Sep 12, 2010

Gone And Back

Yesterday it was the first day of Eid at our side. I had two of my cousins over from States where they live with their families and one of them just had a baby girl a few days back. The entire day was pretty much spent catering to guests that came. Mostly I knew them by face, but had absolutely no idea who they are. I kept asking my little sister who's got the most amazing memory of faces and names.

Much later in the day; that is around evening, the guests I knew in and out started showing up including the cousin who tried to get fresh with me once and got a kick in the balls. We avoid each other as much as possible, but I had to hug him yesterday. Ugh! Instead of the usual three hugs we do, I just did one. He didn't seem to mind either. Smart guy! 

As the guests were leaving at night, my aunt requested us to come over and stay at her place so that we can have breakfast with them the next day. My siblings were all up for that idea but I wasn't much in the mood to face a room full of crowded people, especially when there was no one of my age. Also I knew that this breakfast deal would stretch to lunch and I had plans with my friends tomorrow to meet for the same. I requested to stay back home and after some convincing I was successful.

As everyone left, I wondered what I would do the rest of the night. I decided to call Ryan and invite him over. We could spend the night together and then leave together for lunch tomorrow with the rest of our friends. "Dude, I can't come right now. If you had told me about this earlier, I would have managed it. But right now, I can't!", he excused.

He was right. Had I told him earlier, he definitely would have managed. It's hard to whip up something spontaneous on Eid, especially since everyone is busy with their families. I told him it's not a problem and wished him well. Normally I wouldn't be so lonely since around this time I would be busy with Nathan so I'd hop Online and eat his brains out. But can't do that anymore!

Crossing Ryan off the list, I thought of the other person I'd kill to have over right now. Christian! 

Sadly Christian is in India and I'm in Pakistan, so I couldn't meet him either. I have mentioned it in some posts before and I think I'll be repeating in many posts to come; I'd love to meet Christian and someday I hope I get to do that. Really do! But that's sort of out of context from the theme of this post.

If somebody ever asks me what Christian makes me think of, I'll most probably reply Sex and the City in the blink of an eye.

That's right! Christian is simply addicted to this show and is even more crazy about the movie and it's sequel. It's something I totally see us watching when we meet and that too just for the kicks. I know he'll have a thousand comments on every scene and I'd sit there to hear them out. We'd assign each other characters, I always find him to be a cross between Carrie and Samantha, while he feels I'm a mix of Charlotte and Miranda. We are complete ditz in each other's companies.

So I curled up with a Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme Pie and Coca Cola, along with the two Sex and the City movies. Did I have fun?

You betcha, fella!

Four hours of chomping down heavily salted cheese, pepperoni and olives guzzling can make anyone feel better. Also they all were talking about sex, relationship and love which has become a recent favorite of mine. It wasn't some soul searching move, I just felt like getting some 'Christian' time and since the movie primarily revolved around four best friends, I somehow felt closer to not only Christian but also Ryan.

Now I won't exactly classify as being gay unless I say that I totally felt like the characters in the movie, would I?. When you're gay, you totally find yourselves similar to the characters in this particular movie. Or at least so I hold an opinion.

I don't think I am wrong either to think that way. I wore a designer kurta for Eid. I sipped some mysterious liquid that came from a thermos, non-alcoholic ofcourse. I talked to some people about whom I had absolutely no idea. I ran into someone whom I run into just once every six months but still felt the same hatred I always do. In short, I got Samantha-fied, Charlotte-ish, Miranda-mized and last but not the least even Carrie-d away. At different parts of the movie, they all hit home at some point. When the movie ended I was very much in love with the idea of being in love. But that was just the first movie!

Without wasting a moment, I popped in the sequel. This was my first time watching the entire movie in on sitting, I had watched it up to the point they arrive in Abu Dhabi earlier. Most of it was completely new to me and I could not relate to most of it. Nothing hit home, even though the movie was mildly amusing. While the movie was somewhat of a disappointment, I reached another conclusion about my life by the time I got done.

