Aug 13, 2010

Oy Vey

I was catching up with an old friend yesterday.We were talking after about five months, so he had absolutely no idea that I was seeing someone. He was surprised when I ran this detail across him which lead him to asking some other stuff. As the discussion progressed, it reached the topic of getting intimate. He wanted to know the details, but obviously that wasn't something up for sharing. No, I didn't blow him like I did with the last guy who asked me the same question. Plus I've known him since about two years and we do have a conversation every now and then. Also he's just 16 so I really didn't feel like biting his head off. He's a super nice kid!

When I declined splurging the details, he proceeded to ask me how I felt about it. Now that was something I could tell, so I did. It felt great! Best thing in the world! A high like no other! A roller-coaster ride I would never get sick of! A ticket that would put Mr. Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket to shame!, and similar sorts. As I was telling him about it, I added that it was my first time as well and that it couldn't have gone any better.

To say that he was surprised would actually be an understatement. He was pretty taken back to know that I was 22 and I just did it for the very first-time, especially since I've been pretty sure about my sexuality since I was 16. Normally I wouldn't spring this topic, but it's a common reaction I've been getting when people get to know about it.

So far I've gotten a few "No way! Seriously?" and "WTF!". There was also one "You gotta be kidding me!" and a for sure original "Oh My GaGa!". So yeah, everybody gets pretty darned surprise and that leaves me thinking; When do most guys do it for the first time?

I've created a poll for you, which can be found at the top of the side-bar. The voting would close on September 13th 2010, also I'll be posting the next part of this topic on the same day or a day after. Doesn't matter if you're straight, gay or bi. If you've done the nasty, I'd like to know when! And if you're a girl, ask you boyfriend/husband when was his first time. If you haven't yet, I'm pretty sure the conversation to follow will be pretty interesting for you.

Adios, amigos!


dating diva said...

Most of my guy friends had sex by the time they were 20. I don't think it's weird to wait though. As long as it's with the right person it's amazing ;)


Mike said...

I was 20- 6 days after my 20th birthday.

M@rvin said...

Not that surprising. I knew I was gay when I was 11, only had sex at 23 for the first time - and I'm a slut! :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ Dating Diva

Exactly my point! The whole point of holding on to is making it special...and loosing in 20s isn't all that bad!

@ Mike

Way to go, bro!

@ M@rvin're a cheeky devil!! ;)

Branden said...

oh my gaga (yes count me in one of those ppl who are shocked)... but u know its sorta right to wait for the perfect time to do it rgiht ;)...

mr willy wonka.. haha :P

Notorious Tease said...

I dont understnd y r ppl so intrstd in other ppls sex life. doesnt it feel strange askin sm1 wat they r doin wid their bf in their bedroom?! n i think many ppl do it d 1st tym between 17 to 20 yrs. But ofcourse there r exceptions ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

Sorta?! It's totally right, boy!
It's a matter of personal choice!

@ Notorious Tease is one of the topic grown-up ppl talk about! Don't u kno? ;)

N yes...tht's a very nice way to point the fingers! :p


My friends and I are pretty open about sex. We talk about things that would make most people blush! We cover things from, how to give oral and the 101 ways to get it done, positions, faces, to fake it or not to THE WORKS! We all lost it under the age of 20 as well... for me I didnt plan on just also helped that I weighed 300 pounds at the time...and being that big it always sounds like you have food in your mouth when you talk...not a big turn on for some guys :)

Derric said...

Hmmm that revelation left my mouth open, i am not saying literally. Thank goodness that its Ramadan time and the office i almost empty afternoons, if not i would ave surely attracted attention.
Anyways what ever age you do it, the current remains you arer not Virgin now (never understood why do people including me, use the term Virgin for guys)

Phunk Factor said...


Hahaha....maybe we should meet up for coffee sometime! ;)

@ Derric

Hahahaha....and what's ur reaction statement?

If it ain't "Oh my GaGa"...i'd request you to recheck ur orientation! ;)

N guys are never virgin...but when did you start having sex for the first time...matters alot anyway! ;)

Thanks for dropping by you two!

Sid said...

@PF What's their to be suprised about? I was always very particular about it from the time I knew what I was and what drived me towards them.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Sid

Some take abit longer....thanks for showing up, buddy!

Christian said...

wats the point of doin it just for the sake of doin it...

der r lot many things dat u shud think b4 ur first tym...

i read sumwer dat u nvr forget ur 1st time... n ur 1st lover.... :P

n yea... i was 19 wen i did it, i still remember it VIVIDLY... the feeling.. the touch..the smell. if i close my eyes... i relive the moment..

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian that case, I pity the person who's first time goes horribly wrong!

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