrier - I like that theory!

Raj said...

tha phunks, I haf tha vary bad engleesh.Pleaje doont rejact mee.

Now, even if I wrote like that, I'd still be the same person.I was quite like you when I used to stay in motherland.But I think I'm getting better now.If I believe some-one is not good with English but great with Hindi, my respect for them remains the same.As long as they are good at the language they communicate in.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raj

My rejection to you would be based on a completely different reason...and u do know what it is already! :p

True enough - but being a universal language, i do believe ppl should make an effort to learn it!

Mike said...

Gooder spelling is important. You've seen my rants I'm sure. ;-)

Whimsical Hatter said...

I HEAR you! Even I cannot stand certain 'eye-sore' flaws. But I cannot bitch abt that since, I too maul punctuations!But that's that. But why ruin word?!.When you are not sure- GOOGLE! Or just write in a very simple language.Sadly, most of the hot ones I come across are adept at mauling the language. But I do drool over their pictures ;-).

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike


I hope that was purposefully written to tease me! ;p

@ Whimsical Hatter

Oh yeah...i hear u there completely, brother!

But I've yet to come across somebody who's hot enough that I look over his flawed skills with the language! :p

the island guy said...

We're officially blog bros : )

Phunk Factor said...

@ the island guy

That we are! :)

Secret Admirer said...

It was painful reading this post...This single post made me loose a lot of interest in reading your blog...The subject is sensitive and you rushed to make your point to the extent of mockery. I found it hard to believe you have posted in such a manner.
Yet I still like your blog considering posts like these just as the dark spots on the bright moon.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Secret Admirer

I've tried tolerating them. Little errors I can looks over, but repeated mistakes tick me off.

This post was a venting outlet. I'm sorry if it struck a wrong cord with you.

the island guy said...

"I think I maybe somewhat of a pretentious stuck up brat in this sense, but I really can't help it."

I'm sorry to break the news to you my friend, but "maybe" should be replaced with "may be" (you can also use "might be" or "could be").

Looks like we all make mistakes :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ the island guy

I looked around for that and in most places I didn't see a space between 'may' and 'be' so I didn't do it either.

I'll keep in mind to break my habit and put a break between the two!

Thanks for the advice. :)

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