Apr 29, 2011

I Could Have It All Wrong

I'm getting sort of irritated now by all this drama that's brewing up. I have not even indicated any signs of interest except that I am being nice despite all his pokes at my relation with Nathan. I have been patient up till now but I don't see it going anywhere. I want to take another chance and ask him out so that if he says no once again, I can simply be done with it once and for all. But my mind keeps saying that it's way too early to ask him out again.

Apr 24, 2011

Did I Tell You About The Time I Almost Got Someone Fired?

Sometime during 2003, my parents decided it was time to get a second car. With my dad away for work most of the time, the second car was supposed to stay at home for any errands that my grandparents would need to run. Since my mom used to work during the day, we hired a driver. He came through the reference of our maid at that time. In Pakistan, menial work comes cheap and just about everybody can find somebody to do it.

Apr 22, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

With Ryan back from his trip to USA and Canada, life seems to be getting back to normal surely and slowly. A few weeks age, we observed an annual tradition of ours - Poondi. Poondi as far as I believe is the Punjabi word for 'Checking Out'. Although we do poondi just about every single day whenever we can but this particular poondi is special for a very specific reason. This poondi is solely to scourge the freshmen for potential fantasies we may conjure in lonely moments.

Every October/November, our university opens it's gates to a whole new crop of meat. Every November/December we have our exams. October goes by extremely busy with our heads buried in books preparing for the upcoming exams. All the time we are in college is spend in the library or in some lecture hall - if we're extremely lucky we manage to sneak into one that is! So like I said, there is absolutely no time for anything else.

Apr 20, 2011

Call Me Old Fashioned

While talking on phone last Sunday, Josh was inquiring about Nathan. Talking about ex with potential boyfriends has always been something I still am not comfortable with and that's why I have never told any guy I went out with about Nathan or Bruce, unless I was interested in him and felt that he should know. The other case would be that we're pretty solid friends. I don't hide anything but people tend to get the wrong impression sometimes that I may still be harboring some feelings from the last guy. I explained clearly that it's over and it's been quite sometime since it got over.

"So when did the two of you first make out?", he asked.

Apr 17, 2011

Ask Me Anything - Quick Update

I have been meaning to post this since quite sometime now but it somehow always kept slipping my mind. Stupid me!

Apr 16, 2011


Two posts ago I mentioned in an entry that there is a new guy I am sort of interested in. Now I am telling you that I'm definitely interested in him, and that I am not quite sure exactly if he's interested in me or not. I keep getting mixed signals from him which is probably the worst thing about this whole dilemma.

Apr 11, 2011


Amanda is a class younger than me but from how close we are and how much we talk during any particular day nobody would ever be able to guess that we belong to completely different classes of my university. I never really noticed Amanda before I got to know her. I had seen her walking around college but she never grasped my attention, although she is somewhat of a head turner.

Apr 10, 2011

New Directions

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional!

Now I have no idea whose brilliant mind came up with this most amazing piece of truth, and I believe most of you would agree with me on it. Those of you who happen to disagree, you still have some growing up to do! :p

Maturity is no doubt a must have. A necessity for everyone who wants to do something, go somewhere, become someone. It gives a person's life direction, his actions a motive, his thoughts reason, his mind stability, his body the strength and lastly his soul patience. In short, maturity gives life meaning!

Apr 7, 2011

Book Me

At some point during 8th Grade, I wanted to be a teacher. An English teacher to be precise. My 8th Grade English teacher was one of the most inspirational people I have ever happened to come across. She was the first person who advised me to consider become an author. I told her I wanted to be a teacher. She was extremely flattered but asked me to consider what she said.

Apr 5, 2011

I Say A Little Prayer For You

Whenever a child is born, there are certain traditions that the lucky family carries out so as to ensure the child physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being as he proceeds through life. Some people have the baby suckle on honey before the first time he or she drinks the mother's milk, which is actually pretty dangerous. There is another tradition of not allowing the mother to leave the baby's side for a period of forty days no matter whatever is going on around her so as to allow the necessary bond to form between the two. A very common tradition that no matter what religion a person belongs to is of offering a special prayer just for the child. This tradition is generally performed by the entire family and anybody who wishes to imparts their blessing as well can join. I make sure I always join if I can and if I can't in cases where the new born is not in Pakistan I make sure to offer a special prayer for him or her.

Apr 1, 2011

Lesbian Love Rocks

I was made for you!

I wish I had such a cool lesbian couple for friends *sigh*
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