May 25, 2011


I should have been a lawyer. I seriously should have a lawyer, or maybe something that involves selling something to people. I really should be!

I just got off the phone with Josh and I am very happy to tell you all that I am going to be meeting Josh on 2nd June. This is bloody terrific! I am happy beyond belief, and the cherry on the top of entire cake happened at the end of the conversation. But let me not hurry and tell you everything!

The conversation started out very ordinary. He called me up as sometimes he does out of the blue for small talk when he is too tired to chat. He changed his gym timings from night to evening because he has classes in the morning now and gets off in time for lunch around 2. He asked how is my exam preparation going and I told him it's going okay aside from the fact that I don't feel like studying much most of the time. So I am reading and looking at the diagrams, trying to make notes on the sides of my books and listen to the audio lectures.

"I'll be super busy the next month but I'd like if we can meet up sometime!", I told him. It sort of blurted out, but I was half meaning to ask him out once more for a date sometime in June.

"You want to meet?", he asked.

"Yeah!", I told him. "I have exams in July but I can spare a day for a meet if you are interested. Plus you have exams sometime in August and September, so you would be busy in months after June as well. Sometime in the first two weeks of June sounds good to me!"

"Are you free on 2nd June?", he asks.

"Sure. You?", I asked him.

"I suggested 2nd June, but I'm fine with any date you decide."

"I'm fine with 2nd!", I confirm.

"Fantastic!", Josh has a habit of saying that very often, I have noticed. "2nd it is, and don't get excited now. But I thought you would never ask me again after I blew you off the previous two times!"

"This was my last shot anyways kiddo!", I told him.

"And you will not call me 'kiddo' on the date!" he says sternly.

The date is set, we're still working on the other details. I want something casual, but I don't know what he feels. First dates need to be easy and breezy. If things go well, we can have lots of intimate ones later. What do you say?

I'm SO happy!


Samuel Khan said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeet . . . :)
hopefuly this date turns out to b one of ya best ;)

Andrea Almanza said...

Good luck on your first date Phunkie :)

Sam August said...

omg! yay! :D phunk has got it goin on again :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Samuel Khan

Thanks, man! I'm hoping the same!

@ Andrea Almanza

Thank you! Thank you LOADS!

I've got all of my fingers crossed!

@ Sam August

Oye...wen did I loose it in the first place that I have it going on 'again'?!

Phunk is ALWAYS in the zone!

DeepBlue said...

I'm happy for you. Wish you the best!
A first date is always so stressful.

M@rvin said...

Yay, finally! Enjoy the first date, just not so much that you forget not to call him 'kiddo'. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ DeepBlue

Thanks alot, Sir! N yes...remembering my first date with Nathan...i know how nerve breaking it can be!

@ M@rvin

Hahahha...i don't think i'll let that detail slip..cuz I'm fantastic!

simple girl..... said...

ah.. congo.. enjoy and have a great time..

Haider Ali said...

lol thats hot girl! thats hot! :D

Whimsical Hatter said...

awwhh... *wipes tears*. My little darling is all 'grown -up'. Oh so, wonderful.(that really does not make any sense, still!)
Easy and breezy- Cover girl?! Nice ;-)
I'm SO happy for you as well.:-)))

Aaron Khan said...

FINALLY!!! :) Hope it goes awsome! :)

Hadi Hussain said...

‎:) Hugs

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl, Haider Ali, Whimsical Hatter, Aaron Khan and Hadi Hussain

Thanks! :D

Nick said...

much luck Phunky..and enjoy it

Phunk Factor said...

@ Nick

Thanks, man!

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