Nov 15, 2010

Magic of Cyberspace

I was over at Ryan's place yesterday for a group study. It was the two of us with a couple of other friends of mine. We had collected over at Ryan's place because all of his family was away so there would be no disturbances and interruptions. I made sure that some girls were coming before heading over myself. If it's just boys, absolutely no studying gets accomplished and the entire time goes by with us fooling around. Girls have this magical ability to keep the guys in line.

After everyone left, Ryan invited me to his room. He wanted to show me something. He switched on the monitor screen, "Did you stumble on some new type of porn?", I asked. Sometime ago Ryan shared a clip with me of some white dude screwing a pig. It wasn't porn, just a video shot with a cheap video camera. For some ridiculous reason, Ryan found it incredibly funny. I found it plain senseless. Was that guy so frigg'in desperate?, I wondered.

"You have got to check these guys out!", Ryan told me excitedly. He opened a gay networking site and logged into his account.

"You know I hate these places, right?", I asked Ryan as I saw what he was upto.

"Whatever! You still gotta see these dudes! I can't believe Pakistan how so many good looking guys!", Ryan said without taking his eyes off the screen. "And here, I thought I was the only adonis to grace our wattan ki mitti! (Translation; Nation's soil!)"

I laughed at his arrogance and wit, only Ryan can meld the two. I have to admit some of those guys were extremely good looking, even though alot of them had not sported on their face pics on their profiles. But with a bod like that, he could be a 'Brown Bag Special' for all I care.

"Why the sudden interest? As far as I know, you have had your account for quite some time. You must have already hooked up with several of them!" I told him.

"Okay, I'm hurt now!" he objected. "I do not hook up as much as you expect me to. Also you are extremely judgmental about hooking up, so for just a small time I want you to open up that little noggin of yours!"

As he scrolled through the various profiles, I realized that not all of the guys present were sex-starved beasts. Some of them actually seemed decent. There were even a few looking for relationship or friends. I haven't really gone to these sites before because of my firm opinion that these places are the collecting point for everything that I find unappealing about gays. "So what is it that you wanted to show me?", I asked impatiently.

"A few days back I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across your profile." he told me.

"So what? You do know I have a profile and I used to be on your list!" I told him back.

"I mean your other profile!", he told again laying emphasis on the word 'other'. I realized what he meant by that. "Why? Why create another one?" he asked me. "Why do you keep on creating gay profiles on these social networking sites?"

I didn't know how to respond to that. "To interact with other gay guys obviously!", I told him blankly.

"Then why not do it where it's actually meant to be done?", he asked me. "These are gay social networking sites!", he told me. "These are meant for gay guys to interact, whether they want to hook-up or make friends or even get involved!"

I was still silent. I did not know how to respond to his statement. He wasn't wrong after all.

"I'm not telling you to shut down your Facebook profile. But whatever you do their, you can do that here and have a greater shot at getting something in return!", Ryan explained.

"I don't expect anything in return!"

"I know you are looking for friends. So why not make friends that you can actually meet up with?", he asked. "I understand you have all these great friends from India, UK, Australia and where not! But won't it be better to actually have friends you could go out with and sit down with!", he explained.

"I have!", I told him. "I have you! You're gay! You're my friend!" I joked.

"Did you just flirt with me?", he asked.

"If the shoe fits!"

"You did!" Ryan laughed. "Still it doesn't change the fact that you are doing it all wrong! Also I'm bi-sexual"

Ignoring the last face, I asked him"If I'm doing it all wrong, how come I haven't messed up yet?"

"Look! There is a way one should do thing and you are doing it wrong. I can't tell you what to do and what not to do. You're 22. You can do that yourself now!"

"You are sounding alot like my mom now, you know?", I told him. "It's so unappealing!" I joked.

"Whatever!" Ryan replied. "You have no idea what you're missing!". He shut off the monitor once again and we talked abit about random stuff. I left a little while later, had to reach home before dark. Later that night when I was doing my late night e-mail checking ritual, I visited the same night. I wondered if it would be worth it making an account there. I'm not looking for a relationship. I want friends. Facebook and Orkut have been very good at doing that job uptill now. I'm content with what I have.

Quoting the words of a recent extremely bright 17 year old I started communicating with recently, I can't help but agree.

But we are free to bare our souls people who shall most probably never is ironic how you may not get to see another face to face all their life but still get to know them well...this is the magic of cyberspace!


wajahat said...

Mujhe samajh ni aya..=(

Jack said...

I like the fact that he's trying to help you out but at the same time isn't crushing the way of how YOU do it....very important quality of a last friendship!!

If you haven't gonr wrong yet, you're fine to go about as you are doing now...however friends and acquaintances are good enough to fetch from these places!

If you in future decide that you want to be in a relation, I would suggest that you opt for a gay social networking site rather than a simple networking one! They're not all that bad, you know!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Wajahat

Kya samajh nahi aaya?

@ Jack

Ummm...perhaps!! I did see some profiles but then I don't want to display my shirtless pics to land a man!!

Anyhow it's a long way to go before I opt for another relation...but i'll keep an open mind to look into a gay networking site!

'Last' friendship? Don't u mean 'Lasting'?

set said...

so...preying on innocent and smart 17 year olds now.I see.=P

aint that the height of desperation?!Maybe you should try out the networking site.

