Apr 22, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

With Ryan back from his trip to USA and Canada, life seems to be getting back to normal surely and slowly. A few weeks age, we observed an annual tradition of ours - Poondi. Poondi as far as I believe is the Punjabi word for 'Checking Out'. Although we do poondi just about every single day whenever we can but this particular poondi is special for a very specific reason. This poondi is solely to scourge the freshmen for potential fantasies we may conjure in lonely moments.

Every October/November, our university opens it's gates to a whole new crop of meat. Every November/December we have our exams. October goes by extremely busy with our heads buried in books preparing for the upcoming exams. All the time we are in college is spend in the library or in some lecture hall - if we're extremely lucky we manage to sneak into one that is! So like I said, there is absolutely no time for anything else.

The new term started last month, however Ryan wasn't in Pakistan so poondi was long forgotten besides that of my regular favorites. Yesterday we were sitting outside the cafeteria waiting for the girls to fetch us the goodies. We were being treated as we won the bet that New Zealand would beat South Africa in 2011 ICC World Cup. "So any new crushes?", Ryan asked me suddenly.

"In college?!", I asked. "I don't know! Haven't really noticed anyone in particular!" I told him.

"Who's stopping you?", he nudged.

I laughed. "No one!", I told him. "Nobody really stood out to me!"

"Picky!", he teased.

"I'm not picky!", I defended myself. "Besides you can't choose who you are attracted to!"

"Do another scan!", he said punching my shoulder. Disapprovingly I started looking around to see if any of the freshmen grabbed my attention. As I was scanning the college grounds I realized that there was nobody down there that I was attracted to. There was really not a single guy that stood out above the rest or made me go back for a second look. I could really not believe it. Not a single crush!

This was amazing beyond words. I was especially embarrassed after crushing on the six crushes from the class before the new one and the twin brothers, who moved away last week (Did they got wise to all my personal evening poondi?!). LOL! But seriously, I am not lying about those six guys. I swear it seemed last year they had given admission to guys worthy of putting in a Levis campaign.

"None! I am not attracted to anybody!" I told him with a smile, "You?"


"Who? Who?" I ask him looking around hoping to spot him before Ryan could tell me.

"Her", Ryan says gesturing towards a girl dressed in yellow clothes. She looked good. Tall, slender, bronze colored skin - I would get rid of the blond highlights. But in any case, I was so not expecting Ryan to point towards a girl and I was not at all expecting me to be not crushing on a single new guy. I guess there's a first time for everything!

Now if only my first time can be with him - provided we're truly deeply madly in love, you know. C'mon, I am shallow and pretty crazy, but even I have limits! :p


Andrea Almanza said...

Sorry no new crushes... yet. And how surprised were you by Ryan? Did he really never talk about any girl before?

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

Kind of funny how some thing that if you are 'gay' you can be attracted to any man, umm, not really! I know 9 out of 10 straight guys can get turned with ANY woman that can breathe, but, with me at least, it does not work that way. And, the woman with the blond highlights, I would have loved to have been there and said, that just isn't working for her, never figured out the whole blond thing either.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

Don't be sorry...this is actually fantastic news!! N i was surprised..i mean like..i always knew he liked girls...bt he never told me on face that he liked this girl...all the girls/women he liked before had been from tv...Fergie being his most common fantasy...bt a real time girl...ehhh, never before!

@ Sebastian G. Oliver


I did mention that to Ryan...he didn't seem to mind! He thought she was pretty cute!

M@rvin said...

Probably spending too much time on the internet. Not all men in real life look like the models you feature here, OK? :P ;)

Aaron Khan said...

I guess its normal even if a gay guy checks out a gal. v arent blind or repelled by them. v r capable of appreciating beauty when v c it.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Did u really just say that to me?!


@ Aaron Khan

He's Bi..as far as he has told me! And even if he does..it's all cool with me...but this is the first time he's said it out loud!

DeepBlue said...

You're not picky. You have good taste. You want the best and if you're ready to wait for it... good for you.
Of course there's nothing wrong having a little bit of fun while waiting ;)
Anyway, all that evolves in time. I'm much less "picky" today at 45 then at 21, especially now with my butt's hanging behind my knees! lol.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Deep Blue

LOL...ur funny!

But yea...mostly i'm not picky! I admit there are certain things I am not looking to over look at all...but looks aren't one of them! :)

Whimsical Hatter said...

I'm not surprised:-p.

This season's meat is lean.Why worry,the next flock might satiate your hunger and more. Or you hunger, might be just a thing of the past.

You have limits?ahem. I'm surprised, by this, Boi.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter:

Hell no! I like this new mature streak in me....i don't wanna be boy crazy or man mad...so this is literally perfect for me!! :D

Yes yes..i do! Like I won't spank u more than 100 times in a single go! :p

Derric said...

yup the global meat prices are quite high, may be nex time.

ok leaving the crushes apart, do you fancy anyone in the new lot. you know to rip apart his shirt, any such feelings?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric


And I love this feeling!

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