Oct 9, 2010

We Are Not Having Sex

"So where are we meeting next time?", Bruce asked.

"I don't know! I have my mids coming up so I don't think I'll be able to make time in the next few days!", I told him dejectedly. I didn't know what was going on his head but I knew he was planning something. He had that crooked smile of his that always conquered his face when he was being naughty. "Why? Did you have something specific planned?" I asked him. I was totally suspicious that something was brewing in his mind. I could smell it.

"My parents are going away this weekend to see my elder brother!", he told me. Were my eyes playing tricks or was he actually blushing?, I asked myself in amazement. He had the reputation of a playboy, having been with at least more than 50 guys before me. I didn't entirely believe it because I don't think anyone can get laid that easily - even with his good looks and suave demeanor.

"So you want me to come over to your place?" I asked. I already knew what his answer would be. I was amazed at how celibate Bruce had been since we started going out. It was such a weird moment. It felt like being in high school. Parents going away, house all to oneself, perfect moment to get it on with someone - a very special someone. No one to disturb us, we could take as much time as we wanted to. No interruptions!

"Think about it! It's a great opportunity but obviously I would understand if you don't feel like!", he explained. I offered him my garlic-mayo fries as we talked. The traffic had us surrounded from all sides.

"Oh c'mon!", I poked him in disbelief. "I maybe just twenty but I know you just don't get fine and you definitely don't let things go that easily!" I added.

"Doesn't matter if I do. Because at the end of the day, I can't force you into a position, you don't want to be in!", he cracked an intentional pun. Also a very bad one!

"Position?", I asked in disbelief. "Seriously, Bruce? You know how over-active my imagination is, I'm already imagining the possibilities!" I said landing a hard punch on his shoulder.

"Ah, the joys of being a pervert!" he remarked with a naughty glint in his eyes. "So what do you think? You want to come over?", he asked as he drove me back to my place.

"I'll definitely think about it!", I told him. I wanted to be honest, but being honest can cause us to break up. I argued in my head what to do next. However this being my first real-time relation, I had promised myself I would be honest to both of us. "I do want to come over but I don't think I'm ready to have sex yet!", I blurted out. I'm such a Drama Queen!

He turned off the radio. Surprisingly, he had a smile on his face. I didn't quite understand how to interpret that reaction of his. "Why?" he asked still laughing slightly.

"I can't! Also I'm way too conscious about my body when I'm next to you!", I told him.

He was still laughing like some stupid jock and I felt like the girl who dates stupid jocks. "Why are you conscious about your body?", he asked.

"Are you kidding me?", I shot back. "Look at you! You're totally jacked! You've got the whole thing! Pecs! Biceps! Abs! You're frigg'in hot and I can't begin to tell you how many times I want to rip you're clothes off!" I blurted out at once.

"And you don't because?", he asked again as he turned left. We were pretty close to my home now.

"Look, it's going to happen my way if anything is going to happen!" I told him strictly. "I may come over but there is no way we are having sex!", I told him very sternly. I knew I was being somewhat of a wet blanket but there is really no point of getting physically intimate if it creeps you out really bad.

"Yes, Dear!" he remarked in the most mocking tone ever. "I won't touch you for the next 9 months!"

"Keep that up and I'll make it 9 months for real!", I half-threatened him. Well, not really! But I had to poke him back. I'm not one of those to sit and take it quietly.

"You're such a prude!" he remarked. "But do explain, if we won't have sex then what exactly is going to happen when you come over? Are we going to sit holding hands like good Christian couples?", he asked. I could sense a genuine curiosity mixed with his ever-ready sarcasm.

"I don't know!" I told him. I seriously didn't. "Expect sparks to fly but not necessarily the kind that would from friction of humping!" I winked.

"And that didn't stir any images in your over-active imagination?!", he asked in surprise.

I laughed. "It did. But it's okay when I do it!" I remarked. "You don't need to go all way. Just drop me at the next turn. I'll walk."

