Oct 16, 2010

The Cheesy Killer

I reached Bruce place around 4 in the afternoon. I had agreed to come over to his place the day he asked me to come over, but I considered multiple number of times to call and cancel on the plan. Another part of me wanted to simply not show up. Give no reason and completely ignore it, but that would have been too much. I got ready and left my place around 3.

As suspected, the journey took about an hour. Everybody seems to live so far away from my place; Bruce, Ryan, Nathan and just about everybody else. I had goose bumps all over my body as I drove. I tried relaxing myself with some anthems but images of hot heavy sex kept pushing through my brain. It was like the inside of my eyelids had been painted by some artist who specializes in Kama Sutra portraits. It was the weirdest experience ever, but perhaps it was because this would turn out to be my first ever experience with a guy. I won't deny and say that I wasn't excited, because I was. I was really very much excited. But at the exact same time I was scared in a total out of the body experience.

I called him up as I approached his place. He had asked me to park the car inside so that I'm not worried about anyone breaking into the car. I asked him if he lived in a safe neighborhood, because I expected at least some security given that he lived in a posh area of my city. He wanted no thought to bother me so he had made that arrangement. I was a little smitten by the gallant gesture. As I parked in very carefully trying not to bump into anything; I get nervous in new places, Bruce jumped into the car. "How are you doing? Nervous?", he asked.

I could just scowl in response to that. "I can't let go of that freak'in steering wheel. That's how nervous I am!", I snapped at him.

"Don't worry. We won't be doing anything that you don't want to do!", he explained very smoothly. I felt that he was being honest. I know it was a huge effort for him to be this composed, open and clear. Bruce is an extremely  physical person. He had been having sex since he was 17 and he had done it multiple times before. This was his first time being in a relation and since it largely involved being sincere and monogamous, I did realize it was a huge effort for him. Even though it was expected from him, I was very happy at his effort.

We went into the house and he closed the door behind us. It was so huge and white from the inside. Also spotless! I can't remember ever seeing anything this spotless and clean. "So is it usually this clean or did you do that specially for me?", I asked him.

"Oh no! I just cleaned my room for you. Babu does the rest of the house every day!", he told me as a matter-of-fact way.

"Babu?!", I asked in surprise. "Who's Babu?"

"Our servant! He's the caretaker of the house and now very much like family. With mom and dad going abroad so often to meet my brothers, I really can't be expected to take care of the house!", he told me. "Babu was hired as a child by my grandfather as his personal servant. Over time, he took in-charge of taking care of everyone. He's awesome!" he told me with the biggest smile ever.

"That's cool!", I said. "So is he around?", I asked again.

"No! I gave him a day off! He would be around late to make dinner but I think you would be gone by then! Would you?" he asked me.

"I just came and you are already asking me when I am going to leave!", I said sarcastically. "I'm loving your boyfriend attitude!"

"You know I didn't mean that!", he came close and wrapped his arms around me. I stood there rooted to the ground. Is he going to kiss me now?, I wondered. He just stood there with his arms around and kept on smiling.

We must have stood like that for a five minutes. He was still smiling. How can he still just smile?. I was starting to feel awkward right now. He had a really tight grip. "Aren't you going to do something?", I asked him.

"Do you want me to do something?" he asked. Oh, he's being naughty! He wants me to make the first move. That's so wrong! My first time, I should not be making the first move.

"Bruce!" I growled.

"I won't do it till you tell me you want me to do it!", he told me. He still had that stupid smile plastered on his face.

"Do you torture all of your dates like this?", I asked him.

"Nopes! Just the ones I intend to keep!" he said. Only he could pull off something cheesy like that and still make it sound hot. I considered asking him to kiss me but then I'm not the one to give up so easily. Also I was wondering if I make him wait long enough, would he make the first move on his own.

"So if you don't mind, can you please let me go. It's going to be really awkward going to the washroom if we intend to stay like this!", I replied. By now I had my arms around him as well, if he was playing tough I'm ready to bring my A-Game into the field. I can be very awesome at flirting. Very very awesome!

"Why?", he asked innocently. "Nothing there, that I won't be seeing eventually!" he poked.

"Bruce!", I scowled and stepped on his toes with mine. He let me go and headed upstairs. I followed him up taking time to look at the pictures lining the wall against the stairs. It looked like one of those houses you get to see on TV. So eloquent and well-designed! I take great pride in my mother's designing ability and find our house extremely warm and comforting. But Bruce's house radiated something like precision of the highest level. I considered asking him if they had hired some interior designer, but it would have been too weird.

His room was the second one from the end of the stairs. "Ready?", he asked.

I went ahead and pushed the door open. The room left me breathless, speechless, thoughtless and completely shocked, much like it's owner did to me. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Bruce stood behind me, probably smiling. I don't remember. I was trying to absorb my surroundings right now and getting accustomed to them, because it all seriously felt like some dream.


Samuel said...

Oh pray . . . beautiful , i wish to see Brucez room now . . . that emotionz u went through in the car , i wonder how will it really feel to go through them , just reading them gave me butterfliez in ma stomach . . . eagerly waiting to lap up the upcomming thread of ya evening with Bruce . . .

H said...

I hate youuuuu
You cannot leave me hanging like this.
I HATE suspense :( D:
Loving the post though, very very hot.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Samuel

Next part...is going to be all about what happened in the room...PROMISE!! Bt yea...i'm going to give everything away with just the title! :p

@ H

Yes, we all do....bt I must keep u reeled in that way!!!

P.S. Speaking honestly, if I had put that in...the post would have been too darn freak'in long!!!

Jack said...

You should learn to relax more! He's your boyfriend...so around him, you really should not be thinking and just taking things in flow as they happen...I know you are single now...but for next time keep this in mind! You're just 22...have fun!

With that out of the way...I loved how you described the driving process and the scene in the house...i could imagine it all happening it in my head!

Way to go!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jack

Thanks fr advice...but it all ends up with how much I'm feeling at ease around the other guy! With Nathan, I was completely cool with nething and everything...it's just something I pick on as time goes by!

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?


I almost passed the fuck out when I spotted the link within icons and realized the post was over!! OMG! You cant just leave me hanging like this!!!! What happened! Did you like it! Was it good! Did you do it! WHATTTTT!!!!! OMG!!! You are such a tease boo boo lol

Phunk Factor said...


Oh crap...i'm sorry abt tht, sister dear!!! N what happened next....it was 'Hands all over' ;)

jits said...

ooooo waiting for the next post eagerly :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ jits

Soon! Very soon!
Glad to have you back!

Jack said...

28...practically a senior citizen!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jack

Not in my world!! For me, you're still a plump little chicken! :p

Derric said...

Am i reading a novel??
that's my reaction, not so sure if its good or bad.... but i do envy that unseen house

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Yea...ur reading 'Days in the life of Phunk' :p

Colleen said...

Phunk, you have me hanging on every word!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Colleen


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