Sep 3, 2010


"What did he just say?", I asked the very good looking boy sitting next to me during the Physics class. It was my first official day of A-Levels. This was my very first class, and here I was already crushing on one of the boys. Let's call him Alex!

He looked at me with a mischievous grin, as if contemplating whether to help me or not. "Measure!", he told me a few seconds later. He smiled again. I was merely 16 and completely smitten. The thing about me is that I'm bright. I'm not smart. Put me down for an exam and I'll whip out an awesome score. Put me down on a street and tell me to go from Point A to Point B, I'd fail miserably. But that was then and it's not now!, it's safe to say I've gotten a tad smarter. Studying medicine does that to you!

While I was aware that I had an inclination towards the male gender, my knowledge on homosexuality and it's further aspect could fill a gnat's ear. As stupid as this sounds, I didn't even know the term for what I am is 'Gay'. Words like 'fag', 'homosexual', 'dick-sucker', 'homophobia', 'closeted', 'anal sex' etc didn't exist in my vocabulary. To say that I was sheltered is an understatement. I had not seen any gay porn, but I did find myself looking at the guy more often than the gal. All this never really triggered any thought process in my head. It was Alex who kick fired the entire process gradually. But all that comes later, I'm going way too fast. Let's rewind to that Physics class!

First official day of A-Levels! First day at a new school! I was at a new school after staying at the same school all the way from 1st Grade to my O-Levels. First class! My first ever Advanced Level Physics class! I was so excited about being here but now that I'm finally here, I wasn't here. I kept stealing glances at the boy sitting next to me, hoping that he would strike a conversation. But he didn't say a word. I made the first move, even though my purpose was completely academic.

"His pronunciation sucks!", I mumbled.

"Don't worry!", he said to me. "You would get used to it in a year or two!", he added.

"I'll be graduating in two years!", I shot back. I don't care how cute you are. If I've just met you, don't pass me sarcasm even if it comes along with a silver platter.

"Then you better pick up fast!", he whispered. "He was my teacher the previous two years in my O-Levels and he hasn't gotten any better in getting his point across.", he said making small talk. "His concepts are rock-solid. But his teaching isn't up to par!", he informed me while looking at the white board where the professor was working out a calculation.

The bell for the next class rang at 9:00 AM sharp, it was time to switch room. I didn't know where he disappeared to, I had biology. The hour after Biology was free, so I wandered into the library. He made a small appearance there looking for someone. That minor casual glance made my heart skip several beats and left me wanting more.

When I stepped into the Chemistry class, I was the first one there. I hate being the new kid. Every other person in my batch had known each other for the past two years at least. I was the only new comer and I had absolutely no friends. A little while later, he came along with his friends. He sat in the back somewhere, I didn't turn around to look. After a while he called out to me and I turned. "Yeah?", I asked.

"The chem professor uses chalk instead of the marker. By the time the class is over, you would be covered in white dust. Sit as far away from the board as possible!", he advised.

Knowing how eager my allergies are to jump to a sneezing bout, I moved a row further. But he called me to his row. That was three more rows behind. I sat down on the empty seat next to him, "So what's your name?", he asked.

We had a minor conversation where we grew familiar with each other. Chemistry class passed without any understanding difficulty. This professor was excellent, just like my biology teacher. I enjoyed the class. "You're pretty good at chemistry! You solved those equation in a snap!", he complimented.

"I love chemistry!", I announced like a cheer leader. "What do you have next?", I asked.

"Maths!", he declared pulling out his schedule. Having already memorized mine, I didn't need to look into my schedule.

"Cool! Same here!", I said with a smile.

I left soon and he followed with his group. Maths class passed in silence. The professor was super strict and didn't permit any noise except that of pens and pencils scratching paper surfaces. The last period was free so I made way for the cafeteria. He had a free slot as well. "So how was you're first day?", he asked pulling up a chair and twisting it around.

How cool, I thought. "It was good. I'll enjoy this place once I get to know the people!", I told him honestly.

"Why wait?", he winked. He called out for his gang and introduced me. A girl pushed herself out from the rank, "Hey, you're the new kid everyone has been talking about!", she announced. "We have never had a newbie! Why did you join this Jailhouse reject anyway?", she asked.

"Well, I heard it's pretty good!", I told them because that's the truth. The school was disciplined and produced a pretty good result. It came through several extremely credited sources.

"So, you're pure Science?", another boy asked. 'Science' was the term used to refer to student who had subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics exclusively in their schedule. "You must have scored well in your Os!", he said.

"I did okay! Eight Bs, all on late 80s!", I said dejectedly.

There was a hushed silence. Totally expected! A late 80 meant that you missed the A grade by a few marks. Theoretically speaking, a late 80 is better than an early 80. But a late 80 hurts more than an early 80. Ask anyone who's done O-Levels!

"That's okay! This is a new start! Work hard and I'm sure you'll walk out with As!", piped Alex with a pat on my back. Everyone settled around somewhere in the cafeteria into a discussion about grades, I didn't say much. Mostly observed, especially Alex. I couldn't get him out of my head or heart, and that's how a bittersweet journey began. All that too come sooner or later!



tell me why I was drooling with excitement the whole time reading this? when you gonna write what happens next? gimmie a set date and time and i'll be there!!!

Phunk Factor said...


I'll make it happen as soon as possible!!!

dpking19 said...

hey! alex is mine lol jking but now what the hell is this read more crap? Love<~Peter~>

p.s. yes it has been that long since i have been here sorry i am way behind on everyone

Phunk Factor said...

@ dpking19 aka Peter

Alex is! So he can't be urz or mine...sorry!!!

The 'Read More' links u to the rest of the post!

P.S. It's okay...enter at will, stay for long!

Branden said...

oh the school crush age :P its when day dreamin is more than real hhaa,

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

U srsly don't wanna know about my day dreaming during tht time!

Derric said...

Oh come on Phunk, dont do it like in Hindi serials, leaving on a mark of thrill or suspense

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Gotta keep u guys cmng back fr more....simple business rules, man! ;)

Dean Grey said...

Man, how come school was never like this for me!

I'd love to have had a hottie interested in me during high school or college for that matter.

I'm jealous!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

6 years ago..i would have wished him to be interested alot more than he was! :p

Hahahah...time changes people!

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