Bruce stopped the car at the next turn and we shook hands, which was kind of awkward. But I refused any PDAs in the vicinity of my neighborhood. I got out of the car and started walking. I didn't know if he was trying to be cool or annoying, but he was started moving the car extremely slowly keeping it right pace to pace with me. I turned around and gave him that look two to three times but there was no reaction.

I realized that people around us were noticing us now. I called him up, "Dude, get your butt outta here! People are looking and it's weird!", I growled.

He cut the call and zoomed the car past me. He disappeared at the next turning. I have to admit that display of craziness did turn me on alot. I didn't know if he meant to do it to excite me or it was just Bruce being Bruce. I decided to take up on the offer of going over to his place. It seemed like a really cool thing to do. But I was still convinced that I need to hold on to myself for just a little longer. It was somewhat that I was conscious about my body but also that I have heard from so many places that how many times people rush into sex and everything else goes out of the relationship. I didn't want that to happen so I was intending on keeping it strictly non-sexual - for now.


H said...

Bruce sounds so sexy.
The type who'd make you see stars in the daytime.

But I'm with you on the no sex till you're ready thing. Sex has way too many consequences to deal with. I don't get people who submit to having sex under pressure, peer or otherwise.
You go, boy!

Jack said...

You being honest is the best thing to do in such situations!
Being level-headed is the first step in maintaining as you say a real time relationship!
Also Bruce sounds so extremely sexy!! I love dating men who have an adventurous streak!

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

Hahahaha...you're blown away by both Ryan n Bruce...PICK ONE! :p

Yeah..i know I was right wen I made that decision...even though I felt like a complete a-hole! :(

@ Jack

Does everyone think Bruce is sexy? :o

Thanks fr the compliments! :)


I don't even have a penis and I got the biggest boner reading this! That guy sound's like a fucking hottie! even though he's a cocky sexy smart ass...but that is what makes him so cool! Yeah holding out is a good idea when it comes to that guy...they like the chase!

Phunk Factor said...


It's all about confidence...Bruce was one of the most confident people I ever knew...and it's no surprise tht he would climb all the way up to CEO or something...bt these people...hav a way with people like me...so i gotta be on my tippy-toes! ;)

Derric said...

Bruce seems to be a pro...lol

Comfort level is important in what ever the situation is.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Hahahaha....everyone loves Bruce!! ;)

sssdawna said...

i'm new here, but i'm lovin it!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sssdawna

Oh wow!! That's awesome!! I hope you keep on loving everything I post! ;)

Colleen said...

That was a pretty steamy little story there! Make him work for it Phunk!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Colleen

Hahaha...thanks, Colleen! And just so you know...i do that with all of them!! The chase is half of the fun!!

J' kidd'in!

Coolguy...Hotguy said...

Oh my..!!!! Ur so sex cautious... :P
but then it was good of you to be honest about it and giving it a thought rather than just riding on horse in jiff of a moment and going nowhere....
But then why r u cautious abt ur body? Ok i too was the same, some years ago, But then when i opened up(No Pun Intended...)i feel quite comfortable about it as of now....but then the point is sex does change lot of things, i had a discussion with my friends as well and they too agreed sex with a friend does spoil most of things in most of the instances. But then i am not refraining you from doing it with anyone, but be clear with your needs and what u want, and how u gonna take it further.......!!!!
*hugs and Kisses*

Phunk Factor said...

@ Coolguy...Hotguy

Riding on horse?! :o

OMG!! U do have a way with words! :p

I'm cautious because next to Bruce I looked like a plump fairy!! :p

Bruce is not a friend...he was a boyfriend and then nothing else ever!! As 'weird' I felt telling him that...I felt that he needed to know!!

Samuel Khan said...

well written n beautifully expressed . . .
will eagerly wait to know what actually happened that weekend ; did Phunk visit him or not . . .

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