On a side note:he writes beautifully.How'd you ever land that one you lucky dog? ;-)

M@rvin said...

I'm of the opposite opinion... In my experience, all those guys seeking 'friendship' on these sites are really seeking 'friends with benefits'. May be easier to make real friends by volunteering with a LGBT rights organization (I'm sure big cities in Pakistan have some), all while getting some good work done.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Set

I didn't have to land him! He jumped unto my lap himself and his puppy dog eyes just melted my stone-cold heart!!!

And no...i'm very much happy with the love from my fans...i don't need any old networking site! ;)

@ M@rvin

We don't have any LGBT organizations in Pakistan....not as far as I know of!! But I like ur suggestion....i'll search for some after the exams!!!

set said...


As far as HE remembers it was you who approached HIM first!
and it was the pair of emerald-brown eyes on your dp that swept him away...

Phunk Factor said...

@ Set

The eyes may have started the ride but the words kept him going on and on and on....btw, why don't u let HIM talk?! :p

He's much nicer!!!

set said...

Oh...sounds like a very talky person!
exchanged a couple of long messages I guess?
And how can you say He is nicer than me?
I would let him talk but his fb status says he's going offline till 1 Jan.won't you just miss him terrib ly?=P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Set

You seem to know everything? Wait...have you kidnapped my new awesome friend?

I bet you are withdrawing his net always seemed like the play ground bully to me! =P

Yes, I'll miss i can wait till 1st Jan...i want him to work hard and get the awesome grades he can get....cuz he's got awesome potential!!!

set said...

Yeah I never really liked him...
seemed too dramatic and deep for my taste!
And oh did he write looong!
Incidentally,his net privileges got extended by another day (today) and we exchanged goodbyes...
I'm gonna miss that tyke..
B/w he told me you were smitten with him you romeo.;-)
And I'm psychic.Can't you tell!
Anyways,I predict your friend's going to bed in 5 mins and I think I should go with him.gnite!

set said...

P.S I did NOT mean the second-last sentence like it sounded!=P

wajahat said...

well the point is clear enough you know magar phunky i didnt like your last two blogs seems they are incomplete like they aren't conveying full msg..
No offence at all it's just my opinion.. =)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Set

Do you realize you just contradicted urslf? :p

Yes, I'm completely smitten with him....and like wise he's also he's 17 u know and so shy!

However yes..we have decided not to do anything till he turns which point I'm going to be sending over my parents! :p

@ Wajahat tell the truth, I have felt the same i don't quite know what is missing! :(


P.S. I don't mind criticism! :)

jits said...

Well from my personal experience i can tell that not all guys are bad on the dating site. A majority is just for random hookups n one night stands but i have met nice people also out there and i can happily say i have a circle of gay friends to actually hang out with, at the end of the day its a personal choice if one is intrtd in keeping profiles in such site, a word of caution though u will get many messages with 'have a place ?' in but as i said not everyone is the same.

wajahat said...

hahah thank you phunky...
amm i think you wrote both of these blogs without following your heart..
there could be two reason either these blog dont contain the whole truth or the inappropriate scheduling of sentences...
Umm you know i am not getting any kinda feelings in both of these blogs.. Try to put right words on the blog to show the correct feelings..
And start should be curious mid should be romantic ending should give the complete texture of story.. =)
Side note i am the craziest one among here =D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jits

I'm not saying they're all bad...i did see some decent ppl out ther..but in a sea of sharks, I don't want to search for dolphins!!!

And Ryan had his profile open...2 messages popped up asking if he's free in the Eid holidays!! LOL!!

@ Wajahat

I wouldn't say tht I didn't have my heart in these...i do have these posts in my perhaps I wasn't up to the usual level i hav wen i execute a post...i was kind of in a hurry and plus these posts were done in several sittings.....perhaps that why the inconsistency!!

Christian said...

Ryan Rocks...!!!

der r lotsa underlying things here, i cant write here... meet me on chat sumtime.. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Yezzur!!!! ;)

And exactly how are you going to spoil my not-so innocent mind now? :p

wajahat said...

Yeah right man.. But you know i was right as well.. =P
i could be sensible at times =D
well you have to keep in mind to give proper timings to writing.. ""As you have the potential..
and potential worth time""
Side note.. It was a quote from me =D

Derric said...

Hey even ill have to agree with Ryan. Actually i thought you had friends in the local circle too.
Hearing that most of your friends are cyber friends even i feel like spanking you with a ray whip. Come on to have friends to interact with, on cyber space is cool, you can blaber to them without feeling any remorse. But keeping that apart, you need to have friends whom you can actually meet.
I have been telling you this earlier also, meet some guys have a good time with them. Hey remember Paki's are Hot Guys. Loosen up

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

I do have a few friends in Karachi...but I found them from Orkut only...haven't been to any place like Manjam or Planetromeo!!!

And no...i do have friends...Ryan is talking abt GAY cyber friends...he believes i should hav gay friends that i can actually meet face to face with on a regular basis if i want to...and yea, i'll take a shot at tht sooner or later!!!

Thanks fr dropping by!

Derric said...

Even i am talking of the same, Gay friends.....yes when there is PR & Manjam, why look in orkut. And in PR & Manjam, both of u guys know what ur looking for so you can drop the act, get directly to the, friendship, chat, or relationship....what ever

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

I'm convinced....but like I said, after my exams!!

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