May 13, 2011

Freak Wavelength

A few days ago, Josh asked me if I had a Facebook account. I told him I do have one but am not keen on adding him yet. My mother happens to be on my Facebook and she asks about every contact I have. A new notification of adding friend would lead her to ask about Josh and I can't hide things from her. I'm still wondering how Nathan survived under her radar when she nitpicked every single person I added who had not gone to the same school or college as me. Another thing would be that question about my Indian friends and a few other contacts, which is another thing I can not tell him yet. Facebook leads to complications in my relation always. However we have been exchanging messages through Facebook quite often nowadays.

This has led me to know about facts that have increased my interest in him no doubt. For instance, I know that he plans to move abroad for sure about his graduation which is three years in the future. I have two more years before I fly myself. Similar future plans ensure that none of us have to make much change in the goals we have set for our careers. Furthermore we both have our sights set on the same destination.

We're both enormous music buffs. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Sugarland, Natasha Bedingfield and many more similar artist. But I am introducing him to alot more artists like Christina Perri, Jennifer Hudson, Katy B, Erik Hassle, Example, Jessie J and Hey Monday. Interesting fact - he was in London last year and he went to an Adele showing. He has a streak that makes him want to be different from the crowd and musically speaking, he doesn't like Lady GaGa or Glee at all. But that's okay! He doesn't mind that I do! He does however claim to occasionally suffer from Bieber Fever. I could tolerate Bieber for him!

Another thing is that he's into blogging. I'm cruel in the sense that I have not told him about mine yet instead I just told him that I used to have a blog about entertainment which is true. I have seen his blog and speaking very honestly, I was floored. Maybe it's the gay man in me talking but if I stumbled across it without knowing anything about the author, I would never be able to guess that the author plays for the same team that I do. Plus all the black looks so sexy!

Generally I catch my fair share of attention and exchange messages with guys quite often, however eight out of ten times guys don't talk to me at all or talk but not flirt after seeing my pics. It used to bother me alot at first but now it bothers me just a little. With Josh that's not the case! He was still very interested after exchanging pictures with flirting, the 'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' messages.

Another cool thing about him, he loves kids! He's the youngest amongst his siblings and that too with quite a gap. Both of his elder sisters and one of his elder brother is married and have kids, he loves spoiling the little critters. I know this doesn't exactly mean he wants kids but it is a small indication that in future there is a chance that it might be a possibility. Plus something I learned from being with Nathan is that you don't push the topic of kids in the first 3 years at least - if you make it that far!

He is not out of the closet yet but wants to come out. He's waiting for the right time to tell his family. Obviously I'm not going to push him to come out because that's something everybody does on his own terms at their own ease. But at least he has the mindset to do so. He's very clear that he doesn't want to lead a life where he bumps in the night and gets bumped in the day. Once he's done with his education and is stabilized he will come out. I asked him about it to find out why does he plan to do that and I must say I was extremely pleased with the answer I got.

Another thing is that I'm not very keen on anal or oral sex. I don't like the taste of dick in my mouth and if I don't plan on doing it, I don't expect my partner to do it either. Same thing applies to anal intercourse - I have a firm opinion that love doesn't need penetration. And guess what?!

Josh is another freak like me! I literally did a crazy dance when I got to know about this most amazing piece of information. It was like this bubble of happiness rose from my heart and escaped from my mouth in laughter.

The kink in my flower vine?

I have been feeling that Josh is far too much still involved in his ex to even consider me. But as I mentally listed all these facts in my head, I began wondering if it would be wise to stash Josh into the friends zone. Theoretically speaking, we can make a good couple. There are no huge compromises to be made. But all this is only good if Josh realizes the same things and asks me out or accepts my invite for a date. Let's see what unfolds! 


Rakesh said...

You don't like oral or anal sex???

Phunk Factor said...

@ Rakesh

Yup! Well it's like this...anal sex - i know i don't want to do it...oral sex, i'm fine with receiving it but not at all fine with giving it...and since i don't want to do it..i don't expect my partner to do it either!

@ Andrea Almanza

I'm not...not yet..i'm still holding out hoping for a miracle! Maybe i'm i'd rather be stupid than hasty! :p

@ Sam August

I don't even know if that was dirty or not?

Andrea Almanza said...

wish you lots of luck! Dont classify as just friends yet! Its harder to get out and try once you've been labeled. Just put him into the "intrested" pile. Also dont push off anyone else, you arent committed and you never know when lightning will strike! xo

Sam August said...

looks like somebody's getting beats outa similar wavelengths :P

Hadi Hussain said...

All the best nd i told you there are such freaks out there :P three cheers for Phunkdom and Phunko mwah

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

I'm not...not yet..i'm still holding out hoping for a miracle! Maybe i'm i'd rather be stupid than hasty! :p

@ Sam August

I don't even know if that was dirty or not?

@ Hadi Hussain

I know there are more out there like us..but there aren't many...and it's not an everyday thing u come across one of us! :D

Trickle Down BS said...

I got so thrown out of sync by this Blogger outage that now I don't know what has been posted and what hasn' was a pain, wasn't it?



You don't like the taste of dick in your mouth? that's not strange at all and I've heard a few men/women say the same thing in my lifetime! I on the other hand couldn't stand the thought of entering past my lips in the past...I've done it so damn much now that I actually like it. Nah, just bullshitting! I like what I get out of it afterwards ;)

M@rvin said...

So glad you found someone you are on the same wavelength with, it's important. But you also need to be on the same wavelength regarding what you want from a relationship.

And no oral and anal? Handjobs aren't real sex! :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Trickle Down BS

That would be a problem in ppl who post regularly and more than one post per day...but perhaps ur posts are in 'Drafts' - that's where I found mine without the pictures though!

@ Thundercat

I get it...but it's like we all have our issues...and this is one of mine and it's hard to find sum1 who thinks/feels the same way!

@ M@rvin

"But you also need to be on the same wavelength regarding what you want from a relationship."

Oh wow! I love this line!

Yeah..i know. I know that he wants a relationship...i push this envelope a little bit everyday..see how our ideas match and mix...then see what happens after that!

LOL @ Handjobs!

Creativity has always been my forte! ;)

Aaron said...

Aw! :) This is a beautiful post and I am so happy for you. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron

Thanks alot for dropping by...yeah, alot of people are and it's so sweet! :D

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

Interesting post, take it slow and see how it plays out, the one thing I'm glad of is that my mother has no need for a computer or even knows how to turn one on, not that she would not find anything that she already does not know, but, my private life is just that private.

Whimsical Hatter said...

Yes. Theoretically, you guys have every ounce of chemistry for a couple. Hope, it works out. Hope, Josh sees it, as well...fingers crossed! He loves kids,you CANNOT let this one, go and for this, one can definitely tolerate 'Bieberitis'!
And of all, the similarity of choices 'in the sheets' for you both, is simply great.To find someone like that is a hard catch.
hope it works.Be patient and let time do the talking :-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

Hahaha...i miss those days, man! But then I think it's best that she knows how to use Facebook and everything - it'll be so easy for us to keep in touch with her wen I go even for a lil negs here n there...i'm all good with mummsy darling using FB!!

@ Whimsical Hatter

Hahaha..i know, right?

Dude....he LOVES kids! How can u beat that?! :p

Let's see what happens...thanks fr dropping by u two! :)

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