Sep 25, 2010


The A-Levels crowd is believed to be a tad bit more mature compared to the O-Levels crowd as they are older and with the upcoming application submission process to various universities; Local and abroad, makes our going about the world sense alot more polished. We are given more assignments and also tougher assignments.

One of the assignments you get is to organize the A-Levels Bake Sale where our school raises money for charity. It's entirely in the hands of the students, but everything is done under the supervision of the counselor. Maybe that's the reason the kissing booth was never given the green light. LOL!

Since it's a school event and everything is going towards charity, we are encouraged to do as much as we can on our own. We had to hire sponsors, convince local restaurants to set up stalls, hire or arrange the entertainment and even set-up the event area ourselves. Some business have a nasty habit of charging a penny for every lift and let down, so we decided to arrange the area ourselves.

My class went a step further and we literally took in-charge of everything. We didn't hire any photographer, we placed students in-charge of the that as many already bring their own cameras. Good thinking on their part! Unfortunately nobody in my class owned a digital camera except for yours truly. This incident happened sometime in 2005, so many people didn't have it back then. Although now nearly everyone has one at home or they at least have a camera in their phone. So I was instructed to snap as many pictures as possible and was excused from behind the counter dealing. Partly it was a huge relief for me because I heard from some of my class-mates how the students don't respect their boundaries and ask for discounts. Obviously they are denied and even more obviously they don't take to denial very nicely. There was a nasty tale going about how a fight erupted when somebody was denied a discount on a pizza pie. I'd much rather be walking around snapping pictures.

This little deal turned out to be sweeter than I expected in another sense for me. Since I was the only person with the camera, I instantly grew to be popular in the class. Everybody wanted my pictures, it had gotten so crazy that I had to plan a list that followed the first-come-first-serve pattern. No, I didn't do anything like bump Alex to the top of the list. But yes, I did bump him ahead of a few people.

The event was successful and I snapped alot of pictures. The counselor had me install the image transfer software on her computer so that she has a copy of all the pictures. After the event I uploaded the files into her PC, she had told me to lock the room on the way out and that she'll view the pictures tomorrow. My car was waiting outside so I packed up my stuff and left as soon as the transfer was complete. I didn't have time to check the images.

Once I got home and had a nice nap, I transferred the files on to my PC. Finally I got a chance to view them. I enjoyed seeing my handiwork. I was very proud of myself. I was also very happy to have a nice reserve of photos of just Alex. Alex standing and smiling! Alex smiling close-up! Alex profile shot show casing his dimples! Alex giving a thumbs up! Alex juggling empty plastic bottles at the soda stall! Alex sticking his tongue out! Alex being lifted by the crowd after his stall was the first to be a complete sell-out! Alex being raised even higher! Alex now being held by all of his limbs with his legs wide apart! And there it was!

I was left completely shocked and speechless. There was a giant gaping hole in his pants which gave a very clear view of his white undies. Oh shoot! I panicked! If the yearbook committee got their hands on this, they'd so take Alex down. There was some enmity between a boy in their group and Alex. They had some constant clashing going on since the other boy had made a nasty remark about Alex's background.

I immediately erased that picture from the group and ran a double check for any other image of Alex being lifted in which the tear was visible. Thankfully there were none. But the counselor's PC still had a copy of this image and I had to delete it somehow.

Next morning, straight after the assembly I proceeded to her room with my camera. I had borrowed the keys by lying that I had not managed to transfer the images since my ride had arrived. She was a sweet old lady and really didn't suspect anything. I opened her PC and searched through the files. A few minutes later it was in the recycle bin and a few seconds later it was gone from even there. I work fast!

As I was about to close her PC I noticed the pictures from some other school events, these ones I had not taken. These events were from the O-Levels, specifically Alex's O-Levels images. I desperately wanted more pictures of Alex so I copied the entire folder of the eleven events into my USB. I was sweating from all possible places at the prospect of someone catching me in the act. As soon as the transfer was complete, I pocketed the USB and exited the room in long quick steps. I was very excited. I felt like I had discovered King Tut's long lost treasure. This was like a high for me! I had the widest smile ever on my face the rest of the school day.

As soon as I got home, I scanned through the images. There were just a few images of Alex that I could use. I can't remember exactly but the entire collection had around 700 hundred images and out of that huge amount I could find just 20. But I was still extremely happy!

The rest of the day proceeded very smoothly and nothing really disturbed my mind. But as I lay down to sleep that night, I began feeling guilty. I was a thief! I had invaded someone's privacy. I had invaded Alex's privacy. My motives weren't perverted or even remotely evil, I was simply infatuated with him. But I had let this get the best of me. I was Mr. Goody-Good two shoes, the all around Nice Guy. So why had I just done something so bloody wrong?, I wondered.

Should I tell anyone? Mom? She's be disappointed! Counselor? I'd be suspended, or worse - expelled! Alex? I'd loose him! I couldn't tell anyone. But I could erase them. It wouldn't make things right but it may undo some damage. I deleted those harmless images at that very moment. As I crept into my bed again and sank into the covers, I wondered for the first time, Why am I attracted to Alex so frigg'in bad?!


Christian said...

Gawd... u r srsly sucha Mr Mary Poppins... :X, did u steal those pics frm Alex's own comp,... did he himself dint want nt to be seen by anyone.??.. NO..!! Rite... so??.. it was in a comp ..wer it cud be made public...

n even after u've acquired it, u werent doin anything with those pics ryt... excpt ogling fr hrs...


Dean Grey said...

You're like a stealth, secret agent, disposing of those pictures the way you did!



Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

What's with u relating me to Poppins everywhere possible? :p

No...those pics were from the counselor's pc...sorta like they were school property!!

Yea...i wasn't! But technically I did steal...n so it makes sense tht i felt guilty!

But that was the old me...the now me, may not feel guilty! I've changed! :( :p

@ Dean Grey

License to Kill! ;)

Christian said...

Indulge in More Guilty Pleasures... ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Speaking of which...i need to talk to you about that! :p

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