Mar 8, 2011

The Cynical Me

A friend I made Online recently is very interested in fixing me up and getting me involved with someone. He's not hinting towards himself but a friend of his who's in the market much like me and has pretty much the same interests as mine.

Quite honestly while I do like the idea of being in a relationship again. However my programming towards the whole relationship has significantly changed since the last time I was involved. Earlier I wanted a relationship - just like I want it right now. Earlier I didn't need a relationship - just like I don't need it right now. But I went for it because I really liked the guy. Right now I don't need to be in a relationship either and that's the only thing that is keeping me. My friend; Let's call him Ted - has known this guy since the past four or five years. They are pretty much like Ryan and me - closer than the legs of a nun.

Honestly I do appreciate Ted's efforts but it's gotten to the point that it has begun to irritate me slightly. Earlier on I was amused by his ramblings. They seemed so innocent coming from him. But now they are really pissing me off. He doesn't understand the difference between my want and my need. I have tried explaining as simply as I could that everything that holds value in my life right now and deserves my attention will not benefit by a relation in any way possible. I really won't be able to take time out for it and the other guy will eventually get fed up of me.

Ted explains that I am just denying every possibility of being happy because I don't have faith in love anymore. Sad thing is that a part of me believes he is actually right. I have become cynical about the whole concept of love.

I could actually give this a try but then what of my resolution. I need to be single - at least for a little while longer so that I can figure myself out further and what I want at the same time. Another thing which Ted doesn't understand. "Why would you want to be single when you can be in love?", he says.

True! Why be single when you can be in love?, but it's LOVE we're talking about - quite possible the most precious and rarest commodity on planet Earth. Ha, I am cynical!

Another reason I am not entirely thrilled with Ted's arguments is that Ted likes to fix people up. Or actually fix up nice people who actually deserve to love and be loved - that's what he tells me. I am not very hopeful about the whole thing working out but I am thinking of meeting this guy up just so Ted can stop badgering me about it.

One good thing that I do see coming out of it which I am not entirely proud about is that this guy - Ted says that he looks alot like Siddharth. This does classify him as good looking but I really don't want to get committed to a guy just for face value. Not my style! 


Andrea Almanza said...

Love is much more gratifying than lust, thus its also much more rare. "Ted" has good intentions but you cant fake chemistry. Dont psyche yourself up per his view, nor psyche yourself out per your own. If you get along with Ted then chances are you can make a new friend thru him. Dont think beyond that. Go on a group outing, making new friends is fun. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

Exactly...that's what I'm telling him! I don't mind meeting his friend...but if things don't happen then that's also okay...being single isn't really all that bad...and obviously i'm all for being friends with awesome people like myself!

THUNDERCAT832 said...

I love the new blog layout blog bro! plus, I have a good feeling that something love wise is going to come across your path very, very soon!

Love is super precious and I think that everyone should have love in their lives, especially those whom I care for.

You, my blog bro, will have the warm and bubbly feelings soon...and they better be felt towards you two or I'll kill him!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Aww...thanks fr noticing! It took me sometime to figure out how I wanted to look....but I think I finally got it! :)

About ur preominition - fingers crossed!

Whimsical Hatter said...

loved the analogy- 'closer than the legs of a nun'....I'm starting to get intimated by your writing prowess :-O
you have ppl, setting you up?! :-O aren't ppl sweet?!
Siddarth!! he's cute, na?! I have huge crush on him. and no, you cannot have me and also, he's told me that he is not into you :-p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Whimsical Hatter;

Oh writing is perfectly ordinary..don't be intimidated!! Yeah...i hav ppl setting me up....i'm doomed to nvr be single! :p

Ppl tell u alot...what's the deal with tht, eh?

Hahaha...thanks fr commenting!

Tanan said...

I m so clueless I never had any I idea that I was being irritating.Thats just me I guess.And I never said A look like Siddharth.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Tanan

It's cuz i kno u...n i respect u..that i don't say anything..i am known fr being tolerant to jerks! :p


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