Apr 24, 2011

Did I Tell You About The Time I Almost Got Someone Fired?

Sometime during 2003, my parents decided it was time to get a second car. With my dad away for work most of the time, the second car was supposed to stay at home for any errands that my grandparents would need to run. Since my mom used to work during the day, we hired a driver. He came through the reference of our maid at that time. In Pakistan, menial work comes cheap and just about everybody can find somebody to do it.

He was in his early thirties and married. At first, his duty was fixed from 9 AM to 5 PM. A few months later, we got our house renovated and my mother suggested that we should build a room for him. My father didn't like the idea of having a driver 24/7 but mom explained that in case of any emergency if my father is not here, somebody has to be here. I was sixteen at that time, well below the age to get the driving license. My father agreed and our driver got a nice salary bump with a place to stay.

I was in my final year of O Level at that time and had evening tuitions of some subject or another almost daily. I needed the car so it was left at my disposal every evening except for Sunday. Obviously I used to go and come back with the driver. It was during this time I got to know him really well. As time passed, my ease with him grew. He was the one person who told me whatever I asked.

"Why don't you have a girlfriend?", he asked me one day.

Now obviously I didn't expect him to understand that I was gay nor did I want him to know. "I don't want one!", I told him.

"So what? If you don't want one now, you would want one later!" he told me. "Start working on it from now so that in due time you'll be able get from her what you seek!"

"Seek? What would I seek from her?", I asked in amazement. Don't be surprised! I was quite probably the first-quality mix of stupidity, curiosity and innocence that you would find in a 16 year old.

"Sex, man! What else?!", he told me point blank.

Oh My God! He said it! He said the 'S' word!, my mind started screaming. I guess he picked my thoughts from the look on my face.

"Don't you know about sex?", he asked me.

I turned the deepest shade of red from embarrassment. At that time all I knew about sex was it involved something called a vagina and a penis. I had no idea what was an orgasm or the related complicated things about sex. I would admit that I was curious. I had friends who talked about it but I didn't dare to ask anything in fear of being ridiculed. Asking my father was completely out of question.

"What the f*ck do they teach you in school?! I f*cked a woman for the first time when I was sixteen. She was an older woman in our village. My older brother took me to her and she taught me everything I needed to know. She had fun teaching too, you know. She taught alot of my friends and cousins as well!" he told me with great pride.

I covered my groin with my bag hoping that he would not guess about my erection. I was embarrassed and excited all at the same time. "Don't worry. I shall teach you all about sex. I'll make a player out of you!", he said with a smile.

From that day on, every evening en route to my tuition center my Sexology 101 class took place in my car. I credit him to all the knowledge I have on every thing from masturbation, lubrication, straight sex, deflowering and just about every other topic you could think of. I never dared to ask him anything along the themes of homosexuality. But I guess with time he felt comfortable telling me just about anything and with time, he told me just about everything he possibly knew.

"How come you don't have a girlfriend?" he asked me one day again.

"I told you already, Uncle. I don't need one!"

"You are stupid. Have you ever noticed how many girls notice you?!", he asked me. I was too embarrassed to answer that question. "If you stop hanging out with your friends, you would notice how many girls take notice of you and would be with you if you make a play for them!"

At this point, I was far too embarrassed to even look at him. I was looking out of the window. There was silence in the car for a while. "I don't want to talk about this!", I told him sternly. This was the first time ever I talked to him strictly. After that, the same topic was never brought up for discussion.

A while later, his wife became pregnant and she forbid him to touch her. He told me very openly that he's feeling very horny these days. I didn't bother to ask for details. He mentioned the same thing a few more times and I didn't respond to it at that point either. I could offer no suggestion, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Phunk, can I ask you something?", he asked me one day when we were going to tuition.

"Hmm!", I said in response.

"Don't mind but I want to have sex with you!", he told me placing a hand on my thigh.

I was shocked beyond words to even reply to it. I seriously had no idea he would spring this on me. I was already familiar with the concept that older men liked to prey on teenage boys to fulfill their sexual needs. And above all, I thought he was straight. "Are you interested in guys?", I asked him in surprise.

"No but I need release. I have told you all I could about sex, now it's time to show you!", he told me with a smile. The same smile that seemed warm at so many incidents before this suddenly seemed evil. "This way we both can have what we want!", he added.

"What made you think I want sex?", I asked him.

"Darling, every teenage boys wants sex even if he doesn't know it yet!", he told me with the same smile. I think it was at that point I developed a cringing attitude towards the word 'Darling'.

I couldn't stand to be in the same space alone with him. Fortunately for me, we reached our destination and I had to go. His words kept bouncing around in my head the entire night. I will not lie and say that I didn't consider it. But the thought of him already being married, with 2 children and another one the way and most importantly it would be just sex. Something I didn't want! It would be over in a moment and would never be how I wanted it to be.

I denied upon his offer the next day, telling him that his wife would deliver in a few months and then she will be available once again to him. Somehow he got the idea and backed off. A few months later his wife gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. She was christened with the name I had suggested to our driver. I was very proud and I had very much forgotten about his offer a few months ago.

A few months later, he asked me the same question. "Why? Is your wife pregnant again?", I asked him in shock.

"No, she's not. But I want to try something different!" he told me. He placed his hand on my thigh once again and took it all the way up to my crotch.

