Oct 18, 2010

Hands All Over

The room was perfect in the sense that I have always dreamed of owning a room like it. It screamed 'Man' so loud that you would go deaf. It wasn't dirty, besides the usual mess of books confined on the table and CDs strewn all over the computer table. There was no bed, instead two mattresses placed on top of one another. There was some sort of cushioned back support, a mother's touch I guess. Two giant ass pillows and a bed side table with a laptop resting over it, playing an episode of Seinfeld. Bruce loved to watch Seinfeld, he didn't like any of the other programs airing back then except for Prison Break. There was bookshelves on the wall housing his MBA books and a few pictures of his nephew. The walls were a pale shade of green, which was the only thing I disagreed with. I prefer hues of blue or a plain simple white. The coolest part was the closet built into the wall. I hate bumps coming in the wall of on-going walls. Built-in closets are amazing!

"So what do you think?", he asked.

I didn't know how to respond to it. It wasn't like he had renovated for me, it had always been like this. I decided to give my honest opinion but tone down the level of excitement. "It's super!" I said with a smile.

He walked to the revolving chair and pulled it to the mattresses. I was sitting on the mattress, feeling it's firmness. It was weird but comfortable. I wasn't aware that he was looking at me for quite some time. "What?", I asked.

"Nothing!", he said with a smile.

"Your constant smiling is freaking me out!", I told him. "What's going on? Tell me!" I pleaded.

"Nothing!", he repeated. "Seriously, is it so wrong that I like looking at you?" he asked.

"There's nothing wrong but I feel like you're a starving lion and I'm a Zebra with the largest behind ever!" I complained.

"You really need to work on your analogies!", he poked me with his toes. Unfortunately that toe poked my sides and I let out a rather large giggle. I quickly stifled up.

"Are you ticklish?", he asked.

"No!", I replied instantly. He poked me again with his toe and I laughed again, louder than last time.

"You are!", he said all wide-eyed. "You are more ticklish than my nephew!", still sitting on the chair he went down and grabbed my ankle. He pulled it up into his lap before I could react to it and start tickling. Naturally I started laughing and bouncing all over the bed in response. I kept telling him to stop, which he obeyed for a while only before starting again. Finally I managed to wrench my foot free from him. He was laughing too right now. The ice that had been broken was slowly starting to build up again. I had slithered my foot into his jeans from the leg-hole and was grazing his leg. I guess he felt that was a good signal because after some time he got up from the chair and joined me on the mattress. We both didn't really say anything as he moved closer. I waited for something to happen and I realized it was about to happen now.

Bruce and I were just an inch away now and he leaned in, "Ready?" he asked.

I didn't know what to say to him. My tongue had been reduced to liquid and my brain had stopped functioning. I felt my heart was in my throat and I was going to vomit it out any second. I didn't respond but Bruce went ahead anyways. My eyes closed automatically, I was copying whatever he was doing. What I didn't see coming was his tongue. My teeth stayed clenched. He stopped and withdrew. "I know you haven't kissed before, but I was hoping that you were atleast aware of how people kiss!", he remarked with a smile.

"I froze!", I told him.

Bruce crept all the way to the back of the mattress and lied down. "Come here!" he told me. I turned around and lay next to him. "Was it too soon?", he asked.

I denied it. "Just take it abit slow!" I told him. Bruce showed his agreement with a blink and a smile. I can never forget that look. It prepared me for what was to come. He lowered his head again but he didn't go for my lips. He buried it next it to side of my head and started from there. It felt awkward at first, I really had no idea what to do next. Yeah, it felt good but I think because I was processing it too much it kept me from getting lost in the passion. As I had predicted, I was immediately conscious of my body.

He had worn a button down shirt as I requested. I find the whole unbuttoning process extremely arousing, it makes the foreplay last longer leading to more exciting and steamier sex. I don't mind t-shirts, but good button downs turn me on like a freak. I had opened a few of the bottom ones, I was feeling him up. In the next few moments, his shirt had been cast aside and the jeans was open. He stopped kissing and got on top of me. I was scared for a moment because he was much heavier than me and this was sort of going in the direction I did not want it to go. Thankfully he did that just to take off my shirt and once done, he went down. As he lay on top, he was surprisingly light. I wasn't pressed like I expected to be. Either he was lighter than I had imagined him to be or he somehow knew how to balance himself so that I don't feel his weight.

Bruce was on top of me now and was humping slowly. This was the point I really started freaking out because I felt the limits I had set were being crossed and this was definitely too soon in my book. "Stop, please!" I whispered.

"What?", he asked looking up.

"Can we stop now?", I asked. He looked angry and confused at the same time. "We're going too fast!" I gulped with my eyes closed. He's going to choke me and I'm going to die in this dream room of mine.

"Seriously?", he asked. I nodded in response and began pulling up my jeans.

"What's the time?", I asked.

"It's close to 5:30!", he remarked. I looked back, he was pushing back his hair trying to settle them down from the crazy mess I had made pulling and tugging them while making-out.

