May 9, 2011

Issues; Show Me The Money

I met up with this guy for a hook up and he was really good. I met up with him a few weeks later again and then a few weeks later again. After we got done, he asked me if I could help him out with some financial problems. He needed to pay his tuition fees which I could easily afford, so I helped him out. A few weeks later he asked me for help again. I helped him again because I thought we are friends. I asked him a few days later if he was free for another hook up, he turned me down saying that he is really busy. I let it slide. Lately it's been happening that everytime I ask him out, he would ask for money. One time he even offered himself to me on the condition that I can do anything I want with him but I need to pay him first. So I'm wondering where is this actually headed? Is he an escort?

A couple of questions like this are on my mind and I don't know exactly if I should ask them or not. And more importantly, is it time to pull the plug on this so-called friendship?

Here's the first thing about paid sex - if and if only is the other person involved in the business and he/she has made you aware of it, should you pay for utilizing this service. You do not pay for a hook up. You do not pay a 'friend' for sex. If this guy does indeed have a problem and he would have asked you for money outside the premises of the bed, I think it would have been okay for you to help him out. But with all that has happened between you two, even if he is not an escort - he becomes one for you! Real escorts mention it on their profiles because they are in purely for the money. Don't let him ridicule one of the oldest profession on Earth that is being spoiled by complete amateurs!


Basically he knows you will pay for sex, so he asks you for money when you ask him for sex. Even in the most desperate situations, he would want to be paid for sex. It's pretty clear how he sees your relationship with him to be!

You need to cut him off as quickly as possible. Do not contact him. Do not give him any response for a few days - at least two weeks minimum. Once this time period has passed invite him over but not for sex, and make this very clear to him that you do not want sex from him. Wank as much as you think you possibly can in order to eliminate any libido explosions during the meet up. Keep it strictly non-sexual!

It's best that he brings up any sexual topic and when he does, you tell him strictly that you are not interested in giving him money. You helped him out once or twice because you thought he was your friend but that's not how he sees it. Don't use the word 'escort', whether he is one or not, I don't know. But I don't think he would like to be identified as one. After the meeting, never ever look back.

No matter how much he pleads or begs and is willing to fulfill your dirtiest fantasies, you should not give in to him. You fall even once, he will know that he can break you if he tries hard enough and if he is dumb enough, he will try every possible thing to do so. Besides the fact that prostitution is completely wrong, he needs to realize that he should not sell his body for money. Perhaps he has other people who treat him the same but at least you can have a clear conscious that you did not encourage this behavior from him. 


Sam August said...

*prostitute alert* :P

The guy clearly seems masoom!

Andrea Almanza said...

Seems like an escort or at least wants a sugar daddy. Not worth the time and will hurt worse to walk away later

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sam August

Masoom?! Hahaha...yeah, I thought the same!

P.S. U seem very masoom as well!! :p

@ Andrea Almanza

Sugar Daddy?! Hehehe...i still remember the time I went on a date with one of their kind!

Not a sugar someone who wanted a sugar daddy!

N yes...walk away pronto!

Trickle Down BS said...

The sounds of alarm bells should be leaving you deaf.

I always love loaning money to people...because inevitably they will not pay back and try to avoid my philosophy is: that person was only worth $XXX.

But be careful because although these guys are gay...they tend to justify their need for sex as long as there is a financial transaction. It is a way of finding validation.

good post bud.


Aaron Khan said...

RUN in d opposite direction!!! I have encountered a few such guys. Dunno how ppl bring themselves 2 keep askin for money. wierd

Phunk Factor said...

@ Trickle Down BS

Money earned from sex is validation for their sexuality?!

Pffft - pox on these critters!!


Loved ur ideology on loaning money!!

@ Aaron Khan

Et tu, Brutus?!

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

Well, if he was really good and made my toes curl, maybe I would if it was chump change, but, I'll hold off paying until I'm in my old age1 I 'met' this guy on a site, it was just online chat a few times and he did the webcam thing, he was in Romania, all cute and buffed, but, just a young more or less who knew the game way too well, after a few chats he asked if I could send him $500,you know all Americans are rich, LOL, but, ummmm, NOT, if I have to give a man $500 bucks, every fantasy I have ever had had better come true and in person!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

I remember u mentioning about him in my sugar daddy post on C&B!!


Derric said...

Are people so naive?

Phunk did you start your paper on Psychology?. You are good.

Hadi Hussain said...

the guy must have slapped hard that bloody unprofessional hooker cum fucker

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Even I was surprised, but I think it's not naivety but his good nature - he wanted to help so he helped but the other guy took too much advantage of it!

Not yet - i'm still talking to the Professor. I need one to supervise! :(

@ Hadi Hussain

Oooo...yes yes!! Totally...with an oiled hand!

Anonymous said...

Well ! honestly speaking it was you more naive and "innocent" then him ;) he was playing it smart getting the money having the fun.

I will suggest to encourage him for seeking some part-time work that make him meet his tuition instead of leaving someone under burden of "PLAYING WITH SOME ONES NEEDS"

Instead he should feel bad about himself that he did it for money when going a mile ahead was required to earn a dignified living.

Nevertheless I really liked your suggested model for dealing the situation..though its hard to follow ;) (wink wink !)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

It's pretty clear how he wants to earn money...i don't think suggesting his getting a proper job is going to give him the impulse to do it, u know!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

Hahahaha.....okay, I emailed the blog from where I got the first two pics...that guy had no idea i'm sorry about ur queries...and i could try finding about this one as i doubt i'd get any results!

Whimsical Hatter said...

Hmm...(since I have nothing to add /comment on this issue, since everything sensible abt it, has already been said).Now, I shall digress: The 'Executive' featured, is f****** delectable'*wipes drools*.
P.S:the pic and the post are 'tied' in aptly.A candied delight, for you!

simple girl..... said...

going great with counseling.. cool advice..

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl

Thanks alot :)

Anonymous said...

has anybody here seen the movie called '200 american'
this post reminded me of that
as far as the guy demanding money.I guess he should be slapped hard ,beaten up and then thrown out.People like him give nice people a bad name

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous #2

Whoa...that's kinda harsh don't u think?

I mean...yeah, but then I don't think 'nice' people ask for money for okay, if that's what u think is right!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous #2

Well it's pretty much established that the poor guy was fooled really really bad!! :(

N yes..he should not have helped by giving money! A better alternative would have been to provide a job if he could...or refer him!

Closeted said...

not call him escort.. ok i agree with that.. because usually I call such people as 'Randi'..! :-D sorry for being cheap :-D but this is how to deal with it.. I'd rather pay him and have sex with him treating him like a 'Randi' if i am desperate.. you know there is no point of taking it on heart but you need to get the full pleasure out of it.. have you ever tried BDSM with him..? Man it can be fun.. :-D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Closeted


That's plain insulting...but quite possibly very effective!!

N yes...trying unexpected, i don't think he would ever ask for any money or any thing at all after that!

It's nice to hear from you! :)

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