Jul 31, 2011

Coming Out To Amanda - Pt. 1

While we had become really good friends, I believe our next level of friendship was formed when Amanda started sharing her boy troubles with me. One fine day she asked me all of a sudden if differences in religious sects are taken into consideration during a marriage. I told her very blankly that most people prefer marrying people of their sect. If a marriage takes place in which the sects of the people involved are different, it's quite often looked down upon.

"Why did you ask me such a question?", I implored.

"A friend of mine shared her opinion on my idea of marrying a certain boy I like.", she replied.

"Somebody from your class?", I asked. "I'm talking about the boy, not the friend."

"No", she replied and began telling me about her boyfriend. I would admit that I was curious but I had no idea I would be extracting the information out of her with such ease. "And I'm trusting you with this so please do not tell it to anyone.", she added in the end.

"I won't. Promise!", I replied. "But why are you thinking of marriage right now? You are still in medical school for God's sake." I lectured her.

"I am not thinking. Just thinking!", she replied. This statement didn't make sense to me then, and I still don't get it.

"How religious are your parents? If they are very peculiar then there is a very good chance that they will not want you to marry him.", I told her. She didn't reply to that, but two weeks later she stopped talking to that boy.

She didn't tell me when she decided to split up. I felt that something was wrong one day and asked her if everything is alright. "Not feeling well!", she replied. I still wasn't convinced. I thought about asking if anything had happened between her and that guy she was seeing. But I didn't. It didn't seem right to me.

Later on when we were talking, she told me about the split. I didn't know what to do. I have never consoled a girl before, and I think consoling a boy is much easier than a girl.

Amanda went back to her usual chirpy self in a few days. Then a few weeks later she was crushing on a guy in my class. She badly wanted me to introduce her to him, but even I have never talked to him before. We shared a couple of friends, but that was all there was to it. There has never been a moment where we exchanged even a greeting. It's not that I hate him, it's just that he thinks he's better than everybody else. Okay, so maybe I do hate him!

I could not introduce the two so Amanda got to him through somebody else. "I'm telling you now, so that you don't have to hear it from anybody else. That's guy is the douche bag of all douche bags!", I warned her. I was more concerned with the fact that he was taking interest in Amanda. I didn't want him to use her. Amanda may seem pretty street smart, but I feel that she can be fooled easily.

I kept a close eye on the two, asking Amanda about the progress. "Why are you so interested if you think he's a douchebag?", she asked me.

"Because I care for you.", I told her. Realizing that it could be interpreted in a whole different sense I quickly added, "Like a sister!", and I meant it. Eventually the guy got bored with Amanda and stopped responding to her. Amanda took that as a clear signal and split from him. "Douchebag!", she mumbled when she told me about it.

Then last December she started talking to a new guy who's from a sister college. He sat next to her during exams, and they got to be friends. I got to know about it much later sometime in March. Knowing the reputation of the students from that college I asked her about his drinking habits. Her reply was positive, worse she was embarrassed.

"Have you been drinking with him?" I asked trying to sound as less accusatory as possible.

"No!", she snapped back. After some more talking I got to know alot about this guy. It's not just me, but anybody with common sense would have guessed that these two can not make a good couple what so ever. As they say, she's way out of his league.

She's a good student. He's flunked every subject two semesters in a row. She's very career orientated, already having planned what she wants to become. He's just doing this because his parents wanted him to be a doctor. She likes having fun but isn't a party animal. He's a complete party animal. This was the worst possible matches ever!

"I'm telling you right now, this won't go anywhere.", I was pissed at Amanda for being so boy crazy. She doesn't need to find a guy. When time comes, she will get married and the guy will actually be someone worthy of her.

"I should never tell you about the guys I like. You always find some flaw in them, and I can't help but over look it. I eventually have to break up.", she argued back. "Why don't you tell me about some of the girls you like and I'll see how well they suit you!", she challenged.

"You have already asked me twice before, and I told you that there is no girl that I like.", I replied. "It isn't neccessary to like someone. We come here to learn, not fall in love!". This was turning into a full war now. "I only want the best for you, and I'm telling you these guys suck big time. You deserve someone much better, and I'm not saying that just because I'm your friend."

"Shut up!", she replied and walked away. I was really mad at her, and I didn't bother going after her or talking to her. She was being an idiot and if she was going to make a mistake, I should let her.

Later that night she messaged me an apology. I felt that I should apologize as well. We started talking, and I began making fun of her taste in men. "So you really don't like any girl at all?", she asked me.

"It's late. Talk to you tomorrow!", I replied and put down my cell. Amanda has been on my list of people I want to come out to. I wanted to tell her really bad. It was at that moment that I decided to tell her tomorrow. It's time!


Andrea Almanza said...

Tease, more please! Lol maybe all girls have the same crappy taste :P

Aaron Khan said...

i hate ur cliffhanger endings! :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

I think in the first initial years everybody does...girls and guys - regardless of what side ur on! :p

@ Aaron Khan

Buwahaha - lolz, i'll post soon!

jits said...

Oh u tease !!! Post the next one soon !!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jits

I'll try. Busy a bit these days. But it'll be up soon!

jamiessmiles said...

Awww, come on!

Phunk Factor said...

@ jamiessmiles

Sorry, buddy. I'll be posting the rest pretty soon - promise! :)

B. said...

Yeah, I know I'm really late, but I got the urge to read your blog and to comment. I'm glad you have friends like this, she really looks like a nice friend and I'm glad you came out to her, well, I will be when I read the part 2.

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