My movie's sequel has yet to be shot. I just finished wrapping up my first one and right now I'm assessing my profits and losses. So that when the time for the sequel comes I how to proceed in order to make it a blockbuster. I really didn't know when sleep came over me. I went to sleep on the couch in front of the TV thinking about the same.

I woke up in the morning around 10AM, still alone in the house. After brushing my teeth, I checked my cell phone. There were a few missed calls and a single message. All the missed calls were from mom but the message was from the Yahoo! Messenger service on my cell. I had been signed out of my account that I had specifically created to chat with Nathan through my cell. It happens automatically if you don't send or receive any messages for 48 hours. Nathan was the only contact in that account because he was the sole reason I had created it.  That's one less thing I have to do now so maybe I won't feel bad. Wrong! I felt absolutely horrible once again and I just sat in the lounge for about thirty minutes.

That's what I have been going through for the past few days, I have gone sort of bipolar. There are moments when I'm indifferent and unattached to whatever that happened and then I'm a complete mess at other moments. It's infinitely disturbing and I really hope whatever is going on in me resolves soon. I seriously don't want to keep having these diva moments. I'm trying to keep my head straight and there are moments when I do manage that, it is especially so when I am intensely busy on the treadmill or the weight sets at home. But then my mom commented yesterday to take it easy on the machines, it seemed to her that I was mad at them. I apologized and stepped off.

I have to go and get ready now. Ryan is picking me up in an hour for our group lunch. It would be nice to be surrounded by guys again after a whole night alone with the girls.



To be honest....SEX AND THE CITY (THE SHOW AND THE MOVIES) are the only things that make me feel better when I'm going through shit...that or the Saw movies.

Go ahead and vegg out and catch up on some bad ass's always good to float on through in the imaginary world sometimes to while getting over the pain of the "real"... xoxo

Phunk Factor said...


The Saw movies? Roflmao..hahahaha....seriously? :p

Yeah! Even if I couldn't make my own fairytale...doesn't mean I can't be happy about someone else's! ;)

Christian said...

I've been wanting to tell u for a while dat Raj told me few days back dat u r totally like Charlotte n i agreed... Bt yea u r kinda Miranda-ish too :P n we are also Mer- Cris. n ppl shud also knw dat wen i think of u the 1st thing dat comes into my mind is Grey's Anatomy... till may dis year i hadnt seen it n was apprehensiv abt it but nw i m totally in love with it... ThnQ, Hugs... n yea i wish i cud hav been with u der... bt sumday...

hhmm... n Love, Relationship n Sex are my fave topics ever... n i dnt think it's gay so many straight ppl arent into it... bt i guess we mature early... cos of the soul searching we do ..cos of being gay....trying to figure out Sex, diffrentiate Relationships n Love... or mayb cos we feel lonely n diffrent from oders... n M more crazzy abt the show, it is REAL.

n actually ur "Movie" is yet to be shot.

Derric said...

Yes, Sex & City is definitly a movie to watch for all moods

Dean Grey said...

You have a cousin that hits on you?!



Fickle Cattle said...

I can't stand the Saw movies. I'm so easily scared. But I love SATC. The movie sequel wasn't very good though.

Fickle Cattle

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

U really should consider writing an advice column somewhere...n everyone does soul-searching...but i guess we end up breaking up more often....everytime we put together ourselves we make sure tht the structure keeps on getting stronger! ;)

@ Derric

Let's have a movie night...all gays invited!

@ Dean Grey

It's creepy, man!! I find cousin on cousin somewhat creepy...i can never do it with any cousins of mine....i'm not lying wen I say a good number of my cousins are very good looking but i've nvr eyed them in that sense....i just can't!

@ Fickle Cattle

I'll drink to that.....non-alcoholic ofcourse! ;)

Thanks fr showing up, y'all!

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