Jun 1, 2011

Formspring - May 2011

Starting from March, I put up a Formspring for people reading my blog to ask me anything that they would like to know. This time round there are even more questions and some are very interesting, if I may say so myself. Let's see if my answers match up to their spark.

Q. Why are you sarcastic? - Matt
A. I really don't know. I think sarcasm is something that comes automatically as people grow older, but the important thing is to still be optimistic. A little sarcastic humor is good but an attitude that makes people call you Grinch is definitely too much - and I do consider myself to be a very optimistic person.

Q. Do you like watching old classical movies?
A. Nopes. I'm not really a movie person except for Superhero flicks. The oldest movie I remember watching is 'When Harry Met Sally', I found it in my elder sister's movie collection. Although I didn't get it at first but then I watched it again a few years later and I completely fell in love with the line "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible". I'm swooning!

Q. How religious are you? Being Muslim, what stance would you take to support your faith?
A. I would say I'm more spiritual than religious. I believe in Shahada. I try to pray five times a day as instructed but sometimes I tend to slip and let it slide. I would say that I need to be stronger religiously but I'm still somewhat shaky when it comes to my faith.

Q. In some cases you complain your date being reserved, not bold enough to be in a serious relationship, how open are you for one? What do you have to offer, what do you propose?
A. I'd love to be in a serious monogamous relationship - that's why I'm dating and getting myself ready for the moment when I am finally ready to date wherever I settle in life. As for what do I have to offer - everything I can possibly give. I only propose when I am absolutely sure that I really do have feelings for the guy and it's not some silly infatuation. When I'm in, I'm in it to win it *insert Randy Jackson voice here* !

Q. Where you do pick these hot guys from?
A. I was wondering when someone would ask me this. Anyhow so you can find these hot guys from here, here and here. Do follow these blogs if you can!

Q. What all languages you know?
A. Just English and Urdu!

Q. Are you left handed in writing? How good is your handwriting?
A. Yes, I'm left handed. How good?! Hmmm, I would say that my writing has worsened over the years. I think that happens when you enter medical college. Doctors are infamous for having the weirdest writing style ever.

Q. Err.....errrmw :/ .....?
A. Only English or Urdu please. I don't speak shy and neither should you! ;)

Q. Can you please upload a pic of a paper with a writing "With love - Phunk" for me? Please!
A. Here you go!

I even made a lil' heart for you because you said 'Please'!

Q. Do you like pets? If yes, which animal would be your favorite pet?
A. I love pets. I want a pet so bad. I have been asking for one for the longest time ever but my mom has never allowed us to have any pets. My siblings have been begging just as much but no dough. Favorite pet? Hmm anything except for a bird, fish or reptile would be fine by me. I would love to have a golden retriever.

Q. Can you play any musical instrument? What musical instrument would you like to learn?
A. Sadly no, I don't. But I would love to learn how to play a guitar. Believe it or not, it's on the top of my list of things to do. I so badly want to learn how to strum. Guarantee I can't sing, but I still would like to learn how to play.

Q. How did you come up with the name Phunk Factor?
A. Long before I started this blog or my Facebook account for that matter, I had an account on Orkut. Obviously with the issue of identity, I could not put down my real name so I had a profile under the name 'Endorphins'. When someone would ask me about it, I would tell them it's the feel good hormone. To which 99% would respond, "So what will you do to make me feel good?" and I absolutely hated it. So I switched and out of no where my mind came up with 'Funk Factor' but then with the initials of my nick being 'FF', I thought it would be ridiculed in some other brand new way so I mis-spelled funk on purpose to Phunk.

Q. What is the motivation  behind your blogging besides your fans? You maintain three blogs updated and reply to all comments, does this work has anything to do with some long term goal of yours?
A. Fans?! Hehehe, for some reason that word makes me feel all flustered and shy. Motivation? Well I always wanted to go into journalism and literature. I have plans on publishing something on paper but that's a long way to go. This is just a start and I think it's a pretty good one!

Q. Why is Pakistan not strict about imposing laws against same sex activities? It should either have a thing as law or not have it, I don't get it's legal stand, it has witnessed open gay parties, government leaders out as gay, gay prides activities?
A. I have taken this up in a separate post and I shall post it very soon, since I want it to be available for everyone to read - you will find it at Phunked Up Life.

