Apr 7, 2011

Book Me

At some point during 8th Grade, I wanted to be a teacher. An English teacher to be precise. My 8th Grade English teacher was one of the most inspirational people I have ever happened to come across. She was the first person who advised me to consider become an author. I told her I wanted to be a teacher. She was extremely flattered but asked me to consider what she said.

I had always been interested in English Language, partly because for the first 10 years of my life I refused to accept our native language Urdu as my mother tongue for reasons I may blog about much later. Except for my grandparents, I didn't talk with anybody in Urdu. However broken my English was, I just didn't talk in Urdu. My parents realized that I really want to excel at this language so a trip to flea market for books became a weekly tradition. Over there, I got my first taste of Archie comics and that started a life long love that exists up to this point. I have a huge collection of Archie comics and I am extremely possessive about them. If I see one of my comics lying anywhere in the house, I would launch myself into a full fledged investigation. My mother didn't particularly like me reading comics and when she noticed my X-Men comics which featured a rather full figured female character by the name of Rogue, comics were banned from entering our household. But I simply could not live with that!

So we reached a deal, for every two books I would buy I can buy one comic and until I have finished reading both the novels, I will not be reading the comic I brought. I didn't really like this new rule but I had no choice. My elder sister put an end to my Enid Blyton addiction and I graduated to R.L. Stine and other authors who wrote books on similar themes. Sometime during 2001 I got my first ever taste of Harry Potter and then there was no looking back. We had just gotten our Internet connection back then and I searched for a Harry Potter games website and I stumbled across a valuable piece of information that the second and third books have also been published. I launched my search for the remaining two and within two days I had my hands on them. Since then I have completed the entire Harry Potter series. Infact I placed an order for the last 3 books before they were released worldwide at a local bookstore. I was even planning to camp out at the mall upon the release of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, however it was raining during those days so my plans were dampened - pardon the pun.

Besides the Harry Potter series, I have read a few other titles as well such as the works of Dan Brown, Cassandra Clare, L. J. Smith, Nancy Holder, P.C. and Kristen Cast. One summer I was so bored that I even read my sister's romance novels which made me laugh at most parts. I could not believe the tripe they contained but whatever - each to their own. I'll admit that I even tried my hand at reading Twilight. However by Chapter 13, I felt that my testosterone was committing suicide so I dumped it for good. Haven't looked back since!

Besides this blog, I have penned a love story under the pseudonym Phunk Factor for a forum at Orkut, however looking back I feel it's completely amateur. Besides that I have crafted some fan fiction erotica on True Blood and Vampire Diaries as well which I have stopped writing for now. I want to start it again and complete it once and for all, however I don't feel connected to it anymore. Does that vouch for poor authorship?

I would admit that I have dreams of getting published in something papery. Fictional or factual, I'm not entirely sure. I would love to have something factual, but if I choose this option then all I can really think of writing is regarding homosexuality. Fictional has so many possibilities, but does the world really need more stuff revolving around Vampires and Werewolves?!

I think not!

Perhaps I could put a gay twist to that, eh?

Perhaps a gay love story, I remember being very interested in the LGBT section at Books n Books in my trip to States in 2009. I'm confused either way. I will most definitely be penning something down, but I think I still have alot more learning to do before I get to that point. However there is no doubt that I am very excited at the thought of being an author, although I sort of laugh when somebody tells me this blog could potentially lead to a book. Don't get me wrong!

I love GPY!!!, a while back when I celebrated it completing one year I felt like cutting a cake, however the only way to really have a rocking party to celebrate it would be with my awesome followers. But with a book, I see myself going in a more serious direction. I can't risk talking about all my crushes and be the laughing stock of bookshelves worldwide. It's a long way to go, but let's see what happens!

Going completely off topic but I love a man who's into reading. And I love it even more when I can take his attention away from the book. I'm a certified nut case!


Nick said...

I'd love to have you as my teacher....;) but not for english..maybe french or some kind of sport??

Andrea Almanza said...

Your not a nut case hun, your a sexy book nut and never forget it. Tru Blood has touch on homosexuality including a long term relationship. Also, no the world still wants more Vamps and wolves, at least I do! If you liked House of Night series you will also love Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, also a series. In horror, if u havent check Anne Rice and Dean Koontz. Not as much imagery as Stephen King but thats not all bad :)

Sam August said...

I ll book u any time haha jk.
Books are great, n dang harry potter some addictive shit :P i wud luv to read a phunk fiction!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Nick

Sports?! Lol...i'd make u do rounds and do oogle at ur sexy sweaty form! :p

@ Andrea Almanza

Sexy book nut, eh?!

I like that! I like that ALOT!

TB purposefully casts gorgeous naked guys to get gay viewers..i firmly believe it! :p

I'll try out the ones u recommended in my coming vacations!

@ Sam August

Hehehehe....u sure?

I'm known to be pretty heavy on the pockets! :p

M@rvin said...

I really want to read this Harry Potter series sometime. I have only read the 3rd book - and liked it - but never read the others for some reason. If you like fantasy stuff, do you like any of the Tolkien ones too?

My ex introduced me to this series of 3 fantasy books by Mercedes Lackey - 'Magic's Pawn,' 'Magic's Price,' and I can't remember the last title. They are about a gay wizard/mage boy growing up with all the attendant angst. Not Shakespeare, but not badly written. I'd recommend that for fantasy with a gay twist.

You're certainly not weird for wanting to read. Why you don't read Urdu when it has quite a bit of literature too is what surprises me.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

U haven't read Harry Potter?!



Sir, u are here by forbidden to read my blog till you have read the entire HP series! :p

I'll add urz to the list and see what's available at the local bookstore!!

I don't! Besides what I was supposed to read..i nvr read Urdu novels..but i do occasionally read the urdu newspaper! :)

Aaron Khan said...

well do lemme knw if u ever write a book. been a fan of ur writing for a very long time :)

Hadi Hussain said...

Well make me the LEADING cgharacter of ur novel, i bet i am very interesting and that novel will be a best seller and u will get a nobel prize for it, Sachi, by God :P

Fasih Ur Rehman said...

Sigh, i hardly get to read anymore :( what with my addiction of PC games... It just eats up all the free time :'( but still I always find time for Paulo Coelho... Even now desperately waiting for his next book to be released in English... And don't you dare say anything bad about Twilight (novel) :@ oh and do write a book, by the comments on your blogs i think u'll have a lot of readers, just don't make it depressing like Tehmina Duraani :p or Mohsin Hamid... Gawd that kills me... What would it hurt them to make it just a tad bit less depressing?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

You'll get an autographed original from me..don't worry!

@ Hadi Hussain

U Marilyn Monroe wanna be...move to one side! U had ur shot at fame...not my fault tht u farted wen u got up on stage! :p


I'd write ur autobiograhy...how u dropped from fame! Cool, no? :p

@ Fasih

PC games?! Who can have such a frigg'in PC anymore to play these games?!

The last game I got addicted to was 'Dawn of War'..and that was like 2 years ago! :p

I could never stand...both, the book and the movie! :p

And I haven't really read any local author..until very recent tht is wen i picked up HM Naqvi's 'HomeBoy' :)

THUNDERCAT832 said...

Oohh I'm with you! I get so hella turned on when I see my man reading for entertainment. He's been reading a lot of Zane freaky romance novels, but at least he's reading lmfao

Phunk Factor said...

@ Thundercat 832

Hahaha...can I say that great minds think alike?! ;)

jits said...

All the best phunk ... hoping u do get published.. dont forget to send me a copy when u do become a hot shot writer :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ jits

It's a long way to go..but if i get there..i'll gladly send u a copy! :)

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