Feb 7, 2011

Gossip Girls

Right after our exams, our vacations started. Alex flew off to UK to visit his grandparents and I was in Pakistan busy in a summer internship at a local hospital; Interesting story happened in that hospital which I'll blog about later.

Alex was supposed to come back sometime in the first week of July but his grandfather suffered from a brain hemorrhage and died after being in the hospital for about 72 hours. As a result of this, I didn't get to see or talk to Alex at all during the vacations. I did get mails from him occasionally of various places he's been to, sometimes accompanied with pictures. But it wasn't like I was the only one who got these mails, he used to send them to about 4 to 5 people. All friends of ours.

In August '05, our Subsidiary A Levels results were announced, I managed to scrap 2As and 1C. Screw physics! Can't reveal Alex's grades here, but I'm proud to say that he scored pretty good except for physics. Screw physics AGAIN!

A month later we welcomed the new batch of A Levels to our school. Finally we were seniors, and we had juniors. Amongst the new group of student was a girl, let's call her Rida. She was a nice girl, with the most beautiful big-doe eyes and very curly hair. Needless to say most of the guys in our class, including Alex - were hyperventilating over her. She was pursuing the subjects of Accounts, English Literature, Law and Business Studies.

The Accounts teacher at my school had a peer tuition policy. Since she was studying, teaching and working in a bank all at the same time, she couldn't stay in the school for the entire time. So in order for her students to excel, she assigned the seniors to be tutored by the juniors if the need arises. This was helpful in the sense for the seniors as it prevented them from forgetting their basics. Rida needed alot of tutoring as she had switched from all science subjects to all business ones. I don't know how lucky Alex got to be but the teacher assigned him to be her mentor. Alex did a mental cartwheel when he was given the good news.

However my story isn't you're typical gay guy loves straight guy type of thing. I didn't hate Alex for having a crush on Rida. I didn't hate Rida for being beautiful. I didn't hate Rida for choosing business as her subjects. I didn't hate the accounts teacher for pairing them up. I wasn't objecting or scorning over anything. I don't know how I got to be so freak'in mature at barely 17, but I was and I am really proud of myself. My crush on Alex was still going on but like always I chose to do nothing about it.

Like mentioned earlier, Rida needed alot of tutoring. Alex didn't mind at all. Infact this all was working alot to his advantage. Rida talked more to Alex than any guy in her own class. Infact she didn't just talk to Alex. She joked with him. She snapped pictures with him. She cheered for him louder than anybody else. And I still wasn't jealous of her. Infact I had gotten to know Rida really well. She was a very nice girl, if abit hyper but nice.

One day in the library, Alex and I were studying along with the girl who had given me the suggestion for Alex's gift. Somewhere during the conversation we started talking about Rida. "Do you really have feelings for Rida?", the girl asked.

I immediately looked up from my work. I had a feeling that Alex would reply in positive. But Alex didn't say anything. "I think he does have feelings for her. Shy boy here won't confess!" I poked. "Thinks it's going to ruin his macho image!"

This lead to a series of volleys of punches and snide remarks between Alex and the two of us. In the end Alex confessed that he really did have feelings for Rida, but told us not to leak this to anyone. "No problem!", I assured him.

However a few weeks later the news leaked somehow. I didn't tell anyone. Alex says he didn't discuss it with a soul after we bought it up in the library. There were a few suspicion questions asked once or twice from Alex by some people from our class, however Alex denied it everytime completely. The friend of ours mentioned that she may have indicated to a few of her friends that something maybe going on between Alex and Rida.

Somehow the news reached Rida, and from there to her little brother who was at that time in the 10th Grade. I don't exactly have the entire grapevine on my hand right now, nor did I have it back then. But there was a complaint lodged against Alex and his position in the Student Council was on the line. Not wanting to take the risk, Alex had his mentor duties changed with one of the girls in our batch. He was now tutoring some new kid. And just to be safe, this kid was a guy.

*Rida was not the real name of the girl Alex liked. It's a female name I like. Since she isn't going to be much a part of the blog, I figured not to make a tag out of her.*


THUNDERCAT832 said...

Dayum! I have an extra amount of respect for you blog brother for being able to keep it all together during all of this. My jealousy would have been through the roof!!!

Haider Ali said...

and physics! ♥
and wow you and I shared the same physics tutor! :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

It's all a matter of keeping the perspective in mind!! There was really no point in getting mad at Alex or Rida or at what ws brewing...they're heterosexual!!

Obviously I could've nvr had Alex...it ws beyond reality!

@ Haider Ali

Hahahah...highly unlikely!! :p

M@rvin said...

So much drama, Gossip Girls indeed! But where would we gay men be without a little drama? :)

Is it geeky of me to have read this story and immediately wondered, "A Levels? Is this a school following a British syllabus?" :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Hehehe....okay I agree! So a little drama is good...bt not this kind!

Yea...our school follows the British syllabus!! It's the only internationally recognized foreign board operating in Pakistan!!

M@rvin said...

Such a firangi! :-P I went to a school following a syllabus from good ol' New Delhi. Do you guys even study Urdu (or Sindhi or whatever) as a subject or is it all in the Queen's language? 'Burger bachcha' indeed! ;-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

We hav both over here!! There are two Pakistani boards and one British board!

We do hav Urdu n Islamiyat in the British Syllabus....if we didn't have it, we would not have been allowed admission into any of the local universities!

And obviously...itnay saaray nakhray essay thori aatay! :p

Indie-underground-Gay said...

WHAT!!!! this much just because of the stupid rumour that there MIGHT be SOMETHING between Alex and Rida....sheesh!!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Indie-Undergroud-Gay

Dude, a rumor is all that it takes to get the ball rolling down-hill..believe me...i have experienced it first-hand!!

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