Jan 6, 2011

Commitments and Resolutions

I do not believe in telling what I have resolved about. Firstly because I feel if you tell a resolution, it's liable to be broken easily. Secondly if a certain resolution of mine does break, nobody around me would really know about it. On the other hand if not told or recorded, they are very often forgotten. I want that when 2012 starts and this blog is still up and running strong I can do a post about how I fared with my resolutions. Already planning future posts, does that make me a visionary?

01. Stay Single - Believe it or not, this is actually my resolution. I need to stay single this year, or at least for as long as possible. It's going to be a really hard task since my heart seems to search for a boyfriend in just about every gay/bi guy I talk to. Also since I'm over Nathan, it's going to take even more of me not to rush into anything.

02. Date Guys - Now I realize that I may have confused you all abit by contradicting myself. But it's not like that. I do plan to stay single and date guys at the same time. I plan to meet them over a cup of coffee. I'd like to see what's out there and how do I fare against them. Coffee & Boys; my two favorite things of 2011!

03. Learn to Cook - I'm absolutely horrible at cooking. Absolutely horrible! I won't even invite my worst enemies over for a meal that I have cooked myself. Nobody deserves to die from indigestion. I really need to learn how to cook. My coffee making skills is a perfect recipe for battery acid. To be perfectly honest, the only thing I know how to make are those 2 minute noodles and frozen foods that just need to be fried. Yeah, I'm that bad!

04. Get Fit - I left the gym a little before my exams. It was getting too hard for me to manage my preparation and exercise schedule at the same time. I've rejoined the gym, infact I had my first session with weights today. Also I'm looking forward to learn swimming. I finally found a crystal clear pool that's uncontaminated from unpleasantness. Plus the swimming instructors are so hot. You could grate cheese off their abs!

05. Be Funnier - Am I fun enough? I believe I can be abit of a wet blanket at times. So this year it's about being more spontaneous, more risky, more adventurous - I think this would be the hardest one to do as it's something you are born with and not something you learn. Like Ryan, he's naturally fun!

06. Pray More Regularly - I was watching a religious talk show the other day. Something the host said is stuck in my head. I can't recall the exact words but he meant to say that when God calls us for prayers and we don't answer, how do we expect Him to answer to us when we call for Him?. I have started praying since past Ramadan, but I tend to skip some of the prayers at times. I need to start praying regularly. Pray 5 outta 5 times!

07. Blog Better! Blog More! - Although this is my resolution, I need help from you guys (My Readers ) on this one. I have a good deal of posts planned that I will be posting sooner or later, and certain topics I'd like to talk about. But if you have anything in particular you'd like me to post about or if you want to do a guest post, be my guest. Credit will be completely yours, I'll just be posting it for you. Everybody's welcome!

08. I'm Gay - Come out of the closet to a few important people. I have made an actual list. Right now, it contains 6 people. If I can manage to come out to all of them, it'll be a good year. If I manage to come out to all of them and not loose any, it'll be a great year.

09. Take a Trip this Summer - Go somewhere! Go anywhere! Go alone! Go with someone! Just go - as simple as that! ( I'm hoping for Canada really bad!)

10. Make some Lesbian friends - Where are all the girls? I'm seriously hanging from my last thread of hope. I need a heroine to save me!

That's my list! 

Let's see how many I manage to keep and how many do I fall short for. Oh and 2011 if you're listening, please be nice to me! I promise I'll only have nice things to say about you to 2012! :D



People never get the "I'ma date but stay single"! It's a great way to learn more about yourself...plus it'll lead to great and juicy posts!!! ;)

raulito said...

Resolutions are a funny thing...only those with a lot of discipline and self control manage to carry them out...I have already broken mine for this year...go figure.


Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen

Hahaha..hopefully, it will!!

@ Raulito

Yeah...but a new year is like a blank slate...you can have a new beginning so why not do something to improve urslf?

If u happen to have broken yours, why not start again?

M@rvin said...

1) & 2) - OK, you're going to break a lot of hearts this way. :P

3) Chicken kababs are easy - even I can make them, I burn everything else! Or pasta if you buy the sauce is a snap.

4) Same here. Had a total crush on my swim instructor when I was 14. Still jerk off thinking of those abs LOL.

5) I get better after a few drinks, try that. :)

6) I'm the wrong person to comment on this. :D

7) Oh, you're good, but I'll think of some requests and get back to you.

8) Yes, it's fun outside the closet. But it's good to be careful too about this.

9) I want that Canadian guy in the pic. I don't care if I don't see anything else in Canada on a visit, I want to see his bedroom! :)

10) Connexion has some lesbians. Although all the lesbians I know I met through my ex.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

1) & 2) Nahhh...not really! Plus I'm going to be telling the guy that nothing going's to happen!

