Sep 27, 2010


I made a gay profile on Facebook recently after the advice from a friend that the gay crowd over there has much more class and since Facebook is more popular than Orkut, there is a wider selection of men who I would be able to eye to eye with. After some thinking, I went ahead and made an account.

It'll be a month since it's creation in a few days and the results have been good so far. It had the potential to be great if it had not been for a few lead heads who don't know how to read or make a social acquaintance on the web for that matter. I've stated very clearly on my profile that I'm in for friendship and nothing else, so is it that people don't bother to read?.

It's painful to mention each and every time to every single person that I just had a break up and that I'm not looking for a relation. Now some I don't mind, because the talks didn't start of from this point. We've exchanged a few words earlier so I've developed some level of coinciding intellect. But to straight forward start the conversation with "I'm looking for someone like you" is definitely not a good start for me.

Once you've explained the bitter fact of heart break, you proceed to "Don't worry, dear! I won't break your heart! May I have your number?". Uh hello! You're second message and you are asking me for my number. What you know about me won't even fill a paper chit. I politely decline, but still some people just don't get it. They give me their phone number and tell me to give them a call. So maybe that isn't the worst of moves, you give the other person time to do it on his own. But when I've clearly stated that nothing intimate or nothing involving feelings interests me, don't they realize they're barking up the wrong tree?.

I can't even classify them as jerks because to me they all seem to be delusional in the matters of the heart. Getting into a relationship is easy, but being in one and taking it through is a man's job. And they're just boys. Boys, boys, boys and more boys!

Also all that won't be that bad, if the English wasn't broken. Now I maybe pegged as a snob for citing this, but if you can't speak English properly then simply don't! Nobody is putting a gun on you're temple and forcing you to type in English. The only thing worst than reading broken English is having to hear broken English which I'm piled on enough by the wanna-be burger people in my college. All their 'Yo! Yo!' are enough to drive me yo-yo. Thank God they haven't been enlightened to wear bright shirts which are two sizes large than their usual.

My initial run in had been extremely bad as almost everyone I spoke to had an agenda on their mind which I did not want to become a part of. Not only because it was the Holy month of Ramadan but it's not me. As my favorite Idol, Ms. Clarkson put it - I Do Not Hook Up!

This possibly may not been the worst if all the guys who did approach me on this basis had not been from my city. I always believed my city was completely devoid of gay men who could hold a conversation that would keep me riveted. Kudos to Facebook for proving me right!

I'm thankful for having made a few decent friends from all over the world, it's such a treat to know these people. They definitely tip over all those nasties that have been be making their way to me. But even with them, I'm not considering to take it anywhere. I'm just not feeling it, you know!

Probably I never will, because that's how I am right now. It's been hard getting where I got with Nathan and I do not want to invest energy into it if it's going to fall so easily. I don't think I have the energy or time to go through it all again. Maybe once I'm done with my medicine. But not now!

Right now, I'm going to find happiness in being single. I'm sure there has to be something in it, because there are so many people who prefer to be single by choice. Ryan doesn't believe that I'll last this way because he firmly believes that I enjoy being in love.

Heck yes, I do!

Who doesn't like having that special someone to be with, but I know myself well enough that I won't put myself down for any Tom, Dick or Harry. I had Nathan and maybe that's all I'll ever have. These amateurs make me sick!


Anonymous said...

i loved every single bit of it!!
not that you are not feeling OK but the fact that I totally agree with your ways.

There is only that special someone whom no body can replace and it will always be like that. That void is not that easy to fill but rather seems impossible coz the connection that u had with him.... is simply impossible to create with another being :)

Still it is nice to know that you guys are in touch and your relationship ended on good terms.

for a while u'll be out of the game... but u know TIME the great healer, surely will take care of u ! :D

now give me three Cheers for your Yo-Yo buddies :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

Probably possibly....time will tell all....hopefully the results will be good if nt great!!

And I'll try...i usually keep my mouth shut and just nod...i don't want to say something rude intentionally or unintentionally...but they really test my patience!


arg! I hate when people on facebook don't get the hint! Facebook "pimps" need to read the fine print and step the hell off ;)

Colleen said...

Them saying YO YO is making you yo-yo...too funny! I don't think you have anything to worry about. If guys are getting too close and personal that fast, it's probably a safe bet that you want to stay clear. You seem pretty grounded to know that love doesn't happen that fast, so hold out for someone who deserves a level-headed guy like you.

Phunk Factor said...


U said it, sister!!

On an entirely separate note, I'm SO glad ur was so off without ur rants! ;)

@ Colleen

I have a feeling karma is going to punish for holding out for a very very long time! :P :(

Thanks fr showing up, girls!

Jack said...

You'll find the One again...i refuse to believe tht you fall in love just once in your life...however yes I do feel that everybody who we break up with will always occupy a special place in our hearts!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Jack

I find myself agreeing with the 2nd half of ur statement more than the 1st one! :p

I've left it all up to fate at this point...if anything happens, it was simply because such ws destined to happen!

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