Q. Are you a virgin? I mean did you ever do it?
A. That's debatable, but I would like to say that I'm not a virgin.

Q. Are you truly honest at your writing in your blogs? Did you ever fake an experience or alter any reality in your description to make it more interesting or the subject more attractive?
A. I have changed little details like locations at places, so that's one thing. Like at this time, we really did go to a place that serves pizza. It could have been any!, as for the conversation. Some I can clearly remember and put down as they took place, others I worded on my own trying to keep the essence intact. Nothing brewed up!

Q. Can you post the details of your coming out to your mom, the circumstances that led to it and the consequences that followed it. I am keen because even I came out to my parents first and I totally blew it off that I never came out to anyone else later.
A. I have been planning to do that, but those posts will be super extensive. Lots of editing required! But I shall post them once I am done with my exams, which will be by the end of Summer. You will be able to view them at Phunked Up Life as well.

Q. Which came first, chicken or egg?
A. Since the birds are descendant of dinosaurs, I feel the egg came before the chicken. But for a more precise answer, let's hope the chicken crosses the road soon and you can ask it yourself. And stop scaring it by building KFCs!

Q. What is your most crazy fetish?
A. Both us being blindfolded and getting it on!

Q. How did Nathan and Raj get pass the custodial check by your mom your real Facebook account?
A. Beats me! The only logical answer I can come up with is that my mother wasn't Facebook literate at that time.

These were all the questions for the month of May. I could not answer the questions below because either they were incomplete and I didn't know what was asked, or because they were inappropriate.

1. You seem to have a clear or frigid character with no compromises, lately i am finding it difficult to comprehend whats right and whats not, unless in extreme circumstances, but as i was reading your blog it seemed you always knew how to react. Did you eve

Looking forward to next month. Got a question?

Well go ahead, ask me! 


M@rvin said...

1. Your blog reads great on an iPhone! Unlike mine :(
2. OMG about the movies you haven't yet watched - go watch the top 100 in the IMDB list now!
3. Golden Retrievers shed a lot. :P Do you like your men hairy too?
4. LOL @ FF - Fist fucking, the final frontier, aah!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

U keep all top 100 for me...i'll watch them with you! ;)

Golden Retrievers are SOOOO cute and cuddly...they've got stuff tht lessens shedding and everything...or i'll just vacuum everything once a week! :p

N that's why it's not 'Funk Factor' :D

Raj said...

Don't quite understand the last Q :S
And who is this other Raj :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raj

Dunno...probably somebody from the Orkut gang!

Whimsical Hatter said...

A leftie with such adorable writing and who loves Golden Retrivers --- god, I could lap you up, just right now.. no need for cream!

And you were specs. Now, I'm seriously don't want to see your face pic, for I cannot resist and I would be swooning and be dead with sweat.Like, seriously!

And that thing abt the 'huge ' fan-base is quite obvious from the awesome comments on your blogs and your populous FB page

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

That's adorable?! :o

Srsly...my mum hates me writing...says it's sooo childish! :p

N yes...golden retrievers are LOVE!! N yes..i do wear specs! Where did u get that from?

I don't think I mentioned it anywhere!

Oh...n my 'fanbase'...has like just dozen ppl...n they're all my friends! :P


Thanks fr commenting, babe!

Whimsical Hatter said...

But it's so darn cute. I wish mine was like that, Boy!
But you did say that you wear specs in this post!
But then the 'fawning' from those awesome ppl (;-)) is awesome! and they do it not because they are your friends, it's because they know 'Quality' and appreciate it!
'Babe'... *giggles**shy glances at Dr.Phunk*

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

Okay...i read the entire post but couldn't find 'glasses' anywhere!

R u stalking me? :p

Sanyo Seiki said...

The question of your followers in Formspring are very interesting! I will try to find you there to ask some question! :D

Sanyo Seiki in Formspring

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sanyo Seiki

I got a bunch of questions that I need to answer...dunno if any of them are urs...hopefully will get to that post very soon :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sanyo Seiki

I got a bunch of questions that I need to answer...dunno if any of them are urs...hopefully will get to that post very soon :)

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