Nov 3, 2010

Celebrating the Difference

The official video for P!NK's new single 'Raise Your Glass' premiered last night and I can't put into words how happy the video makes me feel. It's all about celebrating the difference and being yourself. An anthem to all the out-casts, under-dogs, dark horses and just about everyone who feels like they didn't ever have a place for themselves in this world. It's exhilarating!

When I first heard the song, I sort of knew that she would do in relation to LGBT Awareness element. But she has carried it so much further. Rejection based on physical appearance, animal cruelty, religious oppression and just about everything else that's wrong in this beautiful world. I loved this song since the time I first heard and it is currently sitting on the top on my iTunes with a total of 634 plays. The video takes me love for this song to a completely new level. Just about everything in this video speaks out to me and gets me to feel good. Check out the video below.

I loved the prom dance and the dancing baby. It's all so incredible and fun! I can so dance to this with my homies. I texted Ryan about it last night when I saw it and literally made him get out of his stupid bed to watch this video. He loved it!

Lately alot of artists have been putting out songs about celebrating the difference. Katy Perry jumped on the board with her song 'Fireworks' from her second album Teenage Dream.

Once again this song stood out to me from the rest because of the message it carried. Songs with messages always speak out to most to me for some reason, maybe I'll put some of them up later. Just like with 'Raise Your Glass', the video of 'Firework' made me love the song even more.

You guys probably think that the gay kiss spoke out the most to me from the vid. Well, yes! It kind of did but the thing that really spoke out to me the most is the kid who pushes his father away trying to stop the fight. I have a friend who can't remember a single day his parents did not get into an argument. Growing up in a house filled with screams and shout, he has become a completely hard person. He rarely opens up to anyone! He never really told us about it. His little sister accidentally let it slip once about him not being able to concentrate on his school-work because of their parents. "How come you don't smile?", "Do you find anything funny?" were the common comments he got from his peers. He would just give a weak smile in response, but in retrospect I have a feeling it was just to shut us up.

Teenagers nowadays are under alot of pressure in trying to fit in. It's something integral in us. We don't want to be singled out and have people staring us. If it's not something at school, it's something outside the school or even worse inside the homes.Blending in and fitting in is all what everyone is trying to do these days. Life is all about living and if you can't live it being yourself, then exactly who's life are you living?

Celebrate the difference!

On a separate note, I have been meaning to post about an award I got since a few weeks but it kept slipping my mind. I saw it last week and wanted to do a post about it but then I waited a few posts out because this post happens to be my 90th post. Only 10 more to go before I hit my first 100!

A perfect 10!

To those of you following me, if you want me to write about anything then leave it in a comment or drop a line in the chat box. Otherwise you can also email me on and Whatever you would like to know about me or would like to know how I feel about, you just need to drop a line. And yes, you will remain anonymous if you wish to do so. I am very good at keeping secrets!

The blog award I was talking about is a super-cool entirely original, 'Keeps Me From Killing' Award which was created by my blog sister Falen found over at Colorful Rants of a Fed-Up Sista. She was also the one who popped my award cherry a few months ago. LOL!

I gotta give out these two awards to a few fellows as well but stupid blogger keeps messing up all the blog URLs. Argh!

And now I'm signing off, I gotta raise my glass of milk! ;)


M@rvin said...

Congrats! Your blog gets the 'Keeps Me Sane' award from me too. But hey, I gotta get to 100 posts before you!

Jack said...

Is she coming out with a new album?

I really don't keep up with the current musical trends but I liked her last album alot...quite possibly the one album that topped Rihanna's Rated R from 2008!

But you are right...the song is awesome and the concept of the video is brilliant! I remember reading somewhere your comment about Lady Gaga getting everyone to raise their game...while that's cool...but raising the game has made alot of material unsuitable for kids to watch!

Congratulations on the award!

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin wise!! N no...u'll definitely be hitting the milestone before me!!

Damn you, biatch! :p

@ Jack

Unfortunately no! She's releasing her first Greatest will contain her previous singles AND two new of which is 'Raise Ur Glass'!

Rated R is from '09 and Funhouse is from '08...but yeah...both albums are fantastic!!! :D

Unsuitable fr kids?

Ummm...yeah, I kinda do agree to that but then I feel nowadays a 12 yr old knows way more about all this than the amount I did wen I was 12! :p

Thanks fr dropping by!

dating diva said...

I love love love that P!NK video! It's so positive and uplifting! Congrats on your 90th post :)


Anonymous said...

This video speaks out to me to a million degrees...just today i was made of fun at school for looking like a fat mouse...worst because those fuckers made fun of me in front of my crush! I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me..but then i came home and just saw this video on ur blog...i'm feeling so happy!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dating Diva

Hahaha...high five, sister!! :D

P.S. Do ppl still do tht? ;)

@ Anonymous

Crap..being made fun of infrnt of ur crush is the absolute worst! I really hope ur crush didn't take those comments seriously!

Glad to know I could do a little to make u sure to drop by a huge hug and 'Thank You' note to P!NK! ;)


AWWW bro you got me dancing like a psycho early this morning!!! I love Pink to no end! I would punch Obama in the face for her!!! ;)

P.S. you deserve every award available because your blog just rocks!!

jits said...

Congrats on the 90th post :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Falen, me and Ryan...i'd bump n grind random strangers on the dance floor any day to this song!! ;)

It'll be Murder on the Dancefloor! :D

@ Jits

Thanks, man!

Derric said...

Hey we all are looking for a difference, may be thats why all these videos are potraying the boldness, need for a change, support etc. We need one another, to help us.

I have to say, did not very much like Katy Perry's Firework, i mean just vocal but when i saw the video i really was hooked. I ve not yet got to watch the video of Raise your Glass, but i am already hooked to the song.

Congrats, our very own celebrity.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Hahahaha...thanks, man!!!

P.S. Not a celeb!!!

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