Jan 29, 2011

Single Daddies (Put Your Hands Up)

Back in October I did a post on my desire to become a father someday, regardless of my sexuality. Those who do not remember or have not read it, can do so now!

I can't begin to describe how over-whelming the response was and how it was one of the Most Read posts on my blog for a good three months. Right at the time I did the post, I also made a poll asking my readers if they believed that single guys could pull off fatherhood regardless of their sexuality. The poll closed yesterday and I can very honestly say that I am happy at the results.

Jan 27, 2011

I Got Style

Yours truly has just been honored the Stylish Blogger Award by the fabulously engaging M@rvin who can be found at Mostly Unfabulous. Free non-alcoholic drinks for all!

Jan 22, 2011


I was supposed to pick up my younger brother from his tuition center Tuesday afternoon. As I parked outside waiting for him to get done, I tried keeping myself to my thoughts. I'm gay so I really can not help that guys attract me. However it's only when I am attracted to guys younger than myself that I feel ashamed. The tuition center is primarily aimed for young people between the age of 15 to 19. I thought if I kept to my thoughts, I won't have a dozen more crushes while waiting for my brother.

Jan 18, 2011

Coffee & Boys

The integral fault in my dating technique is that I don't date - at all. I like a guy. I express my feelings. I get it on through text messages, e-mails and once in a while phone calls. By the time I actually meet the guy for the first time, I'm already committed to him.

There is never really any courting, which is a very essential step in a relationship. You can spend as much time as you want talking to the person through IMs, text messages or even phone calls, but the real deal is meeting that person face to face.

Jan 14, 2011

Finding Beauty

We don't love people because they are beautiful. They are beautiful because we love them.
- Anonymous

Jan 12, 2011

Naughty And Nice

Last week in a gathering of friends, we ran into a discussion of a certain trait that we hate most about ourselves. I lied at my turn. I told them that I have no idea. Well it wasn’t entirely a lie. I do have a certain amount of idea about what I hate most. The reality is that I’m somewhat of a sadist!

Yeah, you read right!

Jan 8, 2011

No Girls Allowed

I rarely remember the things that come in my dreams, but what I dreamt of last night I shall never be able to forget. Before you start thinking that it was one of the most amazing dreams I could ever have where I was making out the hottest guy anyone could imagine, let me stop you!

I was not dreaming about a guy. I was not dreaming about ANY guy. Infact I was dreaming about a girl. Yes, I had my first ever wet dream involving a girl. However I also think it will be my last. Want to know why?

Jan 6, 2011

Commitments and Resolutions

I do not believe in telling what I have resolved about. Firstly because I feel if you tell a resolution, it's liable to be broken easily. Secondly if a certain resolution of mine does break, nobody around me would really know about it. On the other hand if not told or recorded, they are very often forgotten. I want that when 2012 starts and this blog is still up and running strong I can do a post about how I fared with my resolutions. Already planning future posts, does that make me a visionary?

Jan 4, 2011

Marry Me

One of my aunts from States is over these days. Every time I tune into her conversations with my mom, they are talking about somebody's marriage or getting somebody married. Both of them are searching for suitable partners for their children, my mom for my sister and my aunt for her son. Inter-family is not our thing so no chance of my cousin getting paired with my sister. Also my sister wouldn't give two hoots to a guy if he isn’t a practicing doctor, go figure!

I hate marriage talks, especially talks about my marriage. HATE ‘EM! I'll give some examples perhaps in later posts. I do believe I've gotten quite artful at dodging them. But then I also believe that my neighbor would reciprocate my crush one day. I'm so not reliable!
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