3) I don't like touched uncooked meat! :p

4) LOL! Where's Jack? I got this idea from his comment on a post of urz!

5) I'm not into drinking! Infact I'm against it...ask Raj if u don't believe me..i'm eating his head ALL the time!

7) That would be awesome! :)

8) Yeah, that's why just 6..i feel that they can keep a secret...but I'm going to be looking more into them first before I tell!

9) LOL! U n me both....u can see his bedroom while we both take a shower together! ;)

10) Connexion? Hmm...will give it a try! Thanks fr the tip! :)

Indie-underground-Gay said...

wohoo!7 and 9 in common!

good luck with cooking!! i tried and now i am banned from kitchen.

take a trip to india!!! have you ever come here btw?

Derric said...

Me & Resolutions, are at different corners of the ship, hoping to bump into each other soon.
Or i think its becasuse he was busy making himself available for you.

As for 2011, she is slow but steady, she will take care of you

Phunk Factor said...

@ Indie-Underground-Gay

Nopes, man! Never been there! But I wanna...i even got an aunt living in Patna or someplace with a 'P' in it's name...bt mum isn't keen on letting me go! Although she did let me go to States all alone! :p

@ Derric

U, me and everyone we ever loved! :)

M@rvin said...

The meat doesn't get cooked until you touch it. :P

Yes, where's Jack when you really need him? I remember his comment too.

No booze? No worries, try pot! :P

You can shower with the Canadian and clean him off after him and I have had nasty sweaty sex all night. :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Knew u'd make something dirty outta my innocent remark! :p

I dunno...he hasn't been around since quite a while! Hope he's doing good!

Hell no @ pot

I'm completely anti-drinking, anti-smoking and anti-drugs! :p

I'm younger than you, right?

What's tht desi rule 'Chootay phelay'! :p I have my turn first...then u can marry him! :p

Lez Hard said...

Do your best, have fun and be happy in 2011!

Haider Ali said...

My resolutions are same as your resolutions 1,2,4,6 and to read the Quran and Bible! :D

And I can't come out yet! :(

Also I want to learn turkish! :)

Sebastian G. Oliver said...

#3 is easy, watch your Mom, or, just give it a try, you'll mess up a couple of times, and, then once you get it, it will come naturally.

#8, never really have "come out" if they figure it out, fine, but, other than that, I am who I am, won't deny it, but, haven't really came out per se.

#9, Spain, or Turkey, or Morocco HOPEFULLY this year!

#10, harder than meeting the right man!

Domic Abu-Ghazaleh said...

Phunk, I so loved reading your resolutions! So totally agree with you on 1 and 2. Being single gives you perspective on your life and allows you the space to be introspective, while #2 makes sure that you don't go insane in the process! lol

#3 - I'm with you on that too. Watched my mom cook and have burnt entirely too many dishes and over-spiced too many pots of meat. lol

#8 is awesome ... there's something empowering about telling people you're close to about this very personal part of your life.

asking questions of lesbians - SO amazing! I made a few lesbian friends years ago and our conversations were just enlightening! I was mesmerized like a little kid watching Barney for the first time ... LOL

Samuel Khan said...

on a serious note @ Phunk : u really think it wud be possible for u to actually come out to people ?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Haider Ali

I'm settling down with a translation of the Holy Quran as of now!!

And turkish? Why? If I had the time to learn another language, I'd learn Spanish n Punjabi! :D

@ Sebastian G. Oliver

Ha! I tried that, didn't do a thing for me! I tried to watch my mom make coffee and I came up with a fight with Mohammad Ali in a cup! :p

I think they know..and no, they haven't figured it out cuz they keep asking me which girl in my college do i like! :p

Lesbains, right? Hmmm...i so have a couple of questions that I need to ask some Lesbian!

@ Dominic Abu-Ghazaleh

Thanks, man! :)

I'll try...only nice guy can be allowed to date me!! I've dated EXTRA nice guys...now I want nice guy...some who could toss me back a few of my punches! :D

I'm looking fwd to coming out the most as well...i srsly don't wanna be in this stupid closet nemore! It's suffocating in here with all my building secrets! :(

U met lesbians? Srsly? Mannnn...ur frigg'in lucky!!

@ Samuel Khan;

U betcha! I wanna pop outta the closet with rainbow flags and rainbow colored wig and dance around 'who's gay? I am!' :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Lez Hard

Thanks, man!

Hope you have a great year as well!

M@rvin said...

If I wanted to be really dirty, I'd say the meat has to be put some place hot and wet for it to cook well. :P

'Chhotay Pehlay'? Fine, you do the hard work and get him hard with a BJ, I'll get him to fuck me after that. :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Okay...so u made it sound partially dirty! :p

Oh shut up! He's mine to start with....u can MARRY him! I'm being so charitable...i'm allowing u to marry him!

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