Apr 17, 2011

Ask Me Anything - Quick Update

I have been meaning to post this since quite sometime now but it somehow always kept slipping my mind. Stupid me!

Abit after turning one, I decided to open a Formspring account. My followers or anyone who happens to randomly come across my blog randomly can send me any questions they wish to ask. At the first of every new month, I will answer all the questions submitted the month earlier.

In case there is some question I can not answer, it will be listed at the end of the post in red. But knowing myself, only the super personal questions would be turned down.

Personally I would have completely forgotten about it but I got an email yesterday that I have six questions pending and I was like 'WTF?!', which brings forth my apology to those who have already asked me something. I will be answering to all questions submitted in March along with the ones asked in April. I promise!

Formspring enables you to ask questions anonymously if identity is something you would like to keep hidden.

Plus this will give me a chance to put up really hot pics like the one below without really finding an appropriate post for it. There is a method to my madness - and you better believe it!

You can locate the Formspring box at the right side of the screen in blue. I have made a similar one for Coffee & Boys but the answers will be posted here. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!
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