Feb 2, 2011

Our Beckham

Alex's birthday comes in March. I wanted to plan something big. Firstly because it was Alex, and secondly because there was a huge trend at this school that birthdays are supposed to be celebrated at all costs. Exams, mid-terms, assignments, construction, whatever - nothing could stop us from celebrating a birthday. Absolutely nothing!

However nobody was willing to contribute more than a measly 100 bucks. I had collected the money but there was absolutely no way I could manage everything from decorations to food to the birthday gift from 2600. A good cake alone takes 1000 bucks off my budget. Alex being a simple fellow, I felt decorations weren't really needed. With that problem out of the way, food was next on the list. Surprisingly that one too resolved quickly, I placed the order of everything from the cake and refreshments. Later on as planned changed, the refreshments were scrapped but we still needed the cake. So I splurged more on the cake and furthermore, I had it delivered. Back then I was too flustered to acknowledge my own efforts, but thinking of it now I did the most amazing job in my opinion.

The gift would be something tough. I had never given anybody a gift before in my entire life. I had no idea what to do. I asked around for ideas but just about everything exceeded the money I had in my pockets. It was Alex! I wanted it to be special. I wanted it to be great. Something that he would genuinely like!

The only thing I could relate with Alex was football. I can't buy him a football. And then inspiration hit me like a tidal wave!

I did end up buying a football and had all of Alex's close friends and teachers write their personal messages. It was sort a tough to manage that without tipping Alex off. I still don't know if I was able to manage that, but Alex seemed genuinely surprised at the gift. With all the messages written, I took the ball to a wood carver and had a stand made for it. I choose dark brown wood and had him carve it so that the football could rest perfectly over it.

But somehow it still seemed incomplete to me. I wanted the stand to be more personal, but how was the big question that kept popping in my head. A mutual friend with whom I shared my dilemma gave me the most amazing suggestion ever. She advised me to get the words 'Our Beckham' inscribed in gold. Alex was nicknamed Beckham around the school because of his amazing skills in football. He loved the game and was brilliant at it.

Alex's birthday unfortunately was clashing with the biggest party of the year, that is our farewell. It's kind of like the prom, but different in many ways and similar in many ways as well. We decided to celebrate the birthday after the party. I still remember that day and I don't think I will ever be able to forget it. I saw Alex for the very first time in a formal setting all suited up with a tie. He was wearing an all back suit, with a black shirt and a pearl white tie - very Ryan Seacrest!

I think I wet my boxers a little right there and then. Also I believe that's the moment my fetish for men in suits kick started. He looked incredible. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!

After the party, we smuggled Alex and a few minutes before the clock would strike twelve of the night we cut the cake in the middle of this huge empty field. Everybody was holding a candle and surrounding a table where Alex cut his cake. It was the most amazing birthday I had ever celebrated, I didn't care that it wasn't mine but it was down right amazing. Alex loved the football and the stand alot, I got an air-lifting hug out of him. Wow, all that effort certainly didn't go to waste.

"I'll never forget this birthday, guys!" Alex exclaimed full of joy.

"Neither would I!", I said quietly to myself.

One last pic of this awesome hottie!



That is the coolest idea for a birthday gift ever!! I'm so gonna pull a swagger-jacker move and do this for a friend of mine ;)!!!

Aaron Khan said...

Aww dats so sweet. He's lucky 2 hav u as his frnd :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Sure...why not?!

Hope ur homie loves it as much as Alex did...if not more!! :D

@ Aaron

I know I'm awesome....wish the rest of the world knew it as well! ;)

M@rvin said...

Nice! But your friends are a bit cheap, surely they can afford more than 100 bucks each! Even a movie ticket would cost more than that, I'm assuming? Anyway, it's always the thought that counts. :)

Whimsical Hatter said...

That was one amazing birthday party, that I wish I could have attened!woot... for the awesome gift!!!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Hahahah....i know...you have no idea how much convincing it took to get some of them to cough up 100 bucks....bt i'm glad i cud manage it!!

@ Whimsical Hatter

I wanna go back and attend it all over again...seriously!! Wen I wrote about it today...i wanted somebody to invent a time machine just fr me! :p

Indie-underground-Gay said...

Awesome idea!!
"our Beckham"
Fucking brilliant!! super innovative...
and woah!! you managed everything in such a small amount...
damn it you should see the situation in my college..everybody is such a big time drugee and alcoholic that you HAVE to throw a party at a super uber disc and that costs a lot. like A LOT.
Thank god, my bday comes when we have semester holidays.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Indie-underground-Gay

Disco? Rent a disco? R u frigg'in kididng me? Un kay dady ka paisa lao...i'll throw a party of their lives! :p

Hadi Hussain said...

Such a sweet memoir :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Hadi Hussain

Thanks :)

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