Mar 10, 2011

Walk Fall Walk Run

There is a certain pattern to a certain kind of jerks you find Online. It is super hard to get to know them on a personal level because mostly they are on f*ck-and-run basis. They really don't want to know the other person besides the 'ASL - TBV' or rarely bother with it. If they do inquire then there is a pretty good chance that they are hoping for more than one time of humping. If you want to get to know them, you have to sleep with them. There is rarely an opportunity where you are able to catch one and keep him hooked without raising your legs in the air.

Maybe it's my experience but rarely do these fellows have taken any form of interests in me once I told them the shocking truth of my celibacy - yes, I am such a prude!

However there are always exceptions and I managed to snag not one but two bad boys and gotten them to confess what makes them how they are. Turns out that they both have been jilted pretty bad by their ex and they both have alot of things they want to say to their jerk of an ex. But they can't because either they have no idea as to how to say it without sounding hurt or their ex won't give them the time of the day because he has moved on to a new relationship or sleeping around with random guys - whatever tickles their pickle. Since they can't say anything to these guys - they take out their rage on one night stands where they don't let anything hold them back. Sad part is that they both want a relationship however are scared to attempt to do so again after how things ended for them last time. Is that how it plays out for every hook up artist out there?

Funny thing happened while I was talking to one of them - my iPod started playing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and I got stuck on the line - Once upon a time falling in love now I'm only falling apart! Creepy, no?

It's not like guys haven't asked them for a relationship. One of them is very good looking and I believe it when he says that he has three guys after him for a relationship. But he says that they just want him for how he looks - just like his ex wanted him. Once they would have him, they will tire out eventually and move on to somebody else while he's left all alone.

It surprised me that somebody in the sublime universe of my sexuality is actually taking a serious approach towards a relationship and isn't just playing around on a trial basis like trying to find which condom size fits him best. He actually wants something that would make him feel.

I really am in no position to tell them what they need to do next. They are more than 18 years so they are pretty capable of understanding how things are supposed to play out. But since I can't tell them, I can very much do what I want here.

The fact that they are horsing around is completely stupid in my opinion. If you're in the game, you have to learn to roll with the punches. It's highly unlikely that the first time you land a guy, he would turn out to be the one. If he doesn't turn out to be, you cherish the experience and learn from it. You realize what you want and what you do not want. You realize what you can live with and what you can't live with. Once you have done that - you hit the tracks again. Retreating to the bushes for a quickie is really not going to lead to something worthwhile. If everything I just mentioned failed to register then just understand this one thing - Love hurts when you do it right. And boy, does it hurt bad!

As a child, when we started to walk we all must have taken a really bad fall every now and then. What did we do next? We cried our hearts out and then we made another attempt. Pretty soon we were walking and then on we are running. Everybody is making videos of us walking around the house in our diapers and is so frigg'in happy.

More or less the same principle applies here. You walk (Read; Fall in love)- you fall (Read; Break up)- you walk again (Read; Fall in love again)- you run (Read; Keep falling in love with the same person again and again)- people make videos (Read; Happy Ending).

Just don't give up! 


Mike said...

Very upfront post- love hurts! LOL... I say this as I'm getting into a relationship... lol.

Samuel Khan said...

I reAlly feEl sAd for tHe tWo foLks U meNtioneD !
God bLess them n hoPefuly they'd find sumOne worThy oF tHem ! I gUess pOlygAmy iz tHe bigGest sTigma aTtaChed to gay reLationships !
I feel tHe need of sOme doCumentAtion tHat'll coMpell tWo peopLe to hOld on eVen whEn tHe wiNds cHange direCtiOnzzz n the goIngs get toUgh !
Its alwAys so eAsy to wAlk ouTta relatiOnshiPs for peOple ! SumOne shud deVise sumtHing on tHe liNes of a preNuptial contrAct thingy !
I know it'll make the relAtionsHip void of true emOtionz but it'll atleAst obLigate people nOt to strAy awAy like frigGin dOgzzz , but I wOnder if it'll b eVer poSsibLe :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Exactly...somehow ppl don't get isn't all candied hearts and fluffy can be just as hurtful as a bullet thru the heart!

But whatevr...i'm happy tht ur getting into a relation!! Best wishes, bro! :D

@ Samuel Khan

I know, man...they both are really nice guy too damaged to move on...even though they want to! Sadly there is no short n easy remedy to get tht ball i wish them both the best!

Aaron Khan said...

Ok, i agree dat they were hurt n it lead them 2 havin un-attached sex. but there r many ppl who get hurt but dont jump into bed wid others. u know such ppl n so do i. i feel dat these ppl wantd 2 b promiscuous n being hurt sort of gave them a reason 2 b.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

True enough...but until you truly haven't gotten over ur past can't love somebody else again! It's nearly impossible...imo..cuz u still hav feelings inside...whether positive or negative...these don't let the same kind of feelings develop for another person!

Aaron Khan said...

yes i agree 2 dat. but dats not wat i was sayin. however, in reply 2 ur point, sure u take ur time 2 move on, but dats no reason 2 go around just havin sex is it? u cn try 2 move on widout bedding others. it all depends on wat u want

Samuel Khan said...

@ Aaron : dude , peoPle fall in Love n end up beiNg heArt brOken , tHen they aCt liKe whOres n soliDify tHeir heArts to sAve thEm frOm the pAin of beiNg deCieved or stAbbed at tHe back aGain !
N diffeRent people reAct to shOcks in diFferenT mOdes n maNnerz !
But I also believe 'tHere can't b a riGht reAson for a wRong deed'

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

I nvr said they're method was correct...but each to his own....i couldn't tell them hence I put it up here! ;)

@ Samuel;

'tHere can't b a riGht reAson for a wRong deed' = Brilliant! How come you don't have a blog? ;)

THUNDERCAT832 said...

I have three friends as we speak who are "too hurt to find love" but go out and literally have sex with at least five guys a week! That shit breaks my heart! I bitch at them every chance I get!

Andrea Almanza said...

This has to be human nature because it goes throughout both genders and all sexualities. When your emotionally hurt badly, you only wish to be numb so you dont go thru it again. Once you have know physical pleasure its very hard to give it up. Thus some go on an emotionless adventure into sexual gratification. Unfortunatley not realizing it only shreds more of your soul and compassion away from you. Only prolonging your emotional healing from starting. Everyone works thru their issues differently and at their own pace. Hopefully these 2, like the rest of us will find their match one day and experiance a mutual and fullfilling loving relationship for who they are as individuals.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Thundercat832

Hehehehe....stick it in them! :p

@ Andrea Almanza

Wow - that's utterly brilliant! Thanks fr putting down ur awesomeness in the comment!

U go, girl!

B. said...

I totally understand them, because after my break up I totally started feeling like that, but thanks to God, I realised that on time and I'm making a break on my own, waiting for the moment when I feel like being in a new relationship. Until then I'm simply - single, without one night stands, without anything, just me and the other stuff that makes me happy, reading, swimming, hanging around with friends and so on.

And it is sad that major part of gay people are like this (one night stand and I'm not judgmental and I don't generalise, but you need to admit that there is a truth in this) :( especially in my country and now I can see at yours too.

And I will end with one of my favourite quotes: "Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

Phunk Factor said...

@ B.

That quote is brilliant...loved it!! It I'm hoping these guys understand tht relationship isn't something to be scared about...n there are bad moments in every that doesn't mean u give up on love!

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