Aug 17, 2010


After putting it off for about a year or two, I have finally joined the gym. Yay me! I decided this is the perfect time for me to start, because I need something to distract me from the biting loneliness inside me. Also I really wanted to do it. I'm sick of being chubby, oh what the heck! Why not say it out-right?!

I'm sick of being fat! I'm not kidding when I said chubby, but 'chubby' is just a nice way of saying that someone is over-weight. Nathan keeps arguing that I'm not fat and then cites examples of some people he knows. But still that's no reason to remain in this unhealthy position. I can't keep delaying it. I can always come up with an excuse if I don't want to do it. But in truth, there is no excuse. Just my laziness! So I pushed myself and signed up.

Actually I did that last Wednesday but yesterday was my first time in the gym. I went for the whole package because I figured I needed some serious help. Naturally I consulted my cousin who I have mentioned before in Seriously. And naturally, he volunteered his services. While as tempting as they were since it all would cost me absolutely nothing. I couldn't burden the man. So I got him to hook me up with his trainer buddy. This guy actually turned out to be the owner of the gym.

OMG! I can't believe it! He's 30 only and the owner of a fantastic gym. He's got sponsors and everything, now he's rolling in money. He quit his day-time job and went for this full-time. I'm actually jealous! But when I met him, the whole jealous thing melted off me. He's really humble and down-to-earth, also very nice. He was like you came to the right place and he will do all he can to help me out. I figured that's probably the same thing he tells to everyone, but it's like he read my mind or something. "We all know I say this to everyone, but you have my word. Anything for your cousin!", he adds with a genuine smile.

This was going great!, I told myself.

My cousin left after that because he had some work to do, I stayed behind. I had bought my car and everything so it wasn't a problem for me. Mr. Trainer told me about this whole weight-loss schedule they have which I will be following, but he didn't give me the details then. Something about people getting easily over-whelmed and thinking they couldn't do it, he reasoned. I didn't mind. I wanted to see the gym!

I mentioned that after the weight-loss, I plan to get some meat on my bones. "Obviously, what guy doesn't want muscles?!", he added. I was reminded for a moment of those constantly cheery toned telemarketers that call on the most obnoxious times. He showed me around the gym and it was awesome. Mirrored walls with alot of room to move around in between and good machines, not rusty ones. There was air-conditioner so it wasn't smelling as bad a gym should. There were a couple of people working out, but more on them later. With all that done, he told me to report Monday afternoon at 4PM. I was excited beyond belief!

Came Sunday night and I was nervous as hell. It was a strange feeling. From what I saw on Wednesday, everybody there was all cut and curves. No fat anywhere except the grease in the machines. I kept thinking things like they all would be staring at me and judging me. Nathan confronted me on this "It's all in your head! Nobody is born with awesome muscle-tone, they all work for it. If you work, you'll get there. And I'll personally make sure that you do!", clearly he meant business. Speaking of which I'm extremely thankful of being so supportive, everybody around me is supportive of this decision and I need all the steam I can get.

Monday afternoon I was ready. A little scared but still ready. I was fasting but I wanted to do this more than anything. My actual first day at the gym! I don't think I was this much excited for my first day at the university. I was there abit before 4PM, but I reported anyway. Mr. Trainer greeted me with his usual smile and called over this new guy.

This trainer was nothing like the first trainer. Extremely mean and extremely grumpy! But the good thing was, he would only be helping me during the weight-loss regime. For the other stuff, I would be having another trainer. I was put on the tread-mill and that's when I got the shock of my life!

The group I was placed in was bunch of people with heart, cholesterol and hyper-tension problems. Maybe it's wrong, but that motivated me like nothing has ever motivated me before. The youngest of that group is 35 years. I will be 35 in 13 years. I so do not want these things to cripple my lifestyle. I'm so getting off the fat people bandwagon and once I'm off, I'm so never climbing it back again. I was fasting but I did the best I could. Also the trainer's mean words gave me a little push.

A little funny thing that was happening when I was working out; Nathan's earlier words of encouragement were floating in my head intermittent with a few songs with the word 'Work' in them. LOL!

Needless to say I was tired by the time my session ended. My instructor appreciated my determination and demanded that I don't loose it as I progress. Sure! Now he's helpful and reinforcing me positively. I trudged to my car and blasted the a/c on at the highest level. Wrong move! I turned into a popsicle.

After taking a little breather, I drove back home and locked myself in the bathroom. I was actually standing under the shower with all my clothes on. Not sexy at all! But if I looked something like below, it could have definitely been hot!

Post-shower I fell on my bed and snoozed till the time for Iftaari dawned. Having put some food inside me and having re-energized myself, I felt alot better and definitely couldn't wait for my session next day. My trainer has put me up with a goal of loosing a kg per week. I know that's a realistic goal, because that's something I have done before.

In all honesty, I'm really happy that I'm finally doing this. It's about time Phunk became the hunk he's been destined for. Wish me luck, boys!


Branden said...

well i wish you best of luck :D .. stay motivated n plzz dont quit in the middle of no-where :P


Oh you so can do it!!!! If you want something bad enought you'll do anything! Plus if you get the body you want now, you won't have to work to death to get it 13 years from now!! Get it while the getting is good!

I work out at home and at the local park but I maily jog...I wish I could get back into the gym but my money is acting funny...but I'm not laughing!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

Yeah...that's my goal too!! Thanks for the wish!


For's less about being sexy and more about being healthy! Bt the good thing is tht they both go hand in hand! ;)

Thanks or the wishes!!

Notorious Tease said...

A kg per week? Sounds pretty gud. Awsum 2 c dat u r so pumped up n motiv8d bout being toned. :) keep it up! all my wishes wid u babes!

Mike said...

Sounds like you're doing great and have the motivation to not only work hard, but go to the gym. Sounds like you'll be toned and buff in no time!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Notorious Tease

We both want this!
Thanks fr the wishes again!:)

@ Mike

Toned is what i'm aiming for...buff...ummm...not so much!

Thanks for dropping by!

M@rvin said...

Sounds great, good luck! :) But please don't not eat - you still need food! Besides, doesn't your body try to store fat when it's not getting enough nutrition, making it harder to get toned?

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin trainer said starving is a complete no-no!!

Derric said...

Phunk the Hunk Sounds good.......good going

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Yes! Yes! Yes!
It does!

Colleen said...

Go Phunk Hunk! I keep trying to get my big butt back in the gym. It's hard but you can do it. Keep us posted!You certainly found a lot of good inspiration photos!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Colleen

Hahahaha...yes, that does provide a big boost!!

Thanks for showing up on my lil spot!

Dean Grey said...

Phunk Factor!

You're not fat just big-boned.


Listen to Nathan! No one starts out with the perfect body.

With that said, I have no desire to join a gym! I'd rather draw and paint instead!

Run an extra session on the treadmill for me!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

Big-boned?! Perhaps...I've heard a friend say that about me but I got myself checked out from a doctor...he replied in negative! :(

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