Sep 23, 2010

B*tches, I'm Back

And I can't wait to start posting again. I got so much stuff piled up that I want to post but I don't know where to begin. Those of you who have been reading my blog must have noticed there have been no new posts for a while. I posted last on 12th September, which was Gone And Back. My Internet connection got messed up on 13th so I couldn't come Online. We had been contacting the service guys every single day. They took freak'in 9 days to fix it!

At first they told us that it would be fixed within 3 days, but the first 3 days passed and nothing happened. So we contacted them again and they kept saying it would get fixed the next day. Finally I completely lost it and I went directly to their office and spoke to the manager about it. He looked into my complaint and found out that the cable fault we were facing required some digging and the workers were too damn lazy to dig. I sat their looking at him in disbelief. It's not my problem his workers are too lazy to work. We pay for this service so I want the service. Plus the operators went on a strike because they had not been paid since 8 months. As selfish of a person I am, I couldn't stop feeling bad for these unfortunate people. How can one survive for 8 months with the rising costs of living?, I wondered everyday. This also made me realize how amazingly lucky I am for leading a life which is untouched with such unpleasantness. Those little temper tantrums I throw when things don't go my way are a clear indication that I'm somewhat spoiled. But I'm sort of getting into the groove of things with a job I have picked up recently of teaching English Language to a 9th Grade and 7th Grade boys. I had actually taken up this job so that I can put together some money on my own to treat Nathan, as he disliked being treated by me when the money I used wasn't earned by me. But yeah, I don't think Nathan and I would be going on dates anymore. We may get together when he comes next year so a meal or so but still not a date, but I still wanted to take up the tuition. Let's see how I fare up with this all!

I'll try to post everyday in the following few days but I'm not entirely sure. I've got exams coming up in December so I'm also paying more attention to my studies, which I covered a good deal in the past 9 days. But even then I missed being here immensely.

Will be dropping by your blogs very soon to see what you guys have got going on. Take care!




Phunk Factor said...


Thanks a mill fr ur warm words of welcome...i'm excited to read all ur posts...i need some serious sass pushed into my face!

dating diva said...

aw thank god you're back. i'm excited to see those damn sexy men again.. i got really excited... a little too excited haha

but welcome back !!

xx, dee

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dating Diva

Hahaha...I'll be supplying more sexy men fr everyone to get excited about!

Thanks fr dropping by!

Mac Callister said...

oh that's why i've been thinkin where is my first commentator on my blog?hahhaa.

anyways,its alright,you could blog every other day or twice a week just like what im doing hehe.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mac Callister

Left to me...i'd be blogging evry single day...but I don't get tht mch time! :(

Dean Grey said...

You're back!

LOL, it's not like you were gone for that long, silly!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

Probably...but I missed being here!!

Coolguy...Hotguy said...

So My BBBiiiaaatttccchh is Back...!!!! :P

I miss those good old bitch and pimp days...!!!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Coolguy...Hotguy

Days long gone....this bitch has broken free! :p

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