Aug 9, 2010

Monster Boyfriend

Towards the end of his stay, Nathan and I couldn't manage to meet as often as we wanted to. He had some things going on in his family that required his immediate attention, thankfully the situation got resolved before he left. I was busy in my cousin's wedding, being one of the few able young men around and the only one of these young men on vacations, I was taking somebody or the other shopping almost every other day. We both were absolutely hating it but we couldn't do anything about. Bless text messaging, otherwise I seriously don't know how we would have managed.

Later on, Nathan's stay got extended and we had 5 more days where I won't have a wedding to worry about and Nathan was free as well. However things didn't go as planned because in those 5 days violence erupted in Karachi bringing everything to a halt and when the violence subsided it rained on our parade...literally!

The wedding was originally supposed to happen on 3rd August, which was exactly the second day of violence. Needless to say the wedding was postponed and that too, for the third time. Earlier it was because the girl's grand-mother had to go under knee surgery and the wedding needed to take place after she had recuperated. After that it was delayed because the groom's sister couldn't make it in time because she had her post-graduation exams. Keeping all that in mind, the families of both sides decided that the wedding would take place as soon as the situation gets better. Wednesday night we got the call that the wedding was on Friday, I was expecting it to be next week. With the wedding being on Friday, the groom's family decided to hold the reception the very next day. The reception was originally supposed to happen on Wednesday.

I was in the most horrible mood ever but after some talking, we decided to meet on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Nathan was flying back Sunday night. We couldn't meet for as long as we would have liked but given the situation, even a few moments would be amazing. But Lady Luck wasn't kind to us and just as we met on Saturday, it started raining very heavily. My mum started freaking out and told me to come home immediately. We must have been together for like 15 minutes only. Having no choice, we hugged quickly and said our good-byes. As I drove home, it started to rain cats and dogs. This was my first ever time driving in the rain and I was shit-scared. The adrenaline rush that surged through my body was the only thing that kept me going as I drove through bumper to bumper traffic in heavy rain continuously wiping the inside of the wind-shield and keeping my nerves from getting the best of me. It took me about and hour and half to reach home, that's about 30 minutes more than usual.

After the heavy rain on Saturday, we couldn't meet on Sunday. Primarily because Nathan still had some shopping to do that he couldn't get done the day earlier and also because my mum was in no way letting me drive with black clouds looming over the city. To say that I was pissed, would be a minor statement. Nathan maintained his cool really well. He kept telling me that we tried out best but given the circumstances we were most likely to loose. I wish I would have done the same but I wasn't. I had transformed into the gruesome creature I refer to as Monster Boyfriend!

Who or exactly what is a Monster Boyfriend?, you may ask.

A monster boyfriend is a clingy, self-absorbed, possessive, inconsiderate, short-tempered, inquisitive, creepy freak that refuses to take 'No' for an answer and has completely lost the ability to see or hear anything beyond himself. He diverts the conversation when it's not going as planned and keeps asking nagging questions that are only of his best interest. He has the uncanny ability to throw tantrums at the drop of a hat and is constantly begging for affection. That was me all the time yesterday except just before Nathan was about to board the plane.

In the small break we took when Nathan had to load the car and, go around hugging and saying good-byes to his relatives I cycled back through the messages we had exchanged during the day. And it hit me like lightening! I was such a pain in the ass to the poor kid. He had so much stuff to do and so little time to do it all in, I should have known better. I should have been supportive and not miserable.

Surprisingly Nathan didn't get mad or anything, which also makes my head hang low in shame. He cracked his jokes, kept reminding me that would be back next year and that he loves me. He knew I was going through a hard-time but never did he once snap back, complain and make any sort of drama. I knew this moment would come and I thought I would be ready for it. I thought I would be able to let go easily but with the plans of meeting up not working out I guess I got frustrated. Also possibly the fact that Nathan was very cool about the entire thing made him the most likely target for my hits.

I apologized for my behavior when we were exchanging messages, he was sitting in the waiting lounge at that time. I felt really bad but he kept telling me not to think too much over it and to be brave. So now I'm trying to be brave which basically means no stalking his Facebook updates, no sending him IMs on Yahoo! after every half an hour or sending him ridiculous scraps on Orkut. Yes, I've done all that previously at various moments over the past few months when he wasn't in Pakistan. Besides he's probably sleeping right now which is cool. He didn't get to do much of that yesterday with the last minute shopping and packing.

The good thing is that with him being back home, he would be able to be online. You just maybe able to read his version of the story and his blog. And I have to admit, even I'm kinda excited. But yeah, it's perfectly okay if he doesn't. No more being the Monster Boyfriend for me!


Christian said...


Love is an Exquisite Pain...

n it changes u ... u knw u r diffrent... n will nvr be same again..

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Very true! :)

M@rvin said...

Nothing wrong in needing affection and asking for it, though yes, all men need some space. Farewells are always hard anyway, even if it's just for a short while.

Branden said...

aww man :( , im sorry u guys didnt get to spend much time together ( and as a result we guys didnt get to read some exciting stuff) ...
but yeah i know that monster boyfriend :P lives under my bed.. haha

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Quite possibly ur right...but pesonally speaking, I was a complete pain in the ass to him! I seriously hope tht next time he comes...i don't behave like this wen he leaves!

@ Branden

Lol...n i thought the closet would be his home!

Thanks fr dropping by you two!

Johnny said...

Holy Shiz!! You two had a real run of bad luck on ur asses in the last week....but given everything that happened, you are somewhat justified to have become the monster..however in the long-run it could prove to be harmful!

hope Nathan has reached home safely!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Yea...he's back home and his vacation bubble has popped...or so he's said! :p

Take care!

Notorious Tease said...

@ Phunk, Dude i told u earlier n now i am tellin u again, i didnt mind at all n u werent a monster bf. Good byes r never easy n u cnt prepare urself 2 b hard. so pls, stop beating urself up over it.

@ johnny....yup i am back safely thnx :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Notorious Tease

Ur clearly awesome! ;)

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