May 29, 2011

For an Hour or Forever

We may be gay, but we're still men. Men are physical creatures. Therefore we want sex, we need sex, we enjoy sex and we love sex. While we may not enjoy the awesome feature of multiple orgasms like our female counterparts( Darn it!) but that doesn't hold us back from having fun and getting dirty.

There is a very popular saying that women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place. To a large extent, I agree with it. Why else in most hook up messages I have gotten since the beginning of time has the other guy mentioning that he has a place or asking if I have one. One person has even gone so far to ask me if he could have my place for a few hours to have sex. There is no denying that men love having sex. Another proof of this fact is that males tends to think about sex after every six or seven seconds.

We're hormonal. Get over it!

Alot of the guys I know; even straight ones, have engaged in some form of sexual activity. While not completely acceptable, it is perfectly normal. However to those who haven't, that's quite normal as well and I actually commend you guys for holding on to yourselves. Bravo!

But what about gay guys? Does a gay guy have a more healthy sexual aura around him? Does a gay guy get laid more often? Does a gay guy have a larger appetite for sex?

My answers to the above would be maybe, yes and no. Maybe we do have a healthier sexual aura surrounding ourselves. Yes I do believe a gay guy gets more sex than a straight guy, but no - our appetite for sex is no more than your average straight guy. But then why do we get laid more often?

Could it be because there is no chance of anybody getting bloated? Perhaps! And quite obviously, we don't have the time of the month situation which our fairer counterparts do( Thank Heavens!). But above all that, I think it's the thought process. With many people not looking for committed but an easy lay, one could take a shot at a particular guy he likes and there is a very good chance that he would be available for some rub-a-dub.

Before Internet hit the world like crazy people hit the stores on Black Friday, some bar or dark shady place was the only place to pick up guys. Absolutely no relationship potential material could be found according to me, if somebody has some story that could change my belief please hit me with an E-mail. If you happen to know people who knew people, you could get invited to some exclusive party. But with everyone locked up tightly in their closets, nothing much happened besides scratching that itch. With the advent of Internet followed services like instant messaging, social networking, cam 2 cam and the latest geosocial conscious facilities have made it ever so easier for the average Joe to send a few messages and get laid faster than you could say 'Karamba!'.

Cell phones have allowed more privacy as two guys could talk as much as they want and make arrangement without anybody finding out what's going on. Everything has become so easy and available that it's a wonder how people can remain celibate. I'm quite probably the biggest closeted slut ever!

I can not put into words how much I feel like jumping the bones of some random dude's profile just to get off. It's the same with a few of my friends. It's nothing short of a miracle that my record has not been tainted yet. Although I would confess that I almost hooked up one day but freaked out at the last second and backed off. However that didn't end up in a good way either, and that's a different post altogether.

I got nothing against guys who like to have sex. Absolutely nothing! It's your life and you are completely entitled to do what you want. I won't even tell you something like 'You all will go to Hell' because that is not for me to decide and I'm no saint either. I myself feel this itch myself and the need to scratch it drives me insane. I do a great Cooter impression when I'm horny! :P

At the end of the decision is completely yours, but just ask yourself do I want someone for just a hour or forever?, and be absolutely sure of the answer.

Ted just got committed and his new boyfriend has quite an impressive record of lays. Ted does have feelings for him but the trust isn't quite there yet. I talked to Ted today and yesterday, because of the issue of there being no trust Ted is thinking of breaking up with him. I tried to talk sense into Ted telling him that he should stick around but be on guard. Time will solve the trust issue hopefully but Ted is still very skeptical about it. To be perfectly honest, I am scared that he may get hurt. But if I was in his shoes, I would take a chance if I really liked this guy.

Lastly if you are into random sex, at least learn to be careful. Even if you are in a committed relationship, always have safe sex!


Trickle Down BS said...

Multiple orgasms? back in the day some could, like I did at the baths many times ejaculate 4 or 5 times in a 4 or 5 hr period.
Oh, those were the days my friend...we thought they'd never the song says.

M@rvin said...

But you don't do anal, and don't even suck dick - you're practically a lesbian! :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Trickle Down BS

That's still possible in excellent health, Raulito....however i don't think anybody can do it during a single session of sex!

@ M@rvin

Dil hia kay maanta nahi! ;)

Raj said...

@Marvin-You made my day! ROFL.
@phunk-You don't do anal or Oral? We need a discussion on that.I d love to hear your reasons :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raj

Yes, we shall! :)

Rakesh said...

@Marvin: Lesbians have way more sex than Phunk. They may not suck on dick, but they chew rugs and play with rabbits.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Rakesh

Et tu, Brutus?! :p

Setandlet said...

"Everything has become so easy and available that it's a wonder how people can remain celibate"

Well,we inculcate the idea in ourselves that this life is just a passing phase in which we must perfect ourselves for the hereafter.

We rejoice at the thought that we don't give in even though committing sin has become so easy as our reward shall be great,God Willing. :-)

We do not take sexual matters lightly;we do not talk filth nor encourage it.

We fast sometimes to control what little desire we have(three days a month or so) instead of masturbating,for masturbating leads to the heightening of temptation and is spiritually damaging.This is what is advised by religion.

We also stay away from pornography,'romantic art',and try not to look at the man who is not appropriately clothed (navel to knees-this includes the individuals on your blog).

We engage in more worthy pursuits online such as gaining knowledge.
We try not to waste time and remember The Merciful and The All-Knowing often.

Such is the religiously motivated homosexual celibate.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Setandlet

When I used the word 'Celibate', I wasn't speaking in regard of religion...but in regard of intending to get intimate with just one person only in a proper relationship!

setandlet said...

You could've made it more clear and I wouldn't have gone into that long lecture on how we manage to remain celibate! =P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Set Andlet

No...thanks fr actually commenting! I have something very special planned with it in regard to what a reader recently mailed me!

simple girl..... said...

this an hour or forever thing is a bit cliched.. I mean decade old marriages are breaking up .. so what is forever and what is one hour?? special interesting experiences perhaps matter I guess..

Phunk Factor said...

@ Simple Girl

In the gay context, it is something completely different!

We are more prone to go for the 'hour' experience!

Tanan said...

Multiple orgasms are so possible for men.You just need the right amount of hormones and hot as hell sex.
P.S: I really appreciated your concerns but I was never attached to that dumb idiot!And we weren't committed stop taking that idiot sites statuses to seriously.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Tanan

No...u need edging! :p


Tanan said...

Nops,not edging,no kegel exercise.I aint that blond! I m a medical student too.I m talking about multiple male orgasm like the ones you can have in with the rest of few minutes and sometime no rest at all.It is possible!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Tanan

Wen I'll see it..i'll believe it! :p

P.S. I can be naughty too, u know ;)

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