Jul 31, 2011

Coming Out To Amanda - Pt. 1

While we had become really good friends, I believe our next level of friendship was formed when Amanda started sharing her boy troubles with me. One fine day she asked me all of a sudden if differences in religious sects are taken into consideration during a marriage. I told her very blankly that most people prefer marrying people of their sect. If a marriage takes place in which the sects of the people involved are different, it's quite often looked down upon.

"Why did you ask me such a question?", I implored.

Jul 28, 2011

Where Dem Bloggers At?!

Recently a favorite blog of mine closed down, the author felt that the purpose of his blog was complete. His opinion, but in my opinion his blog could have gone on alot longer and I really liked reading his posts.

Earlier today I was bored and I was Online, so I started browsing through my blog roll when I came upon a blog which had not been updated since quite sometime. I decided to drop a word to the owner to start blogging again, but was surprised to discover that his blog had been deleted. After abit of searching I got to know that while his blog had been indeed deleted, the author felt that his blog had filled it's purpose as well.

This all got me to thinking that is there a purpose to my blogging?!

Jul 27, 2011

Of Crushes and Crashes

I have been waiting so impatiently to come back to the blogging scene that I really can not describe my excitement in words. My summer was largely uneventful due to my exams which ended today, and while I am absolutely relieved I have already started fretting about the result.

I really can not explain this feeling of dread that washes over my entire body from the exterior to the deepest cervices when I start thinking of the result. I would admit that my exams could have gone better but looking back at how much I studied I feel that they went adequate. However that feeling of internal satisfaction that glowed inside me after certain exams last year is missing. All I can do now is pray for everything to turn out for the best.

As summer draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet we call Earth, my Summer romance with you is just starting and I intend to Phunk you to the maximum. Starting things off with the most imporant topic - Josh!

Jul 15, 2011

English Please

As I browse through various profiles on the social networking site, I can't believe on the number of spelling mistakes that are commonly seen on profiles, and let me not even start on the grammatical mistakes. I don't know what is it with me but nothing - and absolutely nothing; turns me off more than a spelling or grammatical mistake except for maybe smoking and drinking. The guy could be sporting a six-pack that you would only see on Men's Health cover models. But if I see something like spelled wrong and written incorrectly I immediately click on 'Next Profile'.

I think I maybe somewhat of a pretentious stuck up brat in this sense, but I really can't help it. I really can't! If you have a solution, please hit me with it in a comment. Please don't tell me to 'explain' it to them. I have tried giving English lessons Online, but my 'students' tend to show me the middle finger and disappear. People even do not want to learn!

Jul 1, 2011

Formspring - June 2011

As scheduled, here's the post answering your questions for June. There's going to a long silence here onward, except for at PFL as I have decided to publish some of the scheduled posts there that I have previously published here.
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