Oct 4, 2010

Then Queer, Now Free

Roll your eyes as much as you but I'm a huge Reality TV Whore. I thoroughly enjoy watching shows like American Idol, X Factor, Top Chef, Project Runway and even America's Next Top Model. Yes! I watch America's Next Top Model!

I know it's not the best thing to put out about myself but nobody said I have to be perfect. But yeah, I watch only America's Next Top Model. I don't bother with the Australian edition or the British version for that matter. I'm just crazy about the US of A. Besides I think Australian and British girls are abit of a snob types. They have got so many issues.

In the most recent cycle; that is cycle 15, there is an openly lesbian contestant Kayla Ferell. No, it's not that she's the first lesbian to ever appear on the show. There have been many through the cycles. There has even been a transsexual contestant, Isis King.

In cycle 15, the very first photo shoot the girls were put through was based around the theme of Teen Bullying. It revolved around a particular word the girl was taunted with during her time in middle school or high school. Kayla has been open about her sexuality since 10th Grade. It's pretty obvious to conclude that she has been teased about it. Her bully-word happened to be 'Queer'. Pfft! The bullies could not even get creative.

Tyra showed up at the shoot because she wanted to help the girls and not let their bully-word over power them. She told every girl to choose a word in context to the bully-word but it should be in a positive sense. Something that reinforces positivity and induces confidence into them. She sat down with every girl and helped them through. They showed some of the girls one-on-one time with Tyra and Kayla's time was included. You can catch it here.

When Tyra asked Kayla about her bully-word, the response was like a quiver. Like she was scared for her life. She recalled how she had to change schools because it had gotten so bad at her previous one and she was scared at how the people were treating her. They used to talk about her sexuality, ultimately she started facing rejection. Rejection is bad enough to get at any point in life, but to be rejected during high school is the absolute worst. High school is undeniably one of the toughest parts of a person's life because there is so much happening at the same time. It's hard not to let it all take over yourself.

Her power-word was 'Free'. Her entire body was covered with the words 'Queer' and 'Free' written in paint. She describes the process of the word 'Queer' being written as harsh, and it has to be. When you are taunted by some word, the first thing you want to do in response is not to be associated with it. Having it written over your own body is like wearing it. Fortunately Kayla was also excited about the word 'Free' being written on herself. She recalls how therapeutic the word 'Free' felt when it was painted over her neck.

"You can't like fully understand unless you are what I am in my community" - Kayla Ferell

I could not put these sage words any better than she already has. Ever since you have been a kid you have been exposed to the idea about unions can only be formed between a man and a woman, and that only the attraction between a man and woman is natural. So to grow up and realize that your mind says something else and your heart is singing a completely different song is really hard to comprehend, accept and live your life through like that. Every person who is growing up facing the issue of sexuality feels the same. The feeling that nobody can really understand what is going on with them. Every guy is discussing about boobs and butts, it's hard to say that you don't. Most teens don't because it's going to turn into a lengthy and possibly an embarrassing or even worse, a violent conversation. This attitude is carried on into adulthood and in some unfortunate cases through life.

LGBT teens do not want to be ridiculed and humiliated. No teen wants to feel like they don't deserve to live. But all this bullying does make LGBT children feel that way, that's why there have been 4 suicides in the past few weeks. These are just the ones that have come into news. What about those that haven't? What about the ones unheard and unseen?

Teen Bullying doesn't just exist in America. Teen Bullying is everywhere in the world. I have been bullied and I'm pretty sure each and everyone of you have been bullied as well. While my bully-word was nothing harsh like 'Queer'. I was termed 'Mama's Boy'. I won't deny that it didn't hurt because it did. But now I realize that was me being 'Obedient'. At the end of the day, I owe my mother alot more than I whatever I owed to people inviting me to parties or whatever they were planning.

To any teen reading my blog, if you are being bullied you can seek help from this website. It's also been mentioned in the video that I have linked earlier in this post. It's time to take a stand! It's time to put these bullies into their rightful place.

On a side, Kayla has been doing extremely well in the competition up till now. She is not only amongst the judges favorite but also a favorite amongst the viewers. I'm totally rooting for her to take the crown. Check out her picture from last week where she was an undersea Goddess.

Ain't she a beauty? 


dating diva said...

High school is hard for everyone I think, and it breaks my heart that bullying has gone to such extremes. No one should ever have to hide who they are to feel accepted, but kids can be mean. After the recent four suicides there have been a lot of celebrities talking about ways to reach out to teenagers being bullied. I hope something positive can come out of all of this. Kayla is stunning!


Derric said...

How long will it continue, i am not sure, but the bullying has to stop. And now its the high time. Sometimes bullying turns to discrimination that should not be tolerated ever.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dating Diva

True...high school IS hard enough for everyone! So why make it a harder than it already is?

But the true fault doesn't lie with the kids. It's with the adults who don't maintain order amongst these kids! The academic institution NEEDS to rectify it's flaws....and one of the biggest is their unjust treatment of LGBT children!!

And yes, Kayla IS stunning!!

@ Derric

No one does...but I'm hoping these four deaths don't go unheard of. It's horrible enough already...and we really can't bring these 4 beautiful boys back...but atleast we can make sure the ones still being bullied don't resort to this method!


...Would it scare you to know that I have seen EVERY EPISODE of America's Next Top Model? lmfao I can't help myself!

Phunk Factor said...


Hahaha....holla at u, sister! :D

M@rvin said...

You watch ANTM too?! I've watched every episode 3 times!!! Never even tried watching the other countries' NTMs, too faithful to the original. :) Kayla's doing a great job so far.

Hate school bullies, Fing losers. All remind me of Moe from Calvin and Hobbes.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

U should already know...i responded to ur Cycle 14 post! ;)

I watched the other ones when the tv started showing them...but concluded in two to three episodes that they don't live up to the USA version at all!!!

M@rvin said...

I just tried watching Britain's Next Top Model - Gawd, what horrid accents some of those girls have, definitely not the BBC with its 'propah' English. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Awwww baby...i recommend u to sit down and watch all 14 cycles of ANTM in a single go...it'll get u back on track!!!

Jack said...

I'm a very straight looking gay guy so I have absolutely no idea about this show you mentioned...but I did view the link you have put up...the girl seemed to be frightened for life!!
It's sad how LGBT people are treated all over the world...the recent episode of Glee has seriously changed my views on how I see the world!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jack

"Grilled Cheesus" has shaken up alot of people.....i'm not surprised that many people now have a re-invented belief in their faith...but like Mercedes said...we all gotta believe in something...even if helps us get through every day...alive and happy! :)

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