Dec 13, 2010

Missed Me Much?

Oh Lord, I can't believe this day is finally here. I'm FREE of exams. F-R-E-E! It was such an odd feeling yesterday when I was half-depressed because my preparation for my last exam wasn't all that good - in fact I'd say it was down right awful. But at the same time I was jumping with joy because FINALLY I would be free. The last two weeks have been God awful and in fact on one night I erupted into tears. Weird thing is that the sobbing wasn't because of the exams or even slightly related to academics - but it was this completely different feeling of hopelessness and being lost. I shut down my notes and collapsed on my bed with my head buried beneath my pillows.

To those who are curious about how my exams went, they went just fine. I made sweet love to the Pharmacology MCQ papers but was raped in the OSPE a.k.a Objective Structured Practical Examination. Forensic Medicine was like being on a date with someone who doesn't like you at all and doesn't miss a chance of letting you know about that - but I still did well in it. Pathology was a complete bitch to me but that's okay because I did some serious head turning during the OSPE with my eruptions of joy at getting the answers correct. So yeah, they went okay!

I'm going to be praying extra-hard for a couple of next days and keeping my fingers crossed for a good result. It would be a miracle if I pass in my opinion but my mom is saying that I worked hard and it will definitely pay off. I'm thinking if I clear, it'll be because the examiners fell in love with me or they were half-drunk when they were marking me. What do you say?

A new post will be coming up later tonight and I'll be hitting your spots in a day or two as well!


Artistry of Male said...

Congrats on having your exams over...and best wishes for great results. Cheers, AOM

wajahat said...

Well congrats on that finally got you back i am happy ^_^

H said...

Missed you way too much. bitch.

Phunk Factor said...


Thanks, man! I hope so too!

@ Wajahat


@ H

Well now you can stop missing me! I'm back!

M@rvin said...

Hee hee, your descriptions of the papers are too much. Keeping fingers crossed for you. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Can you believe I was actually humming Cee-Lo's 'F*ck You' during pathology MCQs? :p

Derric said...

Hmmmmm congrats, you have just qualifird to enter my wackly list friends....... exams, dating, raping.. hmmmm
By the way, Welcome back

Phunk Factor said...

So late?

Dayum! I must be loosing my touch! :p

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