"I need to go now! It's late and the traffic is going to be haphazard crazy. Any later and I'm going to be reaching home very late.", I excused myself. He got up and threw on his shirt quickly.

"I'm going with you!", he told me.

"What?", I asked him in amazement. "Why?", I asked.

"I'm not letting you drive alone in the traffic. You got your license like 2 months ago, you can't handle evening traffic!" he told me sternly. He was pissed, I could tell.

"No!", I said stopping him. "It would be a hassle for you!"

"Phunk!" he glared.

"Bruce, please!" I told him, "I need to go alone. I need to think and process, can't do that with you in the passenger seat!" However Bruce wasn't one to be convinced. I considered running away with the car when he closed the gates of his home but that would have been really rude. "Promise, you won't say a word!" I told him. He promised and didn't say a word the entire drive except critiquing my driving skills, telling me which route to take and maneuver through the traffic. It was a little annoying but I did not have the balls to criticize him.

Later when the streets got relatively clear, he had me drop him off at a bus stop from where he took a bus back home. I hung around till the bus came. Thank God there were people surrounding us, it prevented Bruce from talking about anything. I wasn't sure if he even wanted to talk.

As the bus carrying Bruce drove away into a sea of smog, I settled into my car and drove home. I hated myself for behaving like a prude back at Bruce's place but it just felt wrong at that moment. I didn't even feel like kissing him properly and that made me wonder if Bruce was the right one for me. I came back home and had a nice long bath, I messaged Bruce that if he has time he should let me know, I will call him up and give him a chance to ask, talk or whatever he has on his mind.


H said...

That started out SO steamy. But I understand the way you feel, I'd probably feel the same way. What me and my girlfriend did was that we decided how far we wanted to go and neither of us pushed it. If one did the other wold just say "stop" and we'd continue.
It isn't galmorous but it works I guess.

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

I didn't have that idea back then....i was so naive and innocent!! :p

I don't mind it not being glamorous as long as it does the job! :)

dating diva said...

Love the way you write!



I just officially realized I was a huge freak when I was chanting in my head, "DO THAT SHIT PHUNK, DO IT! SUCK HIM TO SLEEP!!!"...but the end calmed me down!

YOU GOTTA WRITE EROTIC BOOKS BROTHER!! I was drooling and foaming at the fucking mouth!...not gonna lie...If I had a dick...it would've gotten hard lol

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dating Diva

Oh wow!! That's the 2nd time someone said that to me!!! :D

Thanks alot!!


Hahahaha...roflmao...even in ur comments u crack me up!!!

I do have a penchant fr erotic writing...however my life isn't as sex charged as I'd like it to be...sorry! ;)

Samuel said...

hmmm . . . u should write a statutory warning . . . STRAIGHT MEN STAY AWAY . . . coz ya well etched depiction has whole the potential in the world to turn straight guyz into gayzzz . . can i ask u sumthing . . . i wona know whats the significance of looks n a hot body in a gay relationship ? i mean Bruce iz all well ripped greek god n u dont stand much of a chance if compared to him at physical level . . . so does it kinda bother u at timezzz ? ? ? hopefully u wont mind me askin . . .

Phunk Factor said...

@ Samuel

Am I that good? :p

Significance of good looks and hot body...hmmm..depends on the ppl involved!! Obviously there has to an attraction bt quite often it's not entirely based on looks....ppl also tend to be attracted to personality, wealth, fame, status...whatevr tickles their pickle! :p

Did it bother me while dating Bruce?

Heck yes! I was extremely insecure about it...it wasn't just tht he attracted other guys...bt all the fear tht he may find someone who's more attractive than me...it did exist!! So yea...i was insecure!!

Jack said...

HOT pictures, man....who's the dude in the second one?

I'd do him any day, any time, any where....no argument!!

Coming to you...like I said, you need to loosen up and just let things go with the flow...i wish you had opened up to Bruce (pardon the pun)..he could have made a wonderful lover!

Derric said...

Oh come on .. stop thinking if its right or wrong.
You definitely could be a Novelist.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jack

No idea!! I just randomly collect pics that I like and then randomly put them up!!

I'll keep that in mind the next time I get committed!! :)

@ Derric

Novelist? U said my dream, man!! I really hope I do become that someday!

Christian said...

GAWWWWD... its bad wat you did... cmon that Guy is totally into you and dont evn peoperly Kiss... wth/...and u came to his place..dude thats a sign ..that you wnat things to proceed... if you dont want all those things just meet outside.. ;)...

and puhlease... for god's sake.. stop thinking ..too much... Mind is Bull shit.. just be free... and enjoy... Life hardly offers good things... and if you are in that place .. things are happenings.. that means fate designed it for you.. so take it..

m so so pissed... mere aise aise dost... :( :( ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Crap! Now I feel bad for him! I know he was into me...but I dunno...i was never THAT really comfortable with him!!

LOL @ the last line

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

This was sexy, saucy, sweet, inspirational & educational!

Good stuff, P!



Phunk Factor said...

@ Rambunctious WhipperSnapper

How was it educational? :o

I've yet to write that part up...will be posting it soon..hopefully!

Thanks fr dropping by!

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