Jun 4, 2011

Na Na Na Come On

On 25th May, on a phone call I asked Josh out for the third and last time. Fortunately for both of us, he accepted me invitation to take him out. I have known since quite sometime that I am interested in Josh. Not  yet to the extent that I was interested in Nathan but still I am interested in him. I think he picked up on it and delayed the meet, perhaps he was genuine in his excuses - I don't know.

This date was the perfect opportunity to see if he is really interested and for that, I told him to set up half of the date. I would be responsible for the entertainment. Nourishment would be his department. Josh didn't mind the set-up, in fact he suggested that we keep our plans a secret. I liked that suggestion. Things are already looking up, I thought to myself.

"So do I need to bring a spare underwear?", Josh teased.

"You better!", I said playing along his lines. "There might be an accident when you see me!".

"Oh really?", he confirmed. We had a laugh over it and moved on to other random discussion.

"So where are we meeting?", Josh asked on the evening on May 31st.

"Wasn't that supposed to be kept a surprise?", I asked.

"I would need to know to get there!", Josh explained.

I thought for a while and asked him, "How do you feel about a carpool?"

"Carpool?!", he confirmed.

"Bad idea?", I asked.

"Not really. But I'd like to take my car. Don't mind but I don't trust other people's driving easily." Josh told me hesitantly. I didn't mind. Poor guy had been involved in a bad accident two years ago. I do understand his reluctance to trust other people's driving skills.

"Okay, but I get to pay for the gas!", I argued.

"What if I get it filled up before picking you up?", he poked.

"Then you are far more devious than I calculated you to be!", I replied.

"By the way, get ready to listen to alot of Rihanna. Cuz that's all I am playing in the car nowadays!", he warned.

"Don't worry. I'm perfectly good at being bad!", I poked at him.

All this teasing was getting me excited. I can't begin to tell you how pepped up I was for 2nd June. Even in gym that day, I was more energized for some reason. Usually my RPM (Revolution per minute ) is 91, but that day it was soaring at 102. Yowzah!

I'll be putting up the proceeding of the date in a few hours. I already have some typed and you would be able to view it on C&B. Yeah, even though this date would be significantly different from the rest but Josh is still a candidate - leading by a wide margin but still a candidate. Gotta play fair!

Also it was so heart warming to read your best wishes in my Facebook messages and Formspring. Seriously you guys created magic. Thanks a mill for that!

In a quick review Josh said that it was one of the best dates he has ever been on - his words, not mine so I have a good feeling about the date.

What happened on it?!

You'll find it out soon enough!

I'm incredibly sorry for the delay but with exams coming up soon I'm surprised I managed to find time out to go out and much more on the fact that I was able to convince my parents. :P 


simple girl..... said...

great that it went so well.... convince your parents about what? allowing you to go out ?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl

During exam season, everything is on crackdown.....i can't even get up wen I want to! :(

M@rvin said...

Too much... Time to move out, Phunks. Then you can get as dirty as me. :-P 2013 can't get here soon enough, huh?
Want to hear more about this date - glad it went well!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

It's posted...and yes, wen I do come..i'd love to see u in action....probably get into some with u if nothing has happened on my side yet! :p

Whimsical Hatter said...

As usual, love the hotties featured.*Slurp*.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical hatter

My impeccable taste...and his impeccable body....we make an awesome combo together!

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