Feb 28, 2011

From Then To Now

By August 2006, it was time to say farewell to my A Levels crowd and institution. I had the most amazing time I could have asked for. While they were good moments and bad, I would not change a thing except the lie. Obviously everybody was now starting university, there were just two guys opting for medicine from our entire biology class of 13. This guy later created alot of drama in my life that involved Gracie, looking back at him right now I never expected it from him. But all that comes much much later!

It's 2011 right now and since our graduation, Alex and I have met about 13 times. Our meetings would turn 14 as we are planning another meet up sometime really soon. Since the gang has split off to various universities - some even different cities and countries - we manage to get together whenever we can. One outing we can always expect is during Ramadan. At almost all of our meets, if Alex gets a chance to get me alone he does ask me if anything new has happened with me regarding my sexuality. Except for this one time, my answer has been 'No'.

Everytime I tell him that there's nothing happening, he suggests that it's time that I give girls a try. Once he said, "They're not as bad as you think, you know!". My response to him was the 'You-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me' look. Obviously I don't hate girls. It's stupid. They're so much fun to be with. Also sometimes Alex naivety about gays is hilarious.

The one time we did meet and I replied with a 'Yes', he was quite shocked. I was with Nathan at that time. He sat very silent for quite a long time, not talking to me. "So are you happy?", he asked me much later.

"Happy?", I ask him. "Kya matlab? (Translation; What do you mean?) ". Yeah, I occasionally dabble in Urdu.

"Are you happy with him?" Alex repeated in a quick whisper as if we were spies in enemy territory on some secret mission.

"I am! I am very happy! I will not go into details because you might vomit, but he's an amazing person and I really could not ask for anything more!" I told him. I remember having the biggest smile on my face.

"No difficulties?", he asked.

"Obviously not!", I reply. "There are. But which couples doesn't have disagreements. I know there are somethings we don't agree on, but that's okay. We understand. We argue. We love!" Crap, I'm such a drama-queen.

I had forgotten this line, but Alex later messaged me that if he ever has a fight with his wife he's going to use this on her. I wished him best. This happened in August 2010. Infact this was our latest meet!

Alex, even though never fully understood my situation, offered me support with his best intentions. I really couldn't have done it any better had I been in his shoes and my best friend came out to me.


Jason Shaw said...

I really like this, coming out is so personal, there's no ideal way, no right way, no formulae to getting it right, it's all about the person.

It's really nice the way things turn out and how we look back on them.

Thanks for sharing.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jason Shaw

I really really like how u put it up;

"there's no ideal way, no right way, no formulae to getting it right, it's all about the person."

There is no right way! U hav no idea how the other person would react! U just gotta hope for very best!

Thanks fr dropping by!

THUNDERCAT832 said...

I think Alex seems cool as hell, but I hope he now understands that being a gay male means THERE IS NO ATTRACTION TO WOMEN. There is no, 'I'm gonna try them out now because I'm bored'...it's only, "I'm attracted to men for a reason'. ;)

M@rvin said...

Yup, have had some friends say the same thing to me too... Girls are fine, but their organs 'down there' are a no-no. :-)

And hey, what the hell is Tyra doing with the new season of Top Model? Telling eliminated girls that they weren't is super mean, her BQ (bitchiness quotient) is off the charts this cycle!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Thundercat 832

I think he does now...after that one time he never mentioned girls to me again!! :p

@ M@rvin

What about the organs up there? :p

I too found that odd...but I think Tyra does have her public image to be concerned about! Those girls who were initially put thru cud have been hired to pretend!

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