May 18, 2011

Million Dollar Smile

Quite possibly one of the oddest thing about me is my smile. Not that it's crooked or my teeth are weird, but for the fact that it's infectious. When I talk to somebody over the phone for the first time, they often get the impression that I am smiling while really I am not. A guy recently told me that I have a 'smiling' voice,  which is one of the oddest but nicest compliments I have ever gotten. But combine that with my ridiculous habit of breaking down into giggles randomly, I am the perfect specimen for some bipolar lab experiment.

I remember talking to Christian a few years back for the first time ever. He constantly kept asking me what is so good that I'm constantly smiling. "Besides talking to you, nothing else really!", I told him - quite probably with a smile.

Speaking very generally I am a very happy person and quite often I am very optimistic. But perhaps my optimism is unhealthy in the sense that I tend to believe that somehow things will work out and I hope against hope. My little sister often comments on this behavior of mine saying that it is a good thing as it prevents me from getting frustrated and depressed easily. Even Gracie says that I'll make a good doctor in the sense that I tend to give people hope and comfort. Frankly speaking, Gracie's opinion has me scared because what if after giving them so much hope I am not able to cure them. More so since two of my fields of choice are Oncology and Psychiatry where remittance is a very frequent observation.

One of the negative comments that is often launched at me; and I do accept it to a certain extent, is that I am immature. I am inclined to agree with the people who make these comments. I am immature in the sense that at times I let things slide, even though I know better. But I do not think I am immature in the sense that I enjoy living in a joyous fashion where I constantly crack jokes, make quick zips and take pokes. Quite obviously there is a time and place for everything, I respect that. But just because I tend to smile more than an average human being and I have an hearty laugh, does not mean I can't be serious. I just choose to not hang on to the smallest black spots and look towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

I don't preach nor practice the mantra, "Smile, the world smiles with you. Cry, you cry alone!". It's bullsh*t! People close to you are always there for you, through tears and smiles. But let's not shout out to the world in absolutely feverish delight shooting off tangents. That will surely book a one way ticket to a padded room and a strait jacket!

Having a lax attitude is definitely a much required thing when we are often volleyed with disasters both in and out of our personal lives.

Quite possibly the biggest thing that I lean towards is the thought that tomorrow will a better day. I remember there being a notice above all the doors during 4th Grade in glitter - was it all that glitter that caused it to be burned into my mind for life? :p

But I really do remember scoring terribly in a Maths or Social Studies test, I looked up to that sign and somehow it made me feel better. Sure enough the next day, we got our Science test and I scored pretty well. No matter how awful today went, I know for a matter of fact that tomorrow has all the possibility to be awesome and I should not pull myself down.

Another thing that I picked up some years is to slow down. I really needed that! I remember being so relaxed a few days and then when the deadline would approach I would rush head first into work to just get done with it and try to do it to the best possible I could. Somehow in some way I would always fall short and I would absolutely regret not doing it right from the start. One step at a time, I firmly stand by it. It's no wonder one of my favorite songs by Jordin Sparks goes by the same name.

The second thing is still something I need to work on as I tend to still rush things up at times, especially in the relationship department. But work is in progress and let's hope it that I manage to accomplish it. Either ways these keep my smile up like a 100 Watts bulb and if it helps anybody out there - that would be the cherry on top of the sundae. That would be even better if the sundae comes served on the dude below! ;)


Aaron Khan said...

wow! i'd take dat dude in d pic wid or widout a sundae!! rarely my heart skips a beat on seeing a hot pic! anyways, dat is so tru bout u. u hav a smilin happy voice. dunno if u remember, it ws a while back bt i mentiond it 2 u when v spoke. u always sound happy n cheery. as for d immaturity n rushing into relationships, every1 has things they wud like 2 change. u r 1 step ahead cz u knw wat it is dat u wanna change :)

Hadi Hussain said...

:( Main nay bhi kaha tha aik baar kay phunko app ke smiling voice hai but meri sunnta kaun hai, hunah. Btw Psychitary and Oncology? Excuse me, what about being pediatrician? And i love you for your smiling voice and for your supposedly immaturity. Trust me you are an iintelligent sane guy and i am so proud of having u Shelia in my life.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

Realizing it is the easy part...actually fixing it is the place where most including I fall flat on our pretty little faces! :(

And yes yes..u'd take any hot guy...leave some for others as well?! :p

@ Hadi Hussain

U did?!

I totally can't recall! I'm SORRY! :(

N yes yes..pediatrics is also on the list! 'Psychiatry' and 'Oncology' are on the list along with it! But the two fields I have mentioned in the post are two fields where remittance is a common phenomenon!

Andrea Almanza said...

Im glad your a happy guy! And it is infectious, even though I have no comment for the voice. Dont worry there is lots of time to work on the things you want to change. Nothing happens over night. :D

Samuel Khan said...

lovely poSt . . . smiLin voice sounds so yummy . . . :)
immature , smilin , pOsitive , n introspectin ! didnt anyone tell u thats the recipe to near perfect men that dwelL on earth scarcely . . .

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

Lotsa time...hopefully LOTSA LOTSA time! :)

@ Samuel Khan

Yummy voice?! :o


Okay...if u say so! ;)

Near perfect?! Ummm...can u fight for my case next time? ;)

simple girl..... said...

hey a great post .. smiling always and staying happy is great..well I try to stay happy no matter what and keep motivating myself..

and I too wait for the deadline to approach and then start working for the project..idling away in the beginning.. a verry bad habit .. because I am not satisfied with the end result and feel its not up to the mark.. but cant get started to work from the beginning :( .

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl...

Wish there was a simple fix to this not-so simple problem! :(

simple girl..... said...

oh yes man.. :(

Whimsical Hatter said...

Ok, fine. I'm letting you know now- I think/believe (for sure) that even when I read your msgs/replies/comebacks- that you have been smiling all along- like, it's VERY INFECTIOUS!And I always break into smile(!!).I haven't even seen your or heard your voice, but you DO sound the CHEERY and SUNSHINY kind.
I agree with your kid sister and Gracie, they are DARN RIGHT!
I somehow don't find you immature. It's like you are kiddish/boyish(in terms of attitude) but never immature because your perspectives are quite deep and profound-sorts- you remind me of 'annie':-)
Trust me, there are people out there trying very hard to see the 'sunshine' and fall short. This attitude of yours is simply a treasure, boy!I tip my hat for that! :-)
P.S: Oncology and Psychiatry !!! I'm head-over-heels for you now, like never before .Like, Seriously:-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

I so can't be a bad boy! I wanna be a bad boy - break a few hearts, tear a few homes, bang a few random dudes! :(


Okay...i don't!

Bt yes...i do wish i'd 'grow up'!!

And Annie who?

What's so hot about Oncology n Psychiatry?! U gotta tell me! ;)

jits said...

a smile goes a long way :)

Closeted said...

that's true.. :-D you do have a smiling voice indeed.. :-D

Phunk Factor said...

@ jits

Indeed it does :)

@ Closeted

Ahhh...another confirmation!

My bad boy image is sooo trashed!!

Closeted said...


*Clink* said...

lol this post of yours reminds me of the Karishma Kapoor song 'Sexy Sexy Sexy Mujhe Logg Bolein". It has got a line saying.. "Million dollar smile meri sab yeh kehte hain..!"

Haaye re teri Million Dollar Smile, mere GPY ke harta, karta, Vidhata! lol

Phunk Factor said...

@ *Clink*

Roflmao. That's quite a line!

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