Mar 2, 2011

Super Embarassed

A new family moved into the house right across ours. It's the very same house that once was occupied by this guy - Early readers of GPY!!! may remember this entry. It must be some nasty coincidence that once again the very same house is harboring a crush of mine. Actually it's housing two crushes of mine. Want to know the real cherry on the top of the cake?

They're brothers!

My dignity can really not fall any lower - Curse you blasted hormones! They moved in about two weeks ago. The age difference must not be much, perhaps they're fraternal twins. They have the same friends. Besides that I haven't really collected much information on them, also I am kind of hoping that I don't come across any juicy bits on them that causes my fire to burn stronger besides the one that I'll be telling later in this very post.

I first noticed one of them as he was unloading furniture from the moving truck. My heart immediately did a few somersaults of delight. Finally some eye candy in the neighborhood, I said to myself. As he disappeared carrying some lamps, another guy jumped from the truck and he was just as hotter as the first - if not more. I immediately started regretting this nasty twist of fate. Two brothers - two equally hot brothers! Can anybody seriously identify with my sad story and console me?!

I can't even begin to tell how many times I've thought of a threesome with them however the saint in me prevents me from going ahead and turning this fantasy into reality. However one thing that does rouse my curiosity is the older of the two - I don't know if he's older but he looks older. Anyhow so there is something about him that makes my Gaydar beep. Just last week he kept slapping his friends butt repeatedly. Yeah, not one friend but every single one of his friends. Besides that he's very touchy-feely. Always leaning on somebody and in really close proximity. There is a very good chance that he may not be aware of the concept of 'Personal Space' but whatever. He makes me go 'Rowrr!' more than the other one.

Infact my attraction to him has gone to such a point that he's often caught me looking at him. Yesterday I was gaping at his ass and he looked right up to me. No smile, no frown - mixed reaction. Maybe he was just too dumbstruck.

The crazy part of me is wishing that I run into him on the dating website and we start going out. But the sane part of me is praying heavily for that not to happen - I do not want to be committed and even more I do not want to know another gay person so closely into my life. I often tend to get attached to them drastically and when they're not around I miss them alot. Ryan is off to Canada these days and I'm missing him badly. He's coming back in a few days but college is so boring without him. Ryan called me up a few days ago and I told him about the brothers. Stupid arse couldn't stop laughing and then proceeded to excite me by creating a sex scenario involving the brothers and me. Eep!

Even though one of them makes me extremely suspicious, I will not be making any moves. As mentioned, not looking for a commitment and definitely not looking for anything else. We can be friends keeping the sexualities aside no matter what they may be. 


Mike said...

I'm curious what happens between the 2 or 3 of you! Must be nice to have such hot neighbors... lol.

H said...


Hot neighbours are the best, although they are also the most frustrating. But let me tell you from experience, touchy-feely-ass-slappy guys are VERY often straight or SO closteted they don't even know it yet.
Trust me, almost everyone I've crushed in has been like that and my Gaydar's pretty much adjusted itself. But honestly, I'm hoping he's gay and you totally do a friends with benefits thing! I would if I were you.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Don't get me started, bro! I saw the older one leave a while ago and I literally wanted to go n grab those glutes! :(

@ H

Hot neighbors are the worst...u can't run away from them....most of the day they're around u...and u get to see them in just about everything u can imagine....from formal to casual to minimal(Occasionally)!

I don't like it one bit! I hope he's straight....srsly, I am hoping he's straight..maybe that will help me in moving on finally!

THUNDERCAT832 said...

OMG that is a blessing and a curse! I had a crush on two brothers! They were not twins but they looked like they were! I had a crush on the youngest brother (who was the hottest one!) but, I ended up DATING the oldest. He was the 'ugly' one of the both of them. It was hard as hell not to look at the younger brother whenever we would hang at his house! The dude broke up with me when a chick from the neighborhood told him about my crush I used to have on the younger one. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Atleast u got one of them, sister! N screw tht bitch fr snitching on you! Did she date ur ex later?

if she did, hope u gav her hell

Whimsical Hatter said...

Juicy! Juicy! Juicy post, Phunk! Two hot brothers and naughty twit...'Saint', it seems...hehehhe!
I was once caught gaping at a man's crotch(tsk..tsk..),sadly his gf taught I was 'visually feeding' on her and suddenly she become 'all conscious' and then, my face went red and I left the Cafe asap!
and now, let's not blame the hormones, they are just there doing their jobs... let's loathe ourselves for wanting to 'lie with men'... by feasting on 'more' of the male kind..;-p

Samuel Khan said...

nyCe read pHunkoO . . . :)
no gay apPearin chAracterZ in ma viCinity , let alOne gay apPearin not eVen intrEstin chAracterz in hEre , or may be i doNt loOk eagErlY enough . . . ;) :P :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter

LOL! Can't help it, man! I'm not a fan of this arrangement!! :(

@ Samuel Khan

I'll keep my fingers crossed that some do! ;)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You lucky Fucker!

Phunk Factor said...

@ A Daft Scot Lass

LOL!! How come everyone besides me sees this as incredibly awesome?

Eklctc said...

Well, at least you did get eye candy out of the deal and some additional ammo for a few private jack-off sessions. :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Eklctc

Hahaha....plenty of tht, sister! Plenty of that!

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