Aug 23, 2010


Sometime around January this year, I ran into this fellow on Orkut who turned out to be from my college. But that detail came much later than usual. It started off like usual, random talks and getting to know each other better. He made a comment that I had quite a large number of scraps and proceeded to ask me how long I have been on this profile; Scraps are like wall messages on Facebook, anyone can see them!

I told him about 2 years, give or take a few months. He followed that up with a couple of more questions if I am on any other gay social networking sites. I replied in negative. He then asked if I had a boyfriend, which I also replied in negative. This was all in the same month, I was single during those days. Our talks were primarily gay themed, though nothing sexual. He's 19 years old and I have absolutely no interest in younger men. Sure, I may admire them from a distance but it would be a very strange day if I make a move. So everything from my side was entirely platonic. There was definitely something from his side but I couldn't quite place my finger on what it was. I believe it was curiosity. His questionnaire was starting to irritate me, so I tried to shift our talks to other topics.

After a taste of Phunk, he enjoyed talking with me. He often commented that I was different from the usual people he ran into around here. He liked that I wasn't prodding for details and I wasn't keeping things gay. I laughed at the irony of that comment. A few chats earlier he was the one gaying up everything. As our talks continued, he asked me whether I'm working or studying. I told him I'm studying to be a doctor. Being naturally curious, he asked me what college I'm studying from.

Now that detail was something extremely personal. I don't lie, so instead of telling the name of my college I told him the name of the group my college belongs to. I asked him the same, to which he lied and came up with the name of some college. I asked details about his courses, just trying to making a conversation. I noticed there was a hesitancy in his replies and he was no longer using any emoticons. He signed off after a few minutes, but I didn't suspect anything.

We chatted again for a few days. He kept asking for picture. Not nude ones but simple face pics. I still wasn't entirely trusting him so I kept on denying his requests. But everytime we talked, he would ask me the same. After some time I got sick of him and blocked him on my messenger. If he scrapped me, I would reply to it making it as concise as I could. I guess he suspected that he crossed a line somewhere and apologized for his actions. I acknowledged his effort and replied positively. I didn't unblock him yet though, I still don't know why. It must have skipped my mind.

A few days later he asked me why I'm not coming online on the messenger, so I told him that I do come online. I signed in and noticed that he was still blocked. I immediately unblocked him and apologized. I explained that his asking/begging for pics was annoying me so I had blocked him. He didn't object to my actions and asked me if I could keep a secret.

Honestly speaking, I think I can keep a secret. But I didn't know where this was leading to so I told him whatever he wants to tell me, he may only do so if he feels comfortable. I really didn't want another drama on my hands. After a moment of silence, he told me that he wants to share something with me but will only do so if I don't spread it further. Some people can push my buttons so freak'in easily, it's unbelievable!

"Do you want me to block you again?", I asked.

"No!", he replied immediately.

He followed that statement with a direct question about my college. "Do you study in XYZ?", he asked.

Crap! How'd he find out?, I wondered. In any case I wasn't ready to have another gay friend from my college, so I denied.

"You are lying!", he replied immediately.

At this point, I was furious. "And how do you know I am lying?", I asked.

"You know you're stuff really well and these kind of people only go to this college. It's the best in the group and even if you don't tell me, I'm pretty damn sure you are from this college!", he told me.

I was beyond furious now. "Why do you care what college I am from?", I asked.

"Because I'm from the same college, but I'm in first year!", he blurted out.

"What?", I asked in surprise. "You're from XYZ?" I asked again.

"Yes!", he accepted.

"First year?", I asked.

"Yeah!", he said.

"And exactly why did you lie to me?", I asked still extremely furious. At this point I was more angry at myself than at him. I know he lied and everything, which was justified to some extent. But how in the world did I trust him so easily and told him my critical details.

"I was scared to tell you!", he told me. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry for doing what I did! But the thought that I am becoming friends with a gay person who could possibly be from my own college scared me and I don't even know who you are! You could be one of those seniors who bullies juniors around and makes us do their journals and mark attendance!" he reasoned.

"Whatever! I don't care what college you are from, you should have at least told me the truth!", I barked back. A minute later I got an email from him. "What did you just send me? An apology letter?", I asked rudely.

"No! I sent you my pic!", he replied. "If you don't mind, I'd like to see you too!"

I didn't want to show him myself. Partly because I was still angry at him and the other reason that I didn't have a pic of myself on me at that moment. I trashed his email. "I deleted your email!", I told him. "If you want to see me that bad, meet me at the fountain tomorrow!" and I logged off.

I never told him this detail but later the same night, I opened the email he sent me and checked him out. I had seen him around college a few times but he never showed up on my gaydar. I believe I have dragged this post on very long, I'll post more later but I have a feeling you'll be enjoying this drama queen alot!



DAMMMMMN!! *smokey from friday voice* I'm so gonna pop back her for the outcome!!! Now I'm on pins and needles!

Branden said...

holy wow, what are the oddsfor something like this? :P

Phunk Factor said...


Hang in there....I may just pull it a few posts earlier than I have planned!

@ Branden

Oh man, you have no idea!! In total to my knowledge there are 6 gay dudes in my clg!

Derric said...

Hey don't forget Gay are good actors, that's why he skipped your

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Possibly...but I rarely pay attention to any of the first years except one person who I kinda find attractive.....but that's a long gone crush!!

Dean Grey said...

Phunk Factor!

I think he tried too hard too quickly.

Why did he need to know what college you belonged to and what you looked like right at that second?

He should've let future discussions between you two naturally lead to that.

But cut him some slack. He's young and acted impulsively. I'm curious to hear what happens next!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

I guess he wanted to know about me...without me getting to know about him!

Although I'm sure he wouldn't have created a scene but this info is still pretty dangerous to hand out too easily!

Kane said...

"I never told him this detail but later the same night, I opened the email he sent me and checked him out."

I was laughing when I read this. Curiosity, apparently, can overcome anger.

I await the next part of your story =)


Phunk Factor said...

@ Kane

Hahahah...something like tht! Thanks for showing up....i'll be posting the follow-up asap!

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