Aug 22, 2010

Mothers are Awesome

After showing this to a number of mothers I know, including my own, I'm pretty damn sure all mothers are the same. It's like some gene gets activated the moment the child is born and no force in this world can change it!

I have always shared a special bond with my mother. But before I start posting about the awesome mom I have, I need to post about alot more stuff. But count on it, that my mum is going to be making an appearance sometime sooner or later.

I can't tell you how many of the things this awesome lady has mentioned my siblings and I hear just about every single day. Once my mom asked me what kind of kids I would like to have?. I really didn't know how to respond to her, "Like Baji! They do all the work without me having to say anything, but I get all the credit anyway!" I said after alot of thinking, "If even one of my children turns out like me, I'm going to go crazy!". Baji is a word we use to address to our elder sisters. My elder sister is like the perfect daughter anyone can ever hope for.

My mom laughed at my response, "You will love your kids no matter how they are! That's what parents do! Nothing natural can ever make a parent hate their child!". By the way, this was way before I had realized that I was gay. My opinion was solely based on all the trouble I got into and how hard I was to handle. For example, I hated taking baths when I was seven years old. I literally had to be forced to take a bath, which naturally took alot of effort. I would climb door sills so that no one could reach me high up. Mom had to stand underneath for hours till I would get tired and fall down. She would place these cushions so I don't hurt myself when I fall. LOL! I was such a brat!

Also this goes out to all moms out there! I don't care if you're not my mom, you are someone's mom and just for that you deserve the biggest pat on back ever!


Notorious Tease said...

Totally wid u man! Cant even imagine life widout my mom.

H said...

I miss my mommy now.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Notorious Tease

No one can!!! She's that amazing!!

@ H


Derric said...

Mothers are Awesome + many other things, what ever be the appreciation word it will go easily with the word 'Mom'.
Actually last Sunday, it was the Feast of Mother Mary, and the priest was going on and on with his sermon, which i did not understand what he was trying to convey. I felt like getting up and saying, "We pray to her because she is a Mother. A Mother is personification of compassion, understanding, love, care.".
And here you are dedicating blog to Mom, great dude.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Thanks, man!! I know how awesome mothers are...and no matter what we do...there's still more v can do fr them!!


THAT VIDEO WAS THA BOMB!! THE SHIT!! I LOVED IT!! It took me years to appreciate my Mommy and I didn't have any kids to do it. lol She is insane but I realize I'm just like her. She's so the old school version of me lol I love her to death now but as a child I hated her guts lol

Phunk Factor said...


Late is better than never! ;)

Dean Grey said...

Where would we be without our mothers!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

In a lost world!

Mind Of Mine said...

@ Dean Grey


Phunk Factor said...

@ Mind Of Mine

LOL! I should wait for Dean Grey to reply!

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