Mar 6, 2011

Phunking My Heart Out

34,461 hits! 
127 posts!
1 year!
I did it! Go Phunk Yourself!!! turns 1 today on 6th March 2011.

Exactly a year ago I began writing this blog and I never really expected it to go on for a year. I have seen alot of blogs that have lasted 5 years and are still running, they always made me wonder how the hell do these people do it?.

Where do they get the time? Where do they get the energy? Where do they get the ideas? I still don't have the answer to these questions, however I've stopped wondering. If it's meant to be, GPY!!! will go on for as long as it can. Maybe at some point I'll stop posting for good or perhaps I'll take a break from writing, maybe even name a successor. I don't know - it's all too far fetched to think of right now!

Right now I'm loving it and I really don't plan on stopping any time soon! I am finally in-charge of something that's gone for a year and has received moderate success if I may say myself. The highlight has no doubt been the reaction of all the readers and the occasional messages from silent followers. You all have really been a tremendous push that has kept me going. I have mentioned somewhere previously that I had a blog before that didn't quite go as successfully as GPY!!!.

GYP!!! has done alot more in a year than my previous blog did. I guess that would be because I never really show-cased my personality. It was as dull as the daily weather report. All salt, no spice!

Looking past over the time that has passed, I'm glad that I started this blog. The increase in my confidence has been noticeable as I have started realizing that my opinions aren't as crazy and immature as I believed them to be and that there are people who agree with me. I still have a few twisted views but then it's all a part of meeting someone who would provide me deeper insight into the topic. I am very open to discussion and more than glad for constructive criticism.

Time has been good to me, no doubt there. There have been moments which I will never been able to forget. The most noticeable quite definitely was falling in love with Nathan. Hopefully I have amused you people with my silliness and occasionally I've had help from geniuses like Ryan. I have opened myself here and quite surprisingly haven't been absconded as I usually expect. There have been issues of internal struggle that I have voiced and the response has fueled my desire to not give up, I have none but you to thank. Occasionally there have been moments where I have talked about my homeland, Pakistan and then some. I don't publicize myself as a Gay Rights Activist, however when I have put up something it has been assuring that people stood by me even then. It has truly been a blast!

I'm still on my journey. In fact I have got quite a good distance to go but I'll get there. I know I'll be breaking alot of hearts with the decisions I make, but it's time I start being responsible for my own act. If I mess up, it's my mess and I'll be paying for it. If it's a cause for celebration, I'll rejoice. I know my ideas aren't conventional but at the end of the day I should be doing me. Phunking my heart out!

To all those who have been reading, I can't thank you enough. You have really been amazing at what you do - after all, you got me here. Thank you and good night! 


THUNDERCAT832 said...

woop woop! One year of goodness! Please don't ever stop writing! I don't know what I would do without the goodness of my blog bro's posts!!!!

B. said...

We have the same birthday... My real birthday is on 6th of March and soon I will be turning 21...

And I MUST start reading your blog :( sorry for not doing that...

Trickle Down BS said...


I know how good it feels. It was just a very short while ago that I thought having 100 followers and 100,000 hits just peachy.
When my blog went over a million we even opened a bottle of champagne...well, cheap California bubbly and toasted.
I enjoy your blog tremendously


Trickle Down BS said...

I know exactly how good it feels.

keep up the postings coming...some of us enjoy your blog tremendously.


Eklctc said...

Congratulations! It's always a plus when you have active followers. I am happy for you for all of your accomplishments, realizations, and reflections.

It's people like you (& me & so many others) who help the more conventional, yet open to broadening their horizons, do just that.

Take care...

H said...


Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen year of goodness! I don't plan to....and same goes fr u! :)

@ B.

Ur 3 yrs younger than me....awwww, I can pinch ur cheeks now! :p

Happy Birthday on the side note! Have a great day...and share some cake!

@ Raulito

Ur blog is doing an amazing job....srsly, I am not surprised tht u've hit 100,000 already!

Thanks fr the wishes again!

@ Eklctc

Thanks alot! It's an ever-going process! :)

@ H

Fingers crossed, boy! Fingers crossed! :D

M@rvin said...

Yay, congrats! This is a great blog, hoping for many, many more years of this.

Jackdaw said...

Congratulations, Phunky. Keep up the good writing!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Hopefully...hopefully for alot more years to come!

@ Jackdaw

Thanks alot! I hope it bets better from here on!

Mind Of Mine said...


I remember my first blog birthday. I would like to think that it has come a long way since my first post.

I am sure you agree.


thegayte-keeper said...


Phunk Factor said...

@ Mind of Mine

I certainly do, Sir! :D

It's the most amazing feeling..i've been walking around with a smile plastered on my face fr some reason!

@ thegayte-keeper


Derric said...


Paige said...

yayayayayay....i love you! congrats!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Hahaha...thanks, man!

@ Paige

Oh wow! That's the coolest thing ever! :D

Whimsical Hatter said...

Congrats, Kiddo! I want to thank you as well...I have said, this like a gazillon times, still,your writing is a *simple* delight,skillfully crafted with apt visual orgams ( am I'm over selling it?!)...I'm more than to have run into your Blog!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter;

Hahaha....I think you are...but nevertheless...thanks for being such an awesome reader! Ur constant feedback has been priceless...and I really do cherish it! :)

Aaron Khan said...

Congrats on turning a year old man! Keep up d goodness :)

Phunk Factor said...

‎@ Aaron;

Thanks :)

DeepBlue said...

Congratulation Phunk! I just read your "apology" post... try not to be too hard on yourself. Life is full of ups and downs and we put too much pressure on ourselves. We must learned to do thing at our own pace and not the one society impose on us.

@ M@rvin: Where have you been Marvin. You totally dissapeared and I couldn't reach you in any kind of way... could you just at least send me an email and say HI!
I miss you!

Hugs to you Phunk and to you too M@rvin!

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