Jun 7, 2011

Do'in It Like Rihanna

This incident is a few weeks old, but it got lost in the draft posts. Recently somebody left a request to post on a similar topic so I decided it was time to put this one up for everyone to see.

I had been speaking to a guy who contacted me Online since a few weeks. We could not meet because I have been extremely busy in my schedule. There is literally not much room to do anything else besides studying and wanking. Kidd'in!

He seemed very decent from his conversation and spoke very eloquently. I remember that when he contacted me for the very first time, he actually had typed this extremely articulated message. Most people from the dating site can't spell correctly much less craft exquisitely. I responded to the message and we hit it off on a good note.

One of the first things I check before responding or contacting any profile is if the person is 'Single' or 'Married'. His profile mentioned him to be single, so I thought it was all cool. He did not consider mentioning this fact to me till a significant time had passed. Before knowing this we had talked alot, even on relationships. He appreciated the fact that I am looking for a monogamous relation as it is something that most people never bother with. I asked his stance on the issue.

"I'm also looking for a monogamous relationship!", he told me in his follow up message.

No!, I didn't immediately start considering him as a potential boyfriend. I don't get into a relationship simply because the other happens to be single and is looking for a relationship. I prefer letting nature run it's course and only acting upon my feelings once I know that I actually like this guy. But still it felt nice to talk to somebody who shared a similar opinion. Upon that note, he asked me if we could exchange numbers. I sent him my number in response.

A few days later, he text messaged me if I would like to be in a relationship with him. He mentioned that he likes me but isn't exactly sure about it yet. He would prefer that we meet up sometime soon and see how things proceed. I had started to talk to Josh at that point so while I was up for a meeting, I was not entirely sure about being in a relationship with him. However I told him we can meet up sometime soon.

While exchanging messages he mentioned that he needs to go to some place with his parents. Later the next day, I asked him where did he go yesterday to get the conversation ball rolling.

"Dinner at my in-laws", he text messaged me back.

Upon reading his message I went into shock. "You are married?", I asked him. I was more angry that he was married and looking for guys to be in a relationship with than the fact that he lied to me.

"No! Just engaged!", read his reply.

"How come you didn't mention that?", I asked him.

"Does it make a difference?", he asked me.

"Hell yeah! I don't date married guys!", I replied. "And how you could be think of being in a relationship with a guy when you are going to be married to a girl? You are not even married and you are preparing to cheat on her!"

"It's not cheating if it's a relationship!", he replied.

I was way too angry to talk via text messaging so I called him up. "So you plan to be in a relationship with a girl and a guy at the same time?", I asked him.

"Yeah!", he replied.

"And how is that a monogamous relationship?", I asked him.

"One of each!", he replied.

Oh My God. He's one seriously effed up individual. Not only are his notions completely messed up but his English needs some tuning as well. My mind exploded from rage and I cut the call as I let my blood cool down. A few minutes later I shot him a text, "Dude, forget it! I'm not interested in being in contact with you anymore. Goodbye!"

He text messaged me "Okay" a few seconds later but a few days later he wanted to talk and kept on text messaging me. I never bothered to reply to him. I can't risk talking to him again because either I'd kill him or die from high blood pressure. Never in my entire life have I come across someone so seriously messed up. Never ever!

Anymore talk and I would have gone all Rihanna on his ass!

Another part on the same issue will be coming up soon later this week. 


M@rvin said...

What a bastard! And so fucking brazen about it - yikes!

Mike said...

Engaged?! That's so wrong! Good for you for calling his bluff on that!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Exactly...like it was all completely okay. How the hell messed up is that?!

@ Mike

I really don't think it made a difference! :(

simple girl..... said...

what crap..

man you are having hell of experiences...

Anonymous said...

what an Ahole! Seriously if he bothers you too much by constant texting, dont kill him, just find out his in-laws address and show them his gay/bi dating profile. :) On a totally different note, you blogged about born this way but no post about her new album??????

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl

U meet all kinda weirdos in this pace of life! :p

Thanks fr dropping by@

@ Anonymous

Oooooo...that would be pretty cool! Bt no...he's no longer texting me..it's all good now!

Haven't heard from him since quite sometime...and an album review on 'Born This Way'....hmmm...i'm not really good on reviewing! :p

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