I screamed louder than I could ever imagine. I pushed his hand off myself and told him to keep it to himself. I was supposed to go to my tuitions but I was in no mood. I told him to take me back home. All the way back, he was pleading me not to say anything to my mom. The maid who worked at our place happened to be the mother-in-law of one of his sisters. If news would spread his family would be disgraced and he would never be able to find employment ever again, and that he has little kids to take care of. His wife is not liked by his sisters, and if he goes to jail then there would be no one to take care of his family.

I didn't say anything to his pleading. As soon as I got home I went to talk to my mom so that I could tell her everything about it. But she was busy talking to some guests. I retreated to my room and stayed there till I could talk to her. When she came up, she was in a very bad mood. I was in no mood to tell her about my day, "What's wrong?", I asked her.

"Our driver just quit!", she told me. "He's leaving tomorrow for his village. Where do I get another driver on such a short notice?"

"Calm down. We will get one in due time. We can last a few days without a driver. I will take the bus and the groceries!", I told her. I didn't tell her about what happened earlier with me and to date she still doesn't know. He left the next day before I could get back from school and I didn't care.

I developed such a hate for such people from that very day that I can't describe. The next driver that we hired, I planned to keep a strict eye on him. However he has proved himself to be an excellent human being. Very reserved, respectful, obedient and gentle - he really doesn't bother on talking about anything other than politics and cars.

This post was something I planned on doing since sometime but I think it's the right time now. I have done a post earlier on Child Pornography, now it's time to talk about the Child Abuse that doesn't make it to our monitor screens. And this starts now!

It's my little bit to start something I have wanted to do since quite some time and this is the perfect place to start!


Mike said...

What a story!

Sam August said...

Holy :O! I dont even know what to say to this, put a younger me in the same situation, he would jump outa window screaming RAPE! RAPE!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Yeah..i think this is where the whole child protection 'gene' kicked in me!

To just process how wrong things could have gone...gives me the creeps in the worst way! And to know that it has happened with so many ppl over the world..is just too horrible to put to words!

@ Sam August

Anything as long as u didn't submit to the advances gets the thumbs up from me! ANYTHING but that!

Addy said...

wat a sex freak! if i were in ur position, i wud have definitely punched his crotch severely! n if he still was alive....after that i wud have informed people! sex predators should be castrated!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Addy

Well...he was very much stronger than me so getting physical never came into my mind...bt yea...sex predators should TOTALLY be castrated!

Average Queer Slut said...

I find it incredibly commending that you stood up for the right thing to do! I know I had underage sex...but the other guy was just as old as me..and we had it on our will...but when a mature adult pushes himself on a non consenting minor..that's just plain disgusting!

Phunk Factor said...


Thanks, man!

The younger victims are very scared to do so and they are the ones most vunerable...at 16 or 17...everybody has enough awareness to know what's the right thing to do and how to get help!

Hadi Hussain said...

Phunko i am so proud of you. Being a social researcher and psychologist, i am fully aware of Child sexual abuse and let me tell you it's astoundingly high. I have dealt with many cases myself and it's always extremely painful. And everytime when i look at this social problem of epidemic proportions, all i end up with curses and cuss words for the parents who brought children to the world but didn't care about them. We call this Islamic Republic of Pakistan, my foot. There is so much sex going on under the carpet that we will definitly win the title of most sexually frustrated nation. Thanks for sharing up and i am so proud of you.

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

That was something to read, and, two points came out to me, the fact that 'straight' men will cheat on their wives with anyone, and, two, the fact that grown men will have sex with teens, in this country most of the teen girls that have babies are from men older than they are, ugh. I guess women are right when they say men are dogs, and, the thing I don't get is if your 'urges' are that strong, use your hand to get it taken care of and leave kids alone.

Sam August said...

hate wen stuff like this happens, happened to me last month while standing in a fully crowded bus, this guy kept grabbing my thigh again n again, i had to get off the bus. Should have said something instead of getting off i guess

Phunk Factor said...

@ Hadi

"There is so much sex going on under the carpet that we will definitly win the title of most sexually frustrated nation." => Shame on us!

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

Straight men are absolute jerks you have no idea...the dating website where i am from...there are straight guy up for random hook up..advertising themselves as tops for hard f*cks...what's the frigg'in deal with that?!

Keep ur dong in ur pants...cuz at least i'm not interested in it!

@ Sam August

U kno...that's a regret even I have! I wish I had said something and done something...put that ass in his place...i kno my mum would have taken action because even she feels very strongly about it!

I sincerely hope that he hasn't ensnared any other innocent kid with his depravity!

Whimsical Hatter said...

A horny man is a horny *MAN*.Labeling, any other child-abuser, as a homosexual, is utter stupidity.Straight horny men, do 'get-off' too! But, seriously.'giggles and innocence' being vandalized is not the way to 'yaya-Land' for them, or them. Sugary delights,are.
It's really commendable, that you bring a mix of posts-from your life, to friends, people and social awareness in your blog.(If only, you became an editor! I would be on my knees.sigh.).

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

Exactly! Gay men are not pedophile! Sick ppl are pedophile and they can be from any sexual orientation! Why are specifically gays targeted?

Thanks for the compliment! :)

M@rvin said...

You almost got molested by a creep? *Big Hug*

I'm so glad he left you alone.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Thanks, man!

Derric said...

Good that you were not molested and stuff. But can i as you something?
Would you have had sex with him, if he was around?

I think i might have had. Dont know, but might have had.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

If he was around now?


I'm very against having sex with straight guys. I'm not some cum dump!

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