Jan 27, 2011

I Got Style

Yours truly has just been honored the Stylish Blogger Award by the fabulously engaging M@rvin who can be found at Mostly Unfabulous. Free non-alcoholic drinks for all!

So the rules of this award are as follows;

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this high honor; Like duh!
2. Share 7 things about yourself; Are you seriously ready for these juicy bits?
3. Award 5 other bloggers; This one is a toughie!
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award; Sure, why not?! I got nothing better to do!

So here are 7 things that I'm telling in a few sentences. I may or may not do them in a detailed post later, but nothing is for certain now. So here I go and don't you try to stop me;

I Kissed a Girl: But I don't know exactly how I feel about it. It happened in 2009 at a pool party. Her name is Rachael - that is her real name! She was at a party of my cousin's friend and we got along really well. But a kiss was all that really happened. Over all, she's the 3rd of the total 4 people I have kissed!

Bite Me: Before I started this blog, I had a minute stint as an author of True Blood and Vampire Diaries gay erotic fan fiction. I had a whole story line planned for every season and lots of hot steamy sex, however erotic writing isn't my thing and I tend to get bored of it after sometime. Writing about my life and how I feel is much more exciting, in my opinion!

Game Over: I have considered suicide once a very long time ago. I think it was sometime in the beginning of March of 2005. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. I actually considered jumping and just being done with everything however I couldn't go ahead with it. I was chicken but I am so happy I was a chicken!

Country Bumpkin: I have only traveled in a plane once in my entire life and that too I had to do alone and out of Pakistan. Mum was so worried and just about everybody in my family was thinking that I'd get lost or something horrible would happen. However I reached my destination quite safely by the Grace of God.

Just Okay: Yes, I'm 100% gay. However with that being said, I have never found Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe or any of the Jonas Brothers even minutely attractive. But my heart does occasionally flutter when Taylor Lautner flashes across my screen!

Breakfast in Bed: As my resolution, I have learned how to make french toast, pancakes, coffee, cheese omelette and cheese toasts for breakfast. And now I'm secretly wishing that once in my life I get to serve these to somebody I love!

Jaddu ki Jhappi: I wish I could hug you just so that you don't feel lonely anymore ever again!

There you have it! 

Seven original never read before dirty tid bits on me. I do think some people like Christian are aware of some of them, but most are unknown to alot of people. Till today that is!

Now on to the next part where I get to forward this award to 5 bloggers that I feel deserve it. And here are those fabulous people;

My soul sista Falen who has the most in-your-face rants and tough love. She owns, and I really mean owns the blog Colorful Rants of a Fed-Up Sista. Falen, I know you already got one of these a few days back but you truly deserve one and I am honored to be the one who is giving it to you again!

Crazy Sam's Blogginess is the whole reason I started my own blog. This guy hails from India and I have wished so many times that he was actually from Pakistan. An over-all great person, but he seems to have lost his blogging mojo. Here's hoping that my award would bring him back and we would be seeing lots of exciting posts from him. You go, Sammy Boy!

A reason I started walking down the road of feeling and looking better is because of this blog; Better by 30. Westopher is the owner of blog and he simply kills it. He's my daily feel good blog to read, plus he posts some sweet eye candy.

Never known him personally but looking at his blog, I can say that he knows his stuff and definitely is a nice guy. I would like to present to you Bi Dude USA which is run by BDNY. He's been silent for a little while but I'm guessing he'd be back with the good stuff really soon. Do check him out!

Last but not the least is a very dear friend of mine Ultimate Intricateness. He presents his unique thinking of how to be a good Muslim and not letting your sexuality effect your faith on Soul Searching Haven. He's an amateur compared to the rest but in the world where your sexuality can throw a curve-ball you need to have the faith to knock it out of the park. And when he posts, you can smell a hit coming a mile away. Simple but elegant, and that is something I like alot from him.

Congratulations to all the blogs receiving this award. Sorry if I missed anyone out, there were some really tough choices to make but I felt these people deserved it the most. New bloggers with new awards coming sometime soon - hopefully!



Awww you're my boo! I totally love you blog brother! oh, and the post is ready for you on my page! My people better check you out, or I'll hunt them all down and choke a bitch! lol

xoxo you rock as always!

Annah said...

Yum. Yum for style and yum for that guy above.


Mike said...

You're so right that Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe or any of the Jonas Brothers are even minutely attractive.

M@rvin said...

Aww @ Game Over. Here's a virtual hug. ***Hug/Jaadu ki Jhappi*** I have thought about it too, but life is too short to make even shorter. :-)

Don't like Radcliffe either! Efron is OK-OK. You know who's hot? Anderson Cooper's 'secret' BF Benjamin Maisani. Yum!

All this being said, I want my Margarita, you keep the Pepsi! :-)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Thanks fr answering my question....thanks a mill!

And yeah...i get traffic from ur page all the time! :D

@ Annah

I know...Aurthur Sales is totally yummy! :D

@ Mike => Got it right this time!

Finally...another guy who thinks like me!! Where have u been all my life?! ;)

@ M@rvin

Exactly....and that's why I didn't do it...also I got scared! :p

Anderson Cooper is a real beef-cake...totally yummy...i hav seen him on news a couple of times bt never knew he had a secret bf...who btw isn't all that hot...u can hav Benjamin, I'll take Anderson anyday!

No no no..Margarita..i don't want u coming on to some naive friend of mine! :p

Westopher said...

Aw...you make me blush! Thank you for the kind words. Love your blog!

Indie-underground-Gay said...

Wohoo!!! Congratulations!!!!
WTF!!! you should totally go ahead with the VD idea...i would totally want to read that
and glad that you are past your suicide phase now.
win more awards + grow strong

Phunk Factor said...

@ Westopher

U totally deserved it, man! U got a great blog urslf! :)

@ Indie-Underground

Hahaha...i may consider it...wen I wanna get u guys drunk on ur hormones! :p

Or maybe I shud just email u the link? ;)

Yeah...the suicidal phase is over!! I'm completely loving my life and hav all plans of living it all till death comes and takes me away on it's own accord! :)

Ultimate Intricateness said...

Wow. Thnx alot for those kind words man. My first ever award.so gonna frame it :P

n congrats 2 u 2. getting awards must'v becum pretty normal 4 u ;)keep up d awsum work

Phunk Factor said...

@ Ultimate Intricateness

Frame it! Love it! Kiss it! Just...live with it! ;)

Well obviously..i'm such an awesome blogger and person! :p ;)


I crack myself up!

Derric said...

As Simon says to Joe McElderry in X Factor competion, its becoming incredibbly repeatitive " But you are getting better and better".
Ill refine it and say " you are being awesome and awesome"

Congratualtions dude, and winners, you got a lots riding on your shoulders now. Do Phunk Proud

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

So ur Simon and I'm Joe? ;)

Two compliments rolled in one! I'm loving it! :D

jits said...

Heh congrats for the award phunk...

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jits

Thanks, man! :)

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