Sep 30, 2010

The Seven Swans

It's been about a month and a half since I started going to the gym. I'm really pleased with my progress, I dropped 3 kilos. Now I'm resting happily on 75 kilos. I won't lie and say it was really awesome to loose that little flab, but now that I have done it I feel like a completely new person. I know it's just 3 kilos, but to me those 3 kilos seem like 30 kilos. My friends have noticed the weight loss and have commended my efforts, especially Ryan and Gracie. They are really happy that I'm doing something about it. Gracie never really said anything but always thought it was unhealthy. Ryan being a complete fitness freak didn't like me being flabby at all.

Mom is pleased with the effort as well. Now she wants me to put some meat on the bones. As I stated earlier, I'm short when it comes to height. I'm 5'5. Not much to me, is there?! :p

It's my firm belief that short guys can't really get all the muscle without looking like a steroid infused orangutan. Mumsy darling disagree firmly. Whenever she sees any short guy on the TV, she immediately points him out and says that if he's got a good built, so can I. She wants me to look basically something like Shahid Kapoor. It's gotten to a point that I don't bother sitting down to watch TV with my mom unless it's the news. No short guys with awesome bodies on the news; Yay!! So far she's pointed out to numerous actors including Tom Cruise, about whom she got to know from somebody that he's just 5'5 as well. I couldn't help but laugh at first. My mom is an extremely intelligent woman, proficient in the ways of the world and home. She is a doctor herself and a mighty successful one at that, MashAllah. So seeing her chant about something like this is not only surprising but slightly amusing. I keep telling her that I can loose weight and possibly gain some muscles as well. But there is no way in this ever loving world that I can have a body like Tom Cruise or Shahid Kapoor.

My kid sister is thoroughly enjoying this parade. Few days back she printed out the very same picture of Shahid that I have linked earlier in the post and stuck it to the top half of our refrigerator. At first I thought mom had placed it there so as to psyche me out of eating. I took it to mom to tell her that I've had enough of it. My sister was present with my mom at the same time and confessed that she was the one behind the prank. At that point I could not do anything but laugh. This clearly showed how ridiculous this whole thing really is, but my mom is not to be convinced. I'm still going to be going through the weight training as planned but I know my results will be nothing like what she wants. Nevertheless I have a feeling we both will be happy with them. While Shahid didn't not manage to convince me, something else has. Or rather somethings.

At the time slot where I am at the gym, there are these seven guys who I regularly see working out and they happen to be my biggest inspiration. Quite possibly because they're ordinary beings like me and not super-stars. They are there everyday working hard on their amazing bodies. They've seriously got everything I want! Pecs, biceps, triceps, glutes, obliques, flanks, abdominals, deltoids, quads. Name it and they've shaped everything into a lean, defined work of art. And they're really not that old. I think the eldest of them is 40 something, but damn he looks like he is in 30s. I couldn't believe it but my trainer dared me to go ask that man up. I could have but I was half-convinced myself. Plus it's really creepy to ask somebody about their age, especially if you don't them all that well. They work out and talk a little amongst themselves.

I asked my trainer how long since they have been doing their regimes. He said most of them have been around before he started working here but the manager may know about them. Again that's something I can't ask without sounding creepy. My next question was if they had trainers to which my cocky trainer responded with a smirk. "Do they look like they need trainer?!"

Trainer; One! Me; Zero!

Before I started the weights which was this Monday, I have been inside the weight room just once before which was on the day I got a tour from the owner. Ramadan were going on at that time so much of gym lay bare and those few who were working out, were trying not to sweat that much so as to prevent further exhaustion and dehydration. But now it's no restrictions, pure testosterone. They come in wearing their sleeveless vest with gym shorts, and leave with the shorts. I get to see just about everything and I like what I see. Now don't get me wrong, this kitten's claws haven't come out yet. I'm not crushing on them yet, which is quite surprising for me. Not even any of the younger ones tickle my pickle, but I guess given the recent events it seems somewhat logical.

My work-out regime at the moment contains weights of 5 kg and 10 kg, with more reps and less sets. Does that make sense?

My trainer is going to switch me up to different exercises later on as I proceed, so that I don't get bored doing the same. Changing exercises will also make sure the muscles keep on working and growing. I keep repeatedly stressing on the fact that I want to get lean and not pumped. My trainer assures that I'd get lean and not pumped. Let's hope he knows what he's doing to me!

Any advice from my readers is more than welcome. Also if you have any idea if Tom Cruise is really 5'5, please drop in a comment because I firmly believe that he's gotta be taller!



I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! That is so kick ass! Now this is the stuff that I like to read up on to keep me going!

I've only lose five pounds so far, but dammit its five pounds of sweaty back fat that is not stuck to my ghetto ass!

Its crazy how when others notice the loss, that you actually want to stick with it more!

and by the way...starting off slim is the best way to get the great body you want!

My cousin is a trainer and he gets his clients slim then BUILDS THEM UP! Its like remodeling a house...sometimes you gotta knock that fucker down to build up the most kick ass house ever!

a few months, and a few routines and supplements... and you'll be an Ambercrombie and Fitch model in no time!!

Coolguy...Hotguy said...

U started with weight training...????

am still in stage one, and we're under goin the weight gain programme (which i was not sure abt, and i told this to the DR. in the gym that i dont wanna be bulky and all with muscles popping out everywhere, but then she said as compared to my height atleast there should be a proper weight and cuts need to be seen..)

And Not many eye candy's in my Gym, probably no ones early as i am, but then this guy whose friendly with all of them, does give me a glance and smile which makes me nervous and act goofy mostly and then rest of the time theres the workout torture on my mind(apart from good songs playing in the gym)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! I was wondering if going to the gym had some effect on you or offense though but I felt you would quit it afte a while!

So glad to know you're still at it!!

Keep up the great work!

- Kasim

Phunk Factor said...


Five pounds...tht roughly equals to 2.5 kgs which is awesome...the small losses will amount to the big one!!

Yeah...all these things make u feel good about urslf and make u keep going!!!

Hahaha...perhaps...i'd like tht no doubt!!

@ Coolguy...Hotguy

Yeah...since the past Monday!! Even I just, being tall, can easily develop cuts and curves in all the right places...u gotta watch ur diet more carefully though...being tall, u already hav high metabolism...with muscles, it'll be plain crazy!!!

I got candy too...but then it's not candy if it ain't tempting me! :p

@ Kasim

I think this is a first from you....thanks fr coming by!

I won't lie..i felt like quitting it in the middle but I forced myslf to keep on going...i'm glad I did!

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Good work. I'm down about 10 pounds after 4 months. There was a time I weighed 220, but lost 50 pounds in 2 months in Brazil (40 in the first month).

After that, I felt healthier and happier because they're really linked.

Random coincidence-- my bf is 5'5"

Phunk Factor said...

@ Gay Mormon Boy

Thanks, man....and congratulation on ur weight loss as well!! N 50 pounts in two months is scary amazing...hope it wasn't anything dangerous!!

He's 5'5!! Oh wow....i thought I was the only dude dude stuck at 5'5!!


"Now she wants me to put some meat on the bones"

:) cant win for loosing :)

Congratulations on your weight loss!!!!! Im 5'6 so I definantly understand where you are coming from. I'm in the gym as well. Keep up the good work!!

Phunk Factor said...


It takes one to know one! ;)

Thanks for following..i LOVE ur blog!!!

Christian said...

i was jst wondering tday .. why we dnt have a perfect body as we want it to be,,, y God dint make us..everyone lean n tall... but mayb dats the perception we'v created... n wen u do great things in life these things hardly matter.. Napolean was one short guy n was damn pissed abt it...

n actually Tom C is 5.7 :)

even Shahid is 5.7..

n m tall... n 5.11 bt still i wish i to be 6... :(... n m too slim.. i wanna put on weight... u r doc... create a procedure so u can transfer fat frm ppl who hav it too much to ppl who dnt... world 'd be so much btr place..

n loved ur post, the Mom n Sis parts... nt the gym ones... :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Hahaha...i'm a doctor...not a scientist!! :p If I could...i would, u know!!

Thanks fr the appreciation....and 5' amazing!! I'd love to be that tall!!

M@rvin said...

Nice, good work. Short and stocky can be HOT too. Not that Shahid Kapoor looks nice. :P

I'm trying to do the opposite of you, even that can be hard, it appears.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Ur skinny and ur trying to gain weight?

God, I wish I had ur problem! :p

Derric said...

oooo some one is going hotter day by day

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Yeah, I're one smoking hot sugar daddy! ;)

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