Feb 11, 2011

Dear Lady GaGa

Dear Lady GaGa,

Hope you're doing fabulous as usual. I can't put to words how forward I was looking to 2011 because you would be releasing your 3rd studio effort. On the MTV Video Awards last year, you announced your album title Born This Way, and I fell in love with it instantly. I've been waiting for it ever since and I seriously can't wait for May 23rd when you would take over the world once again.

I am really looking forward to the Grammy this year as it will the first ever live performance of your new song Born This Way. And we all know that nobody can quite put on a show like you do!

When I first read about the title, I just knew that it would be something in relation to homosexuality and being allowed to love and live free no matter how you are. I can't put into words how much I agreed to the message of this song. It solidified my ideology of how a person's sexuality is something that is defined at birth and no matter how much you try, nobody can choose to be straight, gay or bi or even switch between any of them. It's a choice already made for you and you have to live with it!

On January 27th when you released the lyrics for Born This Way. I am really happy that you expanded your song's theme to beyond the borders of homosexuality and have included just about any type of discrimination under the sun. However I do have a little issue that I can't digest.

I do not want to see you go down in flames but I feel that with this song you maybe pushing the envelope abit too far and abit too much. I had not heard it back then but I was still willing to give it a listen. I genuinely believe in your artistic creativity, however I still can't get over the lyrics.

Don't be a drag - just be a queen

I am a small time supporter of transsexuals, however I find this line extremely degrading towards them. Essentially the term 'Drag Queen' is not an insult and was coined by transsexuals themselves, but from the line in the song it makes me feel that Drag Queen is an insult!

As I said before I am a fan of yours and I love yours songs, however your lyrics have received a wide range of criticism. You have been called from 'Devil's daughter' to 'The Ultimate Fag Hag' to 'Hermaphrodite Psycho' who can't sing to save her life. I commend you that you didn't let any of that break you down. However the people who like your songs, are now alienated and classified as Monsters. As every celebrity's fans decide upon a name for their legion, you have aptly named yours 'Monsters'. You're amazingly talented, however turning hate into positivity is something even you can't manage.

Another thing that irks me is how some of your fans have raised you to Godhood. The term adoration and idolatry worship has gone to a completely new level ever since you have started speaking out for LGBT Rights. I love that you're just one little soul who's doing so much for us. However the more people gravitate towards you, the more gays and straights get separated. I believe the mission is to unite us. It really isn't possible when many of your fans hold ridiculously messed up notions about you in their pretty little heads. I'm no hater, but the next time I hear someone say 'Oh My GaGa!' I would do an African war cry and punch them square on their nose.

Today, February 11th, you have finally released the much waited track Born This Way. Am I in love with it? A little bit! Am I going to be singing it on the top of my lung? Only when I am alone. I would commend that you have indeed created the perfect collaboration between disco and pop music, this would probably be the Pride Anthem for the next hundred years. You're message of self-love is clear, I commend you for keeping your lyrics simple and clean.

I love you - in normal amounts. I love your songs - in normal amounts. You can do alot and perhaps you will. You want people to be themselves, but be a popstar and not a pop monster!

Phunk Factor


Lil Monster said...

Awww c'mon...don't be so hard on mama monster....she's doing us all so proud...i truly believe she's someone who will change the tide of the world and quite possibly be the future president of America!

Aaron Khan said...

U do know u sound like d die hard fan rite? :)
Thnx a mil for d download link. been dyin 2 hear it myself. i liked it alot but sadly it sounds like "express yourself" by madonna at some parts.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Lil Monster

LOL @ President of America

I don't know if you were serious on the last note or you were just kidding with me....but kudos to you for making me laugh! :)

She is changing tides...however there is a limit to how much that can happen in context....perhaps 100 years in the future the gap my close completely but in the present i don't see it happening!

‎@ Aaron Khan;

I am a die hard fan, however I am not a lunatic monster! :p

I don't think it resembles 'Express Yourself'...'EY' is very pop...'BTY' is more disco with all the infused beats!

THUNDERCAT832 said...

I'm so obsessed with her! All I wanna know is...what the hell is she going to wear at the Grammys!! ;)

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

LOL, Phunk, never would have thought of you as a Gaga fan, I'm still just trying to figure out what it is! But, have to give her props, she has morphed into many stars of the past and all into one.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Thundercat832

Hahahaha...expect atleast 3 wardrobe changes!! :p

@ Sebastian G. Oliver


How come?!

I think I must have posted GaGa's Fame Monster atleast a dozen times in the album I am listening to space.....bt yea, she definitely has caused everyone to up their game!

anjaanqaatil said...

I totally agree with you what you said about Gaga. I just love her and mad for her songs. and you know what Born This Way is just awesome. me too anxiously waiting for 23rd May. all the best to Gagaaaa

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anjaanqaatil

Hail GaGa! :D

Cogent Ascending said...

I'm stealing the African War Cry line and using it in some way from now on every time something pisses me off.

M@rvin said...

This young generation and its Gaga, sigh. :-D You have to admit she's a big Madonna clone.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Cogent Ascending

Ur welcome too..I promise u, you won't be sued! ;)

@ M@rvin

Young generation?

Um...hullo?! Ur 26 fr pete's sake! Your a part of our young generation!

P.S. I nvr understood Madonna's fascination...i kno it sounds very strange! Bt I hav gone thru her entire collection and turned down most of 'em!

M@rvin said...

I'm old, and have the gray hair to prove it. :) Honestly, I like only 4-5 Madonna songs too, but the number is even less with Lady Gaga. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Still...i don't classify u under my DILF range! :p

And what about Britney Spears? ;)

thegayte-keeper said...


Phunk Factor said...

@ the gayte keeper

To some xtent i wud agree to tht! :D

Indie-underground-Gay said...


I thought the same thing when I first became aware of the lyrics. Wow!! I am amazed that even you thought so pf. But I am certain that Gaga didnt mean to disregard transsexuals, I just cant understand what she is implying by that. I am sure there's an explanation which I am positive she would tell monsters.

I dont understand why it "irks" you by the fact that some/many people treat her a god. well, I am one of them. I dont see anything wrong with it. She defines my life. She inspires my life. I live my life because of her. I swear my life by her name. She is no less than a God. I exist because of her.

Gaga calls herself mother monster and her fans monster for a reason. (see the larry king interview). I call myself a proud monster. I am known as "gaga boy" and monster in the whole college and couldnt feel prouder.

I strongly disagree with your statement that people gravitating towards gaga creates a barrier betweem straights and non-straights. I have had genuine bonding with so many people only beacuse of me being in love with gaga. In fact there's this drugee + metal lovers in my batch with whom I have nothing in commmon apart from our love with music. I dont understand floyd or marylin manson but beacause I have devotion towards a musician to that livel I understand theirs too and the same goes for them. In fact I am writing this after discussing with them about your opinions and no offence but they kinda got really pissed. Um...yes they are all straight and they know that I am gay.

Gaga is much more than LGBT rights! Her every song screams about strong individuality. Being an original in the crowd. Stepping out of the generalised norms of the society. Being comfotable in your own skin. Taking the word 'freak' not as an abuse. Excluding yourself from prejudice. Why wouldnt this apply to everyone pf?

Fine I love her in 'abnormal' amounts accordin to your definition. But I ask you what IS normal? And yes I use 'Oh MY Lady Gaga' very often. Again why would it piss you off to that extent so as make you punch my face.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Indie-Undergroud Gay

First of all...u just took the award for the longest comment on my blog EVER!

U maybe right...maybe there is something to it more than 'drag-queen'...however if that was the case, I would find much peace if GaGa actually explained it!

It's good that GaGa inspires many (U & me included) to live as we are...however God is God..best keep it at that imo!

LOL @ GaGa boy => So epic cute!! :D

In the circles I hang out, there is no neutrality wen it comes to her...either they love her or they hate her! Especially since 'Born This Way' the reaction has been weird....alot of ppl are criticizing the song...not me though! I find ppl taking their sexuality very srsly and simply shunning the song because of that...maybe it's them being their usual narrow-minded selves!!

Individuality is good....be urslf...however from my scan in the forums...the haters are going to hate..why give them more reasons?

'Oh My GaGa' sounds weird...i've always heard 'Lord' or 'God' instead of GaGa in that line....i would like it very much to stay tht way...bt i guess